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Monday, May 13 2024

Cottagecore Charm: A Lab Diamond Jewelry Guide

Written by Shelby Montel

Cottagecore Charm: A Lab Diamond Jewelry Guide

Cottagecore aesthetic has proved itself to be one of the most versatile amongst many. The aesthetic is all about embracing nature. The minimalist, soft hued, and subtlety of this aesthetic appeals to many. In recent times, the aesthetic has picked up in the mainstream fashion world, with many celebrities vouching for the trend. 

The minimalism of cottagecore needs the bling of lab diamond jewelry. The sparkle of hoop earrings, the shine of tennis necklaces and the classic timelessness of a lab diamond solitaire necklace, these are some things no one can deny. If pastel dresses, checkered prints, floral motifs, and a simple lifestyle is what you crave, go for this aesthetic and we’ll make it easier for you with this guide to wearing lab diamond jewelry that matches this aesthetic. 

If there’s one thing the cottagecore completely supports, it is the connection of an individual to nature. It is extremely clear that when one talks about an aesthetic that is so attached to nature, cottagecore comes at the top. Which is why lab diamonds go so well with this! Sustainable, eco-conscious and Earth kind, lab diamond jewelry is the best option for you. Be it our lab diamond tennis necklaces, or our lab diamond solitaire necklaces, you’re going to love our beautiful collection. Read on to find the best lab diamond jewelry for all your cottagecore aesthetic needs. 

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Pastels And Tennis Bracelets



The soft hues of pastels complements the cottagecore aesthetic like nothing else. The warm blush pinks, powder blues and soft yellows, it’s a cottagecore dream come true. The aesthetic is all about embracing the softness of life; it invites you to slow down and revel in the beauty of a mundane existence. 

Take inspiration from supermodel Kendall Jenner and get inspired by how she carries the cottagecore aesthetic in her pastel pink summer dress, basking in the sun on her farm. If you love the aesthetic, we suggest you add some bling to it with our stunning lab diamond jewelry. 

Style your cottagecore pastel dresses with our range of beautiful lab diamond tennis bracelets. Our Aldea oval lab diamond tennis bracelet would make for the perfect lab diamond accessory for all your aesthetic needs.

Minimalist Glamor With Solitaire Necklaces

The aesthetic has an understated glamor attached to it. The minimalist appeal of a lab diamond solitaire necklace will only add to the overall muted softness of the aesthetic. But don’t be under the delusion that the aesthetic is dull, it is actually one of the liveliest out there. 



Global popstar Kim Jisoo shows how to do muted glamor perfectly and we’re here for it! If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out the way she has complemented her dress with her accessories. The muted tones will bring out the natural colors of your face. And you can always add some sparkle with our range of lab diamond solitaire necklaces. Choose our Augustina solitaire necklace in a bezel setting. We can guarantee that this addition will take your cottagecore aesthetic to the next level. 

Floral Picnics With Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings will never go out of style (yes, this is a Taylor Swift reference!) Style our ethereal collection of beautiful lab diamond hoop earrings with all your cottagecore tops and dresses. Cottagecore aesthetic is all about reuniting with nature and celebrating the small details of an easy life. 

If your travel plans include frequent picnics in nature, with a fresh bounty spread on a red checkered table cloth, chances are, you’re in need of our beautiful lab diamond hoop earrings. Choose our Eudora pear shaped hoop earrings for a look that will leave anyone in your presence spellbound. If we are to go by trends, pear cut jewelry has been the newest muse of all celebrities, so why not cash in on the trend? 

Spring Fervour With Tennis Necklaces



The beautiful, lively colors of spring call for some bling. Style your spring cottagecore dresses with our stunning tennis necklaces. Be it pear shaped or round shaped, these lab diamond tennis necklaces will be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Bring on the lazy dreams of a beautiful country life with our sparkling range of beautiful lab diamond jewelry. Choose our Lorel lab diamond necklace for that scintillating touch to your cottagecore fashion. 

At Friendly Diamonds, we have the best lab diamond jewelry suited to all your aesthetic needs, be it cottagecore or any other aesthetic. Our jewelry is not only beautiful, it is also the definition of sustainability. 

Eco-conscious and Earth kind at its core, our lab diamond jewelry will be the perfect addition to your jewelry wardrobe. Celebrate your cottagecore dreams with us and find the best jewelry for you. Choose Friendly Diamonds for a Friendlier Tomorrow!