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Thursday, May 09 2024

The Met Gala 2024: A Rundown Of The Best Celebrity Diamond Jewelry Looks

Written by Jason Kirk

The Met Gala 2024: A Rundown Of The Best Celebrity Diamond Jewelry Looks

Every year celebrities all around the globe come together to celebrate art and fashion in its true sense at the Met Gala organized by Anna Wintour, a pioneer in the world of fashion. This year was no different. The celebs came and brought much shine with them! Lana Del Rey embodied mother nature in her ‘Garden of Time’ dress, which was the theme of the event. 

The Met Gala’s theme for the year 2024 was a testament to the Costume Institute’s commitment to re-animating garments and accessories that were once a part of the collective consciousness. 

It was the year of lab diamonds and we’re here for it! Many celebs sported Earth-kind lab diamonds in either the form of jewelry or lab diamond-encrusted armored headpieces. Here are some of the best celebrity jewelry looks from the event!

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Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion

Zendaya, who was one of the hosts of the gala, had two outfits for the night. She made her entrance at the event in an archival John Galliano dress inspired by the theme of the event. The black dress was definitely one of the main stunners of the gala followed by her second dress, a beautiful Givenchy spring/summer 1996 art piece, which was also designed by Galliano. The floral headpiece taken out of the Alexander Mcqueen archives was a beautiful addition to her black dress. 

The spring 2024 exhibition, “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” celebrates the art pieces in the Museum’s collection through intensive research, and contemporary technologies.

Featuring approximately 220 garments and accessories spanning four centuries, all connected through themes of nature, this theme was a homage to dresses that are too fragile to be even styled on a mannequin.

Met Gala 2024: The Year Of Lab Diamonds

Lab diamonds were literally everywhere on the Met Gala 2024 red carpet. Designer Stella Mccartney made a case for sustainability by styling her muses FKA Twigs, Cara Delevingne, and Ed Sheeran in ensembles studded with lab grown diamonds. Cara had a lab diamond-encrusted head armor (which was literally head-turning) while FKA Twigs was covered with lab diamonds from head to toe. 

Celebrities have a great influence on people’s perceptions about fashion and jewelry. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that any positive or negative trend seen in fashion can be traced back to a celebrity’s actions. Designers and celebrities favoring lab grown diamonds as a sustainable alternative to naturally mined diamonds is a big step towards the advancements of lab diamond jewelry. Just like Cara and Ed, you can also make a case for sustainability with your jewelry choices by choosing lab diamond jewelry from us.

Celebrity Looks: Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande & More

This year, the Met Gala celebrated its sleeping beauties. The long forgotten delicate dresses dating back centuries that are no less than art masterpieces were the center of attraction. An ode to excellent craftsmanship that has survived the test of time, these art pieces show how art transcends time. Here’s how celebrities and prominent personalities embodied the Garden Of Time at the Met Gala this year.

Ringing In Eternity

Eternity Rings

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Gigi Hadid looked every bit the supermodel in her Thom Browne designed ensemble. The ethereal white gown featured 2.8 million micro bugle beads hand-embroidered by 20 people. If this isn’t a piece that needs to go down as a masterpiece in art history, then what is? 

The supermodel complemented her custom dress with a stack of diamond eternity rings on two of her slender fingers. Gigi’s sparkle was made even more radiant by the shine of her diamond tennis necklace. If you loved eternity rings on the Met Gala red carpet, you can easily recreate this look with our beautiful lab diamond eternity rings. Our Maven lab diamond eternity ring will be the perfect choice for you!

Other celebrities like Ashley Graham, Greta Lee, Iris Law, Ben Platt, and Angel Reese were also seen in beautifully stacked diamond eternity rings on the Met Gala carpet. One just might say that the star-studded event also saw many fingers studded with stunning diamond eternity rings.

Tennis Bracelets All The Way

Tennis Bracelets

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Sabrina Carpenter was the belle of the gala in the most subtle shades of blue by Oscar de la Renta. Her diamond tennis bracelets were definitely the cherry on the cake and made her radiance 10x better. Tennis bracelets were everyone’s favorites on the red carpet, as many celebrities flaunted the elegant jewelry. 

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Nicole Kidman sashayed down the carpet dressed in an all white ensemble and a wrist that gleamed proudly with a stack of tennis bracelets. Other stars who donned the jewelry were Sarah Pidgeon and Cara Delevingne, among others.

All Ear Glory

Stud Earring

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We love men who wear jewelry! The Met Gala saw men embracing diamond jewelry like it was no one’s business. Bad Bunny and Lil Nas X wore diamond stud earrings and looked every bit the gentlemen in their attire. Lil Nas X also had a big rock on his finger to complete the look.

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Trend Of The Met: Pear Cut Jewelry

Pear Cut


Pear cut diamonds emerged as the trend of the event as many celebs stepped out in pear cut jewelry to celebrate the biggest night of fashion. The “We Can’t Be Friends” singer Ariana Grande graced the carpet in a ‘mother of pearl’ white dress by Loewe. 

Her pear cut diamond earrings complemented her beautiful dress and made it even more radiant. Other celebrities who flaunted the cut were Nicki Minaj, Camila Mendes, and Hari Nef. We can surely say it was the year of the ‘pear’, pun intended!

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