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Friday, Jul 05 2024

Take A Look At Victoria Beckham's Collection Of 15 Engagement Rings

Written by Nicole Harper

Take A Look At Victoria Beckham's Collection Of 15 Engagement Rings

Victoria Beckham, or as we call her, "The Queen of Sparkles,” is not only the most fashionable diva but also a collector of the most iconic rings in the jewelry industry.  It is her 25th wedding anniversary today, and we can’t keep calm. The former ‘Spice Girl’ exchanged vows with soccer megastar David Beckham in 1999. Posh Spice, aka Victoria Beckham, not only brings her ‘A’ game at being chic but is also the infamous owner of 15 lavish engagement rings, making her taste in jewelry exquisite. Victoria Beckham’s engagement rings have always created a buzz for being magnificent rocks that always leave a lasting impression 

Explore Posh’s sparkly diamonds in this blog. 

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A Look at All of Victoria Beckham’s Engagement Rings 

1st Engagement Ring

David Beckham popped the question to Victoria in 1998 with a 3 carat marquise cut diamond ring set on a gold band. The stars celebrate their decades-long marriage, and we are mesmerized by the fact that their union is marked by not just one but several engagement rings. This ring was a first, but definitely not the last. 

solitaire engagement rings


2nd Engagement Ring

Posh upped her game in 2002 when she introduced a beautiful eternity band studded with a range of classic round diamonds. This ring added extra spice to the Spice Girl’s style at the book signing event. She showcased this ring after the birth of her second son, Romeo. If you're inspired to celebrate motherhood with a similar design, explore our website and enjoy the customization of the same. 

solitaire engagement rings

3rd Engagement Ring

Victoria Beckham’s engagement ring was the talk of the town, and why wouldn’t it be? In 2003, Mrs. Beckham took to renewing her vows with her husband, and she surprised us with yet another stunning sparkler. This rocking emerald cut diamond, flanked by two baguette stones on each side, set on a platinum band, was the perfect engagement ring that stole the hearts of many. 

4th Engagement Ring

White diamonds are not the only bling in Victoria Beckham’s engagement ring collection; her beautiful oval shaped gemstone set on a halo band catches the viewer's eye for its beautiful pink champagne color. This seven-and-a-half-carat diamond is an attractive look for us; does this pink champagne-colored treasure beat it for you?

5th Engagement Ring

If you’re someone who loves to make a statement with their jewelry, this ring will not disappoint you. This pear shaped 17 carat diamond is the largest sparkle worn by Posh Spice. The gem is securely placed in a halo setting, adding extravagance to her style, which we love so much. 

three stone rings


6th Engagement Ring

Victoria Beckham’s engagement rings have always created a buzz for being magnificent, but her next ring tops it all with its emerald cut yellow diamond placed with pavé gems on a halo band. Posh flaunted her ring with two added eternity bands, giving it the extra flair it deserved. 

7th Engagement Ring

2007 was yet another year Victoria introduced a colored ring. This time, her cushion cut emerald ring set on a pavé encrusted with beautiful diamonds made everyone’s jaw drop. The enormous emerald speaks volumes of poise and elegance. 

8th Engagement Ring 

Victoria Beckham’s engagement rings are not just any diamonds, but the trendsetters no one saw coming. Her 15 carat emerald cut diamond boasts an impression that you can’t look away from. The emerald shaped sparkle is set on a pavé band that is encrusted with smaller white diamonds that look irresistible. 

9th Engagement Ring

Victoria’s 2009 Met Gala look was star-studded due to the oval cut ruby set in a spiral-shaped white diamond halo band. The red ruby set the red carpet on fire, for sure. This ring resembles her 2007 emerald ring, showcasing a similarity in design but versatility in her choice of gems.

10th Engagement Ring

Victoria Beckham’s engagement ring collection only got bigger and better in 2010 with her extravagant pieces of jewelry. This sapphire novelty oval shaped stone set on a platinum pavé diamond band presents an awe-inspiring reaction.

three stone emerald ring

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11th Engagement Ring

Posh Spice debuted her oval cut pink diamond set on a yellow gold halo band, in 2010, making it her second engagement ring of the year and making us fall in love twice that year.

12th Engagement Ring

Victoria Beckham does not fail to shine bright, just like her three round cut diamonds, all surrounded by a set of small diamonds. This ring was seen at a fundraising gala in Hong Kong but made a statement all around the world. 

13th Engagement Ring

No. 13 of Victoria Beckham’s engagement rings was a one-of-a-kind jewel. This oval cut moonstone set on a platinum band encrusted with pavé diamonds definitely sets her style apart due to its uniqueness. This unconventional jewel, with its enchanting beauty, became a fan favorite very soon.

halo rings


14th Engagement Ring

Posh Spice’s red carpet look for the 2016 Cannes Film Festival is an inspiration for all diamond lovers. Victoria, with her square shaped diamond once again set in a platinum pavé band, is a testament to her sophisticated style. The ring completely captures her majestic essence. 

15th Engagement Ring

Victoria Beckham’s engagement ring collection includes another yellow emerald cut diamond as her newest addition. She debuted this ring in 2018 and has since worn it on several occasions. and we are still not over it. Posh’s yellow stone is set on a platinum pavé band, luminizing every room she walks into.  

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