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Wednesday, May 15 2024

Busting Myths for Lab Grown Diamonds

Written by Jason Kirk

Busting Myths for Lab Grown Diamonds

This one is for all diamond lovers! When someone mentions diamonds in general, it is often associated with exorbitant price tags, elegance, and luxury. And let us remember that for the longest time, we were made to believe that diamonds are only found deep within the Earth, which makes them a gift that Mother Nature gave us. 

Now that the times have changed, with the technological advancements, the world of diamonds has seen a drastic shift with lab grown diamonds. These lab diamonds are popular because they have a more affordable price tag when compared to their mined counterparts. With increasing popularity, lab grown diamonds are quite often misinterpreted as fake diamonds, which results in various diamond myths. 

But fret not, we are here to bust some popular diamond myths and give a thorough explanation of their benefits and why you should choose one. Let us get started with busting diamond myths one by one! 

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Lab Grown Diamonds are Not Real

One of the most-heard and most-believed diamond myths about lab diamonds is that they are not real. Well, this is actually a myth. Lab diamonds are as real as mined diamonds because they share the same physical, optical, and chemical properties as their mined counterparts. Let us tell you that these diamonds are created in a controlled environment by using advanced technologies that replicate the natural conditions in which natural diamonds are formed. 

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The best thing about lab diamonds is the fact that they share indistinguishable properties as mined diamonds. The only difference between both of these diamonds is their origin, which is that one is formed in laboratories and the other one is formed in the earth’s crust over billions of years.  

Now that we are aware of the fact that lab grown diamonds are similar to natural diamonds, which is why they are now referred to as "synthetic" or "man-made" diamonds rather than "fake diamonds."

Lab Grown Diamonds are Expensive

The next misconception that we are going to bust in this diamond myths article is that lab grown diamonds are expensive. Let us tell a fact: lab grown diamonds cost 40–70% less than mined diamonds, all while sharing similar qualities to their mined counterparts.  The low cost associated with lab grown diamonds allows us, as customers who may have previously given up on the thought of buying diamonds

The affordability factor of these diamonds allows us as customers to go for a higher carat of stone, which would also allow us to go for custom-made jewelry, without actually breaking the bank. 

Lab Grown Diamonds are Graded Differently

Much similar to mined diamonds, lab diamonds are graded for their quality. Lab diamonds are graded by the same institutions that grade mined diamonds which are IGI and GIA. The best lab grown diamonds are always accompanied by certificates from these top-grading institutes, to add a level of security. 

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SHOP Certified diamondsLab grown diamonds are graded with the same globally accepted standards that are used for grading diamonds, which also includes assessing the 4 C’s of a diamond that are cut, color, clarity, and carat. 

Lab Grown Diamonds are Harmful to the Environment

Many people are not aware of the fact that lab grown diamonds are not eco-friendly but in reality, it is actually the opposite. Traditional mining practices of diamonds involve deforestation and destruction, which is also why they are known as blood diamonds. While lab diamonds are Earth-kind and eco-conscious because they leave less carbon footprint on the environment. 

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Environmentally conscious customers always go with lab grown diamonds because they are aware of the fact that every purchase that they make is a step towards a green environment.  

Lab Grown Diamonds are Not Ethical

The next diamond myth that has been around for a really long time is that lab diamonds are not ethical. Let us tell you that one of the main advantages of going with a lab grown diamond is the fact that you exactly know the origin of your selected diamonds.Lab diamonds are made inside controlled environmental circumstances in laboratories, eliminating any ethical problems. When you choose a lab grown diamond for your jewelry, you get to enjoy the beauty of these sparkles while also aligning with your personal values.

With lab diamonds in the picture, we can see how these ethical sparks are transforming the diamond jewelry industry. As more people learn about the true nature and benefits of lab produced diamonds, it becomes clear that they are more than a passing fad, but rather a necessary step toward a more responsible and attentive jewelry industry.

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Selecting lab grown diamonds from Friendly Diamonds allows you to enjoy beauty, quality, and value while also having a beneficial effect. So, whether it's for an engagement ring, an anniversary present, or a special treat for yourself, lab grown diamonds are an equally spectacular option. 

And on a parting note, we hope this article helped you bust some diamond myths that have been around if you have any more queries reach out to us through our social media handles.

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