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Thursday, Oct 19 2023

How to Layer Different Necklines with Layering Necklaces

Written by Thomas Cooper

How to Layer Different Necklines with Layering Necklaces

Accessorizing your neckline with a necklace is great. But accessorizing with more than one necklace to create a layering necklace look is even better!

It’s a rule in the fashion world that there is no such thing as too many diamonds. But don’t you think there should also be a rule that says, “If styled perfectly, the more the necklaces, the merrier your look!” Couple them with lab diamonds, and voila, you’ve got yourself an oomphy yet elegant attire.

Layering necklaces can really elevate your look. It adds a glamorous feel, plus, with lab diamond necklaces, you give off both sophistication and an eco-friendly dimension to your fashion statement.

Although we said there is no such thing as too many necklaces when aptly styled, one must keep in mind that all necklines aren’t created equal. So, we have put together a style guide for you which will help you take your necklace game up a notch. 

Read further to discover how to pair stunning lab diamond necklaces with different necklines.

Table of Content:

Layering Necklaces Style Guide: V-Neck

V-necks are all about the chest region, as they draw much attention to the chest and cleavage. 

We recommend wearing pendant necklaces when wearing V-necks, as the pendant trails with the V-neck’s angle and enhances the overall beauty of your neckline. Style with multiple pendant necklaces of distinct patterns and lengths to create a unique layering necklace look.

 Guide: V-Neck

It's worth noting that wearing a rounded necklace with a V-neck dress is generally not advised, as it can create an uneven appearance that might not be as flattering.

You can shop from a range of sparkling solitaire pendants at Friendly Diamonds to create a stellar look for this neckline.

Layering Necklaces Style Guide: Halter Neck

When paired with layering necklaces, halters and V-necks offer almost the same aesthetic. We recommend styling a halter neckline dress with pendant necklaces that are primarily shorter in length, narrower, and feature a more defined or pointed design to best suit the neckline.

At Friendly Diamonds, you can choose your preferred lab diamond shape to craft the perfect pendant necklace and create your layering necklace look.

Guide: Halter Neck

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Layering Necklaces Style Guide: Strapless

When it comes to styling strapless necklines, the key is to opt for tennis necklaces. Why? Because strapless neckline dresses are all about making a statement. To make your look stand out, opt for one or two bold and eye-catching lab diamond necklaces that complement the shape of your neckline. 

A statement lab diamond tennis necklace, along with a beautiful solitaire pendant, can be the perfect finishing touch to your strapless ensemble.

At Friendly Diamonds, you can shop for pear, oval, emerald, and round lab diamond tennis necklaces to pair with your strapless dress.

Necklaces Style Guide: Strapless

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Layering Necklaces Style Guide: Square Neck

Solitaire pendants are best paired with pendant necklaces. The pendants, however, should be of angular design. Hence, an oval, pear, marquise, and heart lab diamond pendant is most suitable.  

Feel free to add one or two more necklaces to your square neckline to create a layering necklace look. The dual or triple layering necklace look will add more depth and dimension to your neckline as long as you choose ones of the right length and width.

Layering Necklaces Style Guide: Turtle Neck

Turtle neck tops cover your neckline, allowing you to make a style statement with larger pendants. Just make sure you choose a primary necklace of medium to long length, as a shorter necklace will look inappropriate and create an unbalanced look. 

Multiple shorter chain or pendant necklaces with smaller diamonds can then be worn to create a marvelous layering necklace look.

Guide: Turtle Neck

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Styling with layering necklaces is an art that is all about finding your very own preference. Experiment with various combinations to discover what works best for your individual style and the occasion. 

Whether it's a classic crew neck or a dramatic off-the-shoulder look, there's a perfect lab diamond necklace layering style waiting for you to try. So, go ahead, experiment, and let your lab diamonds shine with every outfit!

If still in doubt, feel free to book your free one-on-one consultation with our diamond jewelry specialist today to further understand which diamond shape and necklace type would be most appropriate for you.