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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Know the Best Jewelry Designs for your Diamonds

Written by Karen Dunn

Know the Best Jewelry Designs for your Diamonds

Diamonds and other gemstones are probably the world's most beautiful accessories crafted to represent your style, preference and in a way, identity. Fine jewelry has a way of complimenting you as you can create custom pieces of jewelry by custom designing your piece.

Diamonds are inevitably the perfect gemstones in jewelry designs, especially when they are a part of custom jewelry designs. And if you love the admiration that fine jewelry brings and enjoy frequenting events and parties, then you probably love wearing your own custom jewelry designs.

That is to say that selecting the perfect accessory for that glamorous outfit is possible only when you have a fine range of jewelry designs in your jewelry box. There is a jewel piece for every occasion. For example, diamond jewelry has a special place at weddings and engagements, where they shine the brightest.


Diamonds Rings

Ideal engagement rings have three stone, solitaire, halo, vintage and side stone ring settings and come with fascinating diamond shapes that include round, oval, pear, cushion, radiant, princess, heart, emerald, marquise and asscher cuts.

Similarly, wedding bands also radiate a unique sparkle depending on the design you pick based on the type of metal and the number of diamonds encrusted within the metal. With diverse ring settings and diamonds available, you can create the perfect custom engagement ring or pick a wedding band that is perfect for you.

Diamond Rings

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Moreover, the 'Create your Own' range offered by custom jewelers and jewelry consultants allows you to indulge glamorously in custom jewelry designs. The design process enables you to become one with your jewelry making you fall head over heels for your favorite gems. You may even end up with a finished piece that might become a family heirloom!

Diamond Stud Earrings

Just like rings, diamond stud earrings too are ideal jewelry designs. They embrace the subtle yet elegant shine in pear, oval, round and heart shaped diamonds set in three or four prong baskets. Stud earrings are the perfect match for your office look without fussing over your jewelry, making them a classic and must-have piece for boss women worldwide.

Diamond Stud Earrings

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Diamond Pendants

Talking about the classics, you can never go wrong with diamond pendants, another vital jewelry piece that should be a part of your jewelry collection. They're the perfect embellishment delicately secured on a chain while resting flawlessly around the neck.

Diamond pendants


In an age where diamond jewelry designs vary from pattern to pattern and setting to setting, to cradle the center diamond, custom designs are a lifesaver as they allow you to customize your jewelry precisely the way you desire. Custom jewelry designs also make it easier to set the spotlight on your piece that is an extension and celebration of you.

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

A tennis bracelet is an elegant yet delicate ornament with a sparkling allure that dangles freely around your wrist. It is a simple yet sophisticated fine jewelry piece that matches well with casual as well as formal wear. Decked with sparkly diamond gemstones, they’re sure to steal the spotlight at all your events.

Every piece mentioned above is part of an ever-growing jewelry world and are the jewelry designs you should own even if you don't consider yourself a fashionista. They're all part of an assortment of custom jewelry designs to enhance your style and accentuate your outfit.

tennis bracelets

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Lastly, to make your jewelry dream come true, Friendly Diamonds is an online jewelry brand dealing with eco and budget-friendly lab-grown diamond jewelry. You can create every piece of jewelry you desire precisely how you envision it to look and get it delivered right to your doorstep. The brand also offers a free video consultation with their in-house gemologist and diamond specialist to guide you every step of the way.