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Wednesday, Jun 12 2024

A Guide: Which Finger Does A Wedding Ring Go On And Why?

Written by Nicole Harper

A Guide: Which Finger Does A Wedding Ring Go On And Why?

Standing at the altar and being completely clueless about which finger does a wedding ring go on? It can be the worst nightmare for both the bride and the groom. Just imagine you are looking at your partner with a questioning look, wondering which one is the wedding ring finger—will it go on the left hand ring finger or the right one? Questions and more questions might just come to your mind, and this scenario will just leave you wondering, what next? If this scenario were to ever come true, it could be a funny story that you can laugh at in your upcoming anniversaries and at family gatherings as well. 

But, in all seriousness, this is something that should never happen to any couple. The most important thing is the fact that you are getting married to the love of your life in the presence of your family and friends. What else could top this feeling, right?   

It is your wedding, and we believe that you can wear your wedding ring on the finger you like. It is your call whether you want to wear your engagement ring and wedding band together or would you wear them separately; it is for you to decide!

You can skip the traditional norm of wearing the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand and wear it on the other fingers as well! But today in this piece, we will be talking about traditions. We promise to make it a fun run-down on the history of which finger does a wedding ring go on. With that being said, let us get started!

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History of Wedding Rings

The history of wedding rings actually dates back a bit further than you might expect. Speaking of history, as we promised, we will try to make it a bit fun, so let’s go back to the ancient Roman empire; actually, they were the ones starting the tradition of wearing wedding rings on the fourth finger of your left hand. (to simply explain the finger next to your pinky finger!)

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To answer it as per the tradition as to which finger does a wedding ring go on, the ancient Romans believed that the wedding ring was supposed to be worn on the fourth finger of your left hand because the ring finger of your left hand is connected to the vena amoris or the vein of love. They believe that this particular vein is directly connected to the heart. Isn’t that a cute story that makes us go Aww! Well, this story does make sense because you are marrying the love of your life, and you would want to honor that! 

We now know that science has developed so much in today's time than it did back then, and we know for sure that vena amoris or the vein of love, doesn’t actually exist, but the thought behind this Roman tradition is sweet though. 

Which Finger Does a Wedding Ring Go On?

This question is very common: which finger does a wedding ring go on? In Western culture, during the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom exchange wedding bands after they exchange their wedding vows. If you have read the above section of this article, you might know that traditionally, the wedding ring is worn on your ring finger in your left hand, because this side is closest to the heart.

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Many people find it more practical to wear a wedding band on their left hand. After all, 90% of us are right-handed, so the ring is less likely to snag or become damaged as we go about our everyday lives.

Why Are People Drawn Toward Tradition?

There are many reasons why people are drawn to the tradition of wearing their wedding ring on their ring finger. Here are some of our favorites: 

Cultural Significance: The tradition of exchanging rings during wedding ceremonies dates back thousands of years with a very sweet explanation, which was then adapted in many cultures, making it a widely recognized symbol of love and fidelity.

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Symbolism: Your wedding ring symbolizes the fact that you are now married and that you have a partner, who cherishes you in good times and bad as well. It also symbolizes the fact that you both are now one! In fact, in ancient Egypt, it was believed that a ring was an actual representation of the sun and the moon, which represented eternity, much like the love you have for each other.

How to Pair Wedding Rings with Other Bands? 

Now, that you have a clear idea as to which finger does a wedding ring go on, let’s get started with how you can pair your wedding ring with other rings that you have, such as engagement rings or eternity rings. Well, in all honesty, traditions are meant to be adapted and followed, but there is no right way as to how you can wear your wedding ring. But here we tell you some ways you can wear your wedding rings: 

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The Traditional Way: If you are a traditionalist, we are sure you ought to wear and pair your wedding band and stack it with your engagement ring for a more poised and polished look. 

Wear it in Your Right Hand: If you prefer to wear rings on both hands and still want them to match, we suggest you wear your wedding ring on your left hand ring finger, while you can wear your engagement ring on your right hand. This can be a personal preference. 

Try Styling it with Your Necklace: If you live a very active lifestyle or have a profession, then we suggest you consider wearing your engagement ring and wedding band on a dainty necklace or chain as a pendant that will keep your wedding ring and engagement ring safe! 

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As we are approaching the conclusion of this article, we are sure that we helped you in answering your question as to which finger does a wedding ring go on, the history connected to wedding rings, and the styling tips that would help you create some dimensions with just wedding and engagement rings. But, if you have any further queries related to this, feel free to reach out to us and book an online consultation with our Friendly experts. 

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