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Wednesday, Apr 24 2024

Blooming With Brilliance: Jewelry For Spring Wedding

Written by Jason Kirk

Blooming With Brilliance: Jewelry For Spring Wedding

Spring is here and so is the season of weddings. Whether it is a dose of muted glamor, floral motifs, or minimalist undertones, your spring wedding doesn’t have to be another reason for you to worry. If you’ve spent hours trying to find spring jewelry for weddings, we’re here to save you some time. 

It is no surprise that spring is associated with the freshest blooms of the season. For the Earth that gives you so much, there’s something you can give back. Choose lab diamond spring jewelry for weddings this season in an attempt to invest in something that is Earth-kind and sustainable. 

Read on to learn more about spring jewelry.

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Lab Diamond Spring Jewelry

Ethically sourced lab diamond jewelry is the best alternative to mined diamonds. Lab diamond jewelry is the perfect addition to your sustainable spring wedding. Choose lab diamond spring jewelry, because your special day deserves a sparkle that is good for the planet and also good for you.

Minimalist Elegance With Solitaire Necklaces

Minimalism is the trend of the season and as far as we can tell, spring jewelry has also become minimalist in nature. You will see a lot of understated glamor in many of the spring wedding dresses.

Solitaire Necklaces

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Pair your spring wedding dresses with our lab diamond solitaire necklaces. Our Marisol solitaire necklace showcases a pear shaped diamond held in a playful design making it perfect for your spring wedding.

Floral Whimsy And Eternity Rings

When selecting jewelry for a wedding, it is important to keep in mind what your wishes for the aesthetics are. Spring is the time for all things floral, be it white lilies, fresh roses, or vibrant sunflowers. 

Eternity rings

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For your floral wedding dress, choose our Milani eternity ring which has a classic design with marquise stones enhancing your beauty. You won’t regret choosing an ethical piece of jewelry for your wedding.

Spring Delight With Hoop Earrings

Spring is the season of pure delight. The Earth is replenished after a long dull moment and there is a playful undertone to everything. If you’re a spring bride, choose our April marquise hoop earrings to fully embody the essence of the season. Radiate sophisticated elegance tied up with some joy with our beautiful range of lab diamond hoop earrings

hoop earrings

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At Friendly Diamonds, we offer lab diamond spring jewelry that’s made for the modern you. The ‘you’ that is ethical, eco-conscious, and believes in the tenets of sustainability. Choose from our scintillating range of lab grown diamond jewelry and make your big day even more special. Sparkle this spring with lab diamond jewelry.

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