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Thursday, Jul 04 2024

A Guide To Screw Back Earrings And Why You Should Buy Them

Written by Jason Kirk

A Guide To Screw Back Earrings And Why You Should Buy Them

Stud earrings make for beautiful jewelry pieces; their elegance is unmatched, and the simplicity they provide to any outfit needs to be studied! If you’ve made the choice of lab diamond stud earrings, you might be wondering about the earring back you would need for them. Don’t go down the rabbit hole of research, and leave it to us! We’ve created this simple guide for you to follow and know more about the reasons why you should go for a screw back for your earrings. 

There are many types of earring backs available but, when it comes to choosing the one that fits your needs, there are many factors that need to be considered before you buy them. If the gemstone of your stud earring is precious, then there is a high chance you want to keep it safe and sound. Diamond earrings with screw backs are going to be your best bet this season! Read on to find out why you should go for screw back earrings. 

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What Are the Types of Earring Backs?

Stud earrings

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Earring backs come in various shapes and forms, owing to the fact that there are a lot of designs that earrings come in. Even though the earring back is a very small component of the earring, it is still one of the most important parts of the earring. If you’re looking to buy an earring, then you must consider the type of earring back you would like to have, as it can have a significant impact on the way you’ll be wearing your earring. 

Push Backs

This type of earring back is also known as butterfly backs or push backs, and these are very common when it comes to earring backs. These can be used on stud earrings easily, as they require minimal effort to put on. But this can easily become a drawback, as they can get lost or come out easily. 

These are also called friction backs, as it is the friction between the thin metal wire and the earring back that keeps the earring in place. These can sometimes loosen over time, which is the direct result of friction, so you need to be careful if your earring has a precious gemstone attached to it.

Locking Backs

In this type of earring back, the mechanism is pretty complex yet simple in execution, which makes it a great fit for your earring. They have a flat disc at the end and resemble pushback in the way they are attached to the earring. Locking backs have the comfort of push backs and the security of screw backs, giving you the best of both worlds! Unlike screw backs, locking backs can be easily used, but they don’t provide as much assurance as you would get from a screw back. 

Screw Backs

Screw backs employ the technique of an actual screw and are threaded posts that are known as the most secure earring back of all. It takes a bit more time to use a screw back earring but the result is undeniably great. 

Why Should You Choose Diamond Earrings With Screw Backs?

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Screw back earrings are one of the most secure earring backs available out there. If you have smaller earlobes, then diamond earrings with screw backs are going to be your best bet. 


When it comes to security, no other earring back can compare to a screw back. While putting on screw back earrings, it is advised to tightly screw it on, which would ensure that the earring does not fall back and gets lost. 


A screw back doesn’t compromise security, but it also does not make you feel uncomfortable. It feels as if it is not even there! This is exactly what you need from an earring back. The comfort of diamond earrings with screw backs is not something you’ll get with any other earring back. 


Screw backs go with every type of earring design, be it a four prong round cut stud earring or a four prong radiant cut stud earring. You don’t have to worry about compromising on style when you go with the versatile diamond earrings with screw backs. 


As screw backs are made from sturdy material, it is very uncommon that you’ll see any wear and tear when with them. With proper care, these can last many years, giving you the security and comfort your earrings definitely need. So if you choose diamond earrings with screw backs, you’re taking a step towards sustainability.

Lab Diamond Earrings

Stud earrings

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Now that you know why you should choose diamond earrings with screw backs, we’ll let you know what the various designs of lab diamond earrings you can choose from. Stud earrings are one of the most simplistic and elegant pieces of jewelry that you choose. If you’re a fan of the softness of the cushion cut, then go for our four prong cushion cut lab diamond screw back earrings. This is the perfect mix of softness and security you deserve!

But if you’re looking for something a bit more on the fancier side, then you should certainly choose the sparkle of our twin gleam lab diamond stud earrings. This beautiful stud earring features a brilliant round cut diamond and a marquise cut diamond. The twin glimmer of both of these diamonds will definitely give you a shine you’ll cherish forever.

At Friendly Diamonds, we give you the choice of kindness, and what’s better than that? A sparkle that doesn’t come at the cost of the planet and makes you shine your best is what we’re giving you. When you choose a lab diamond stud earring, you choose to celebrate the modern advancements in technology and sustainability. 

We believe that you don’t need a reason to shine, you can glow in the kindness of your ethical lab diamonds every day. Browse through our wide collection of beautiful lab diamond jewelry and take home the sparkle you’ll always adore. 

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