Lana Del Rey's Engagement Ring: A Symbol of True Love

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Lana Del Rey's Engagement Ring: A Symbol of True Love

Macy Taylor

Macy Taylor - 07 April, 2023

Lana Del Rey is a renowned pop icon, considered among the greats of her generation, and rightfully deserving of the fame and recognition she has achieved. The artist's enchanting voice, poetic lyrics, and vintage-inspired style have captured the hearts of many, but it's her recent engagement news that has left her fans swooning.

The engagement ring that Lana Del Rey received from her fiancé, Evan Winiker, has not only become the talk of the town but also symbolizes her love and commitment in the public eye. With its unique design and stunning features, the ring has become an instant sensation. In this blog post, we'll delve into the details of Lana Del Rey's engagement ring and explore what makes it such a beautiful and captivating piece of jewelry.

So, whether you're a fan of Lana Del Rey or just love all things sparkly, this blog post is sure to pique your interest!

Details About Lana Del Rey’s Engagement Ring

Exciting news for fans of the talented and enigmatic Lana Del Rey, as she and music manager Evan Winiker recently announced their engagement. Despite keeping their relationship private, the couple has taken a leap forward in their love story and now plans to walk down the aisle together.

While the "Born to Die" singer has only made a few public appearances with her beau, she couldn't help but show off her dazzling engagement ring on the red carpet at the Billboard Women in Music Awards Show on March 1. And oh, what a sight it was!

Lana Del Rey’s Engagement Ring

Rey's ring is a stunning three-stone design that holds deep meaning for the artistic couple, representing their past, present and future together. It is estimated that the center stone of the ring is a round cut flanked by two smaller cut diamonds and is roughly 3 carats in size. The ring is said to be of around $300000, that is yet to be confirmed by the sources.

Interestingly, Lana is not the only celebrity to rock a triple-stone sparkler set in yellow gold. The resurgence of this timeless design has us overjoyed, particularly since it's now being flaunted by many other celebs. Congratulations to the happy couple and may they enjoy many years of love and happiness together!

Must Have Engagement Rings Inspired by Lana Del Rey's Style

Synthia Diamond Ring

The timeless and elegant Synthia diamond ring is a gorgeous three stone design that is both iconic and classic. Four prongs hold the center diamond in place, flanked by two smaller diamonds secured by three prongs on each side. This tapering effect gives the ring a sleek and modern look. One can don this ring and have all heads turned wherever they go.

Kinsley Side Cushion Diamond Ring

The Kinsley diamond ring is a sight to behold. This exquisite design features two lavish cushion cut diamonds, each 0.5 carats in size and positioned in a four-prong setting. The graceful cathedral shank delicately tapers to the top alongside the side stone cushions, resulting in a truly stunning ring.

The allure of three stone engagement rings is truly undeniable. Their simple yet stunning design offers endless possibilities to express your personal style. While Lana Del Rey's engagement ring is truly a work of art - so elegant and sophisticated, you still can’t miss the stunning ring styles at Friendly Diamonds. We share a passion for creating rings that are as unique and special as the love they symbolize. Check our website now to discover a wide range of options that will help you reflect your one-of-a-kind love story!

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