Different Diamond Shapes For Designing a Ring

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Different Diamond Shapes For Designing a Ring

Macy Taylor

Macy Taylor - 13 June, 2022

Love is a beautiful thing, especially when you find a special somebody you want to spend your life with. And when you're ready to propose, you'll be looking for the perfect ring, and on that ring, you'll want the perfect diamond. Stunning and radiant with shimmers of light!

It's no secret that the center stone of the diamond engagement ring makes all the difference. Every diamond has a certain sparkle and radiance, and choosing the one that appeals most to your partner is a great way to start.

Think about your partner's style and the type of jewelry she prefers. Is she a traditionalist or a modern day fashionista?

Would she prefer a fancy cut such as a pear cut gemstone or a marquise?

These factors are essential when designing the perfect engagement ring; after all, she'll be wearing it for the rest of her life

With so many different shapes available, making the best choice is essential. So here we are giving you the lowdown on different diamond cuts and their importance.

The Round Cut Diamond

Round cuts, also known as brilliant round cuts, are among the most famous diamond shapes. They come with a price, but one that is worth it as a round cut is a gemstone that exhibits maximum sparkle, dispersion, and fire.

An absolute classic, a round diamond makes colors and inclusions appear more significant than any fancy shape. According to a survey, over 50% of all diamonds purchased are round cuts making them one of the most popular picks. You can pick a round diamond of a preferred carat weight, and it will perfectly pair well with all ring styles and settings.

The Princess Cut Diamond

Princess cuts are also popular shapes 25-35% more affordable than round diamonds. They are available in square and rectangular shapes and produce exceptional fire and brilliance. Like round cuts, a princess cut diamond matches well with all ring settings.

The Emerald Cut Diamond

The emerald cut is an elongated, rectangular cut with straight linear facets and a large surface table, providing good clarity. This cut, while rectangular, is also available in square shapes. This shape appears more prominent than other gems of the same carat weight. The emerald cut looks best with solitaire and simple pave settings and is a choice perfect for women who prefer a classic-looking ring.

The Oval Shaped Diamond

Oval cuts have been around for a long time and are currently the most trending diamond. This cut exhibits a similar sparkle to a round cut and combines the round brilliant cut and pear shaped cut. The oval is a fancy-shaped cut that is modern and can make a diamond appear much larger, especially when compared to a round cut. This shape makes the wearer's fingers appear larger and thinner when placed on a ring.

The Heart Cut Diamond

Heart shaped diamonds are one of the most emerging fancy shapes, considered the ultimate symbol of love and devotion. The cut, which is thought to have first appeared in fashion circles in the early 1900s, has 57 sparkling facets that provide a lovely and eye-catching attraction.

If your partner adores a fancy shape like this cut, you might just have found the perfect gemstone for your proposal. It can be a bit difficult to achieve the brilliance of this stone in smaller diamonds, so we suggest you go a little higher on the carat weight. A 2 carat gem will do the job just fine.

The Asscher Cut Diamond

Asscher cuts are one of the favorite gemstones in the design and fashion industry. This type of diamond cut displays a unique octagonal shape with 58 large brilliant facets. Designed in the 19th century, this cut was popular during the Art Deco era. This particular shape is chosen by women who appreciate fashion and style and care less about drawing attention to their rings.

The Cushion Cut Diamond

Thecushion cut comes in a rectangular or square shape with rounded edges, exhibiting a look similar to a cushion. Though cushion cuts exhibit less brilliance than a round one, it displays more fire. It is the third most popular shape and is ideal for women who like a modern diamond with a hint of the old-school classical look.

The Marquise Cut Diamond

A Marquise is an elongated diamond crafted with pointed ends. It typically has 58 facets. This cut creates an illusion of having a more significant size thanks to its long and narrow shape. The elongated shape also makes the fingers of the wearer appear slimmer and longer. Like the oval cut, this diamond also makes the fingers look slimmer when mounted on a ring.

The Pear Shaped Diamond

The pear cut, also known as the teardrop cut, is a timeless, vintage cut representing an emotional connection.

This cut has length, making your fingers appear longer and thinner. Depending on its size and ratio, it can be big or small. Because of its elongated shape, a pear cut looks more significant than a round cut. It is also important to note that this gemstone shape costs 10-30% less than round cuts of the same carat weight.

The Radiant Cut Diamond

Radiant cuts are beautiful square-shaped gems and one of the first cuts to have a brilliantly cut facet design on the pavilion and the crown of the diamond. Radiant cut gemstones have extraordinary sparkle. The triangular and kite-shaped facets give it an intriguing depth, enhancing the gemstone's beauty.

At Friendly Diamonds, you can select a fancy shaped lab diamond of choice. Yes, an eco-friendly lab created gem with the same sparkle as a mined stone that is ethically created in state-of-the-art labs using fair practices. The diamonds are also budget-friendly, making them the perfect pick for your partner and dream proposal.

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