Celebrity Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

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Celebrity Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Macy Taylor

Macy Taylor - 27 June, 2022

Marquise cut diamond rings are a classic and have captured hearts since the beginning of the 18th Century. First made by a French jeweler under the orders of King Louis XV of France for his mistress, they resemble the idea of a little ship and are also considered to be football shaped diamonds.

Over the years, this modified brilliant cut has evolved into the stunning diamond shape we know today. It boasts 60 facets and two pointy ends on each side, giving it a stylish and elegant look.

A marquise cut diamond is adored for its appeal and is popular with celebrities and fashionistas because of its unique long and narrow shape and pointy endings that draw attention to the fingers, making them look elongated.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these stunning celebrity engagement rings showcasing marquise cut diamond.

Victoria Beckham

Considered one of the world's hottest celebrity couples, David Beckham met Victoria Adams in 1977 at a football player's lounge, the attraction was instant, and years later, the Posh and Becks brand was born.

The then Manchester footballer got down on one knee and popped the question in January 1998, slipping a stunning 3 carat marquise cut diamond engagement ring mounted on a yellow gold band. Shortly after, the power couple got married, and to date, Victoria Beckham has a whopping amount of 14 diamond rings, some gifted by her husband and some bought herself. The star’s diamond ring collection is inspiring and is worth swooning over.

Victoria and David share a powerful love and inspire millennial couples around the globe. Our marquise cut diamond ring is a shining example of Victoria's engagement ring. The marquise cut diamond held secure in a four prong solitaire setting is an absolute delight making it the perfect proposal ring.

Catherine Zeta Jones

The Oscar award-winning bombshell Catherine Zeta Jones started her romance with Michael Douglas in 1996. Catherine began to like Douglas for the gentleman he was, and Douglas fell in love with her beauty.And even though they had a significant age gap; Catherine was 25 years younger than Douglas, nothing came between them from loving each other. On New year's eve, 1999, Douglas privately proposed to the actress.

Catherine's ring is a breathtaking and vintage-inspired ring that exudes a traditional vibe. The ring sports a magnificent 10 carat marquise cut stone surrounded by a halo of twenty-eight tiny sparkling diamonds. The beauty of the rock and the stacked matching bands is a sight to behold. Celebrity engagement rings may seem like a dream, but you can find similar style engagement rings that match your style, priced within your budget.

Check out our lookalikes of Zeta Jones's marquise engagement ring, which shall surely make an impression.

Portia De Rossi

Breaking all stereotypes and considered one of the most iconic unions of the decade, Portia de Rossi found the love of her life in 2000, who is none other than our very favorite quirky comedian Ellen De Generes! Ellen and Portia met at a party in 2000, became more than just acquaintances in 2004, and tied the knot in 2008. Ellen chose a stunning 3 carat marquise cut center diamond, set sideways, decorated with pink pave set diamonds on the shank.

We love that this couple chose an alluring and unique ring. The couple is an ideal inspiration for same-gender couples alike worldwide.

An extraordinary union deserves an engagement ring that is one-of-a-kind and defines love–a simply boundless love. There’s a perfect ring for everyone; you just need to define your style as a couple.

Lastly, we respect your style and promise you a dreamy engagement ring designed with the best quality and a conscious shopping experience. Explore our classic collection of marquise cut engagement rings in different styles, settings, carat weights, and metal colors.

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