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Friday, Apr 19 2024

What Your Favorite Lab Diamond Shape Reveals About Your Personality

Written by Nicole Harper

What Your Favorite Lab Diamond Shape Reveals About Your Personality

The things we adore are often seen as a reflection of our personality. Some people like to spend their vacations in the countryside where they are surrounded by nature and some people love a good warm sunbathing session on the beach. It surely won’t be an exaggeration to say that the diamond shape of your ring also tells a lot about your personality. When your favorite diamond cut is also the best diamond cut for sparkle, then the real magic begins. If you’re wondering which diamond cut sparkles the most, hop on for an educational ride.

First of all, the mere decision of choosing an ethical lab diamond for your jewelry tells us that you’re an individual who cares about the planet. Going for a lab diamond is an Earth-kind and sustainable choice. 

Read on to find what your favorite lab diamond shape says about your personality.

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The Jewelry Quiz

The Round Cut

The round cut is one of the best diamond cut for sparkle. If you always find yourself being drawn to the brilliant round cut, you might be an old-school romantic. The connoisseurs of the round cut have a simpler outlook towards life. They tend to be traditionalists and sincere in the way they go through life. 

The facets of this diamond shape allow the light to reflect perfectly from inside the diamond, which gives us the extreme brilliance that we love. This diamond shape is perfect for all forms of jewelry, be it earrings, pendants, or even engagement rings.

Princess Cut

The Princess cut diamond can certainly be called the crème de la crème of all diamond cuts owing to its exceptional brilliance. If you’re a fan of the princess cut diamond, there are some things we know about you! 

Proud to call yourself high-maintenance (and why not?), you guys have a knack for all things that scream luxury. Just like the cut itself, there is something incredibly royal about you. Like our Venetia eternity diamond ring, you have an undeniable sparkle the world cannot ignore.

princess cut lab diamond

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Oval Cut

The oval cut diamond was created as a modification of the round brilliant cut to keep the fire and brilliance of the classic round shape but add a longer profile. If oval cut lab diamonds, one of the most sparkly diamond cuts, have caught your fancy, chances are, you have a unique personality. 

People who are drawn to the oval form are frequently imaginative, artistic, and tolerant. They appreciate original forms of self-expression and find beauty in the unexpected. They are inquisitive and relish discovering novel concepts and encounters.

You'd be happy to know that one of the most coveted jewelry of all time, Koh-i-noor, which has spent a significant amount of time being famous, is an oval diamond. 

Oval cut lab diamond


Radiant Cut

In 1977, Henry Grossbard, who had been working in the diamond industry for 3 decades decided to combine the best qualities of two diamond cuts, emerald cut and round brilliant cut to create a cut called the radiant cut. 

People who are drawn to radiant cut diamonds tend to be gregarious, lively, and bright. Their vibrant demeanor brightens whatever space they go into. These people want to take chances and are daring. They are quite flexible and do well in hectic settings. If you love radiant cut diamonds, you’re a pleasure to be around because of your contagious enthusiasm for life.

Cushion Cut

The cushion cut, the best diamond cut for sparkle, can be easily summarized as the softest diamond cut of all. It boasts a square or rectangular shape with rounded edges resembling a pillow of pure luxury. The cushion cut diamond is often associated with romanticism, warmth, and softness in your heart. 

The retro appeal of its form suits people who value tradition mixed with contemporary fashion. Those who are drawn towards this particular shape are renowned for their empathy, patience, and adaptability. They make wonderful friends and companions because of their kind and encouraging nature.

Marquise Cut

The marquise cut has a romantic tale attached to it. It is believed that this cut was created when King Louis XV directed his skilled diamond cutters to create a shape that would resemble the lips of Marquise de Pompadour who was his mistress. Hence, the name of the cut came to be called the Marquise cut, one of the best diamond cuts for sparkle.

People who love the marquise cut are usually bold, audacious, and daring. They love being the center of attention and have a flare for the spectacular. Their innate leadership qualities stem from their keen intuition and fast decision-making skills. They have a strong sense of passion and embrace chances and challenges wholeheartedly.

Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut diamond, the best diamond cut for sparkle has a loyal fan base, and rightfully so. Its brilliant fire looks scintillating in any setting. People who are drawn to Asscher cut diamonds typically enjoy tradition and history. 

They are old souls who enjoy retro aesthetics. These individuals are renowned for their thoughtfulness and depth of character. You put a high importance on honesty and aim for excellence in all you do. 

Emerald Cut

As one of the oldest diamond shapes, the emerald cut has its roots as far back as a few thousand years, but its closest ancestor is the “table cut” that originated almost 600 years ago. 

If your favorite diamond shape is an emerald cut, you are known for your grace, love for refinement, and keen intelligence. You value quality above quantity and have sophisticated tastes. You love having in-depth, meaningful interactions and frequently achieve success in your chosen industry as a result of your thorough attention to detail.

Pear Cut

pear cut lab diamond


During the 1920s and 1930s Art Deco era, the pear shape acquired prominence, initially referred to as the "pendeloque" cut. Resembling a droplet or a pear fruit, this shape is achieved through a specific faceting pattern, typically consisting of 58 facets. If you’re a fan of the pear cut, the most sparkly diamond cut, there’s a high probability that you are graceful, elegant, and endearing. 

You guys are the best people to take on trips as you make for great listeners. You also possess a high degree of emotional intelligence and are intuitive.

loose lab diamonds


Did you find any similarities between you and the person we described? Or did you perhaps change your favorite diamond shape according to the description? No matter what result you got, don’t forget to share it with us on our Instagram page, Friendly Diamonds, in the comment section!

At Friendly Diamonds, we offer a variety of lab diamonds in different cuts that are certified, eco-conscious, and sustainable. No matter what your personality is, the perfect diamond for you is here. 

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