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Wednesday, May 31 2023

Olivia Culpo Engagement Ring: Influencing Jewelry Trends

Written by Karen Dunn

Olivia Culpo Engagement Ring: Influencing Jewelry Trends

Olivia Culpo, the former Miss Universe & renowned  fashion influencer, has taken over the jewelry world once again with her gorgeous engagement ring. Brimming with radiance and brilliance, Culpo's ring is a stunning piece which attracts a lot of attention. This model’s fashion choices have not only gained popularity from her fans but also influenced jewelry trends and styles globally. This blog will discover the ways in which Olivia Culpo's engagement ring has left its mark on the market and the trends!


Olivia Culpo’s Engagement Ring Style: An Overview

Olivia Culpo, who's known for her timeless & classic style, received a stunning engagement ring from her fiancé, Christian McCaffrey, the running back for the Carolina Panthers. The ring perfectly matches their sophisticated aesthetic and features a large oval diamond with epaulette side stones, all set on a glittering band.

The ring's design is classic and ageless, highlighting the diamond's brilliance and enriching its overall beauty. It's a stunning example of understated elegance and showcases why diamond rings have never gone out of style. It's clear that Olivia and Christian invested a lot of thought into the design of the ring as it flawlessly reflects their style and relationship. No wonder, it's sure to be a piece of jewelry that Olivia cherishes for a lifetime.


If looking to find a similar piece for your engagement, explore our beautiful selection of classic engagement rings motivated by Olivia Culpo.

Intricacy Three Stone Diamond Ring

The Intricacy diamond ring blends traditional and modern elements by featuring a classic three stone design with a contemporary metal band. This combination offers a gleam and radiance along with different styles of matching bands.

Intricacy Three Stone Diamond Ring

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Dionne Three Stone Side Oval Diamond Ring

With its criss-cross shank design, the Dionne diamond ring exudes elegance. The ring's central solitaire diamond is flanked by two oval side stones, creating a gorgeous and ageless look.

Dionne Three Stone Side Oval Diamond Ring

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The Rise of Oval Cut Diamonds: Culpo's Influence on the Trend

Olivia Culpo's engagement ring featuring an oval cut diamond has inspired many to consider this shape for their own rings. Even professionals credit her for the rise in popularity of oval cut diamonds as she has taken over the headlines with her statement choice. The cut's radiance and blend of modernity with elegance undoubtedly make it a great choice for people looking for their own engagement ring.

Culpo's Influence on the Trend

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The Role of Social Media & Its Impact on Evolving Jewelry Trends

Social media has had a profound impact on the world of fashion and beauty, including the jewelry industry. Influencers and icons showcase new jewelry designs and offer styling techniques on social media to gain attention of their audience and stir a buzz around different products. This, in fact, affects what consumers prefer to buy. Moreover, celebrities sharing their romantic moments, like proposals, can be enchanting and captivating to people who adore fairytale-like stories. Speaking of the glamorous celebrity life, the oval diamond that Culpo adorned on her finger is the gorgeous ring that encompassed Olivia's trend setting style.

The Role of Social Media & Its Impact on Evolving Jewelry Trends

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Many people wanted similar diamond engagement rings like this beautiful one that quickly became a favorite among jewelry enthusiasts. As more people are heading to Instagram for their fashion and beauty inspirations, we cannot wait to see what trends will be further determined by influencers like Olivia Culpo. The Friendly Diamonds team congratulates Christian McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo on their engagement and wishes them a sparkling forever ahead!