How to Click the Perfect White Gold Engagement Ring Picture?

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Wednesday, Apr 05

How to Click the Perfect White Gold Engagement Ring Picture?

Written by Edmar Hendricks

How to Click the Perfect White Gold Engagement Ring Picture?

First, there was a meeting. Then there was a bond. Together the both of you flourished to now explore a journey where love transcends beyond! Sealing your love is indeed an exciting experience. It is the start of a new chapter, a leaf of a book that spells adventure. 

Your engagement ceremony is a monumental event in your life; one that you'll want to immortalize in pictures for years to come. In this blog, we will take you through how you should click the perfect engagement ring picture along with things to keep in mind while doing so. We shall also share the other metal colors. But, before we do so, let’s look at the three kinds of metals used when crafting diamond engagement rings and what each of them represents.

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White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings are the most popular picks for modern couples when getting engaged. The gold gets its white hue by combining pure gold with other metals. It is said that this gold variant purifies negative energy and enhances human relationships, making it the top choice for couples at their engagement ceremony. White gold is most suitable for cool skin tones.

white gold rings


Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow gold engagement rings come in a close second when selecting an engagement band. The color yellow, obtained when mixed with other precious metals, represents joy, affection, and cheerfulness and is for those couples who prefer a classic ring color that has a radiant glow. Yellow gold bands are most suitable for warm skin tones.

yellow gold rings


Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Of all the gold variants, rose gold engagement bands are the most picked by modern couples when it comes to their engagement rings. The color symbolizes elegance and is a good choice for couples looking for a romantic hue when choosing their band. Rose gold bands go well with people who have both warm and cool skin tones.

rose gold rings


Gold fact: In its original state, pure gold is way too soft to be worn as jewelry. The gold has to be mixed with other metals so that it becomes an alloy that is hard and wearable.

While white gold rings are most sought after when it comes to engagement bands, it is ultimately a matter of choice be it a yellow gold ring or rose gold ring. Engagement bands are the epitome of love. They represent new beginnings and are an emblem of devotion. You’ll definitely want to have a snapshot to announce your big moment and flaunt it to those near and dear to you. Also since we live in a social media-driven society, you’ll certainly want to post it online and if you’re going to do so, you might as well do it with the perfect snapshot.

Here are a few tips on mastering the art of clicking your engagement band picture to get maximum impressions, likes, and obviously… love!

Get a Fresh Manicure

First things first. We understand if your proposal comes as a surprise, but if it does not, then make sure you get a fresh manicure done before he slips the band onto your fingers. Also, ensure you wear attractive nail paint and moisturize your hands before you snap your picture.

Click under Natural Sunlight

Why make use of filters when you can use the light of the Sun to your advantage? Natural lighting like that of the Sun displays the clarity and brilliance of the center stone, giving your band a wonderful aesthetic. In case you’re clicking a snapshot towards the evening or night, then avoid using the camera flash as your jewelry will reflect light, leading to a blurry image. Instead, find a place that has dim lighting at the proposal/engagement ceremony venue and snap a picture without the flash.

Diamond Photo Pro Tip: Diamonds are cut into facets to reflect light. Play with light accordingly to give your ring the maximum sparkle and shine. See how the light is reflected and try to obtain that reflection through the stone.

Get Your Fiancé in the Frame

As mentioned above, you could always ask your partner/fiancé to join in the picture even though the photograph is all about your engagement band. You could have your hand, wearing the ring featured in the frame while your fiancé kisses your finger or have him standing right next to you while you flaunt your ring. Don’t be shy to add your personal touch and be creative with your click in a way only you and your partner can be.


Share Your Love Story

Everybody loves a good story especially when it's about finding true love. When posting your picture, take the time to talk about how you met your fiancé. Speak your heart out as a romantic gesture towards your partner and let the people viewing your picture know why you chose to say yes and spend forever with him/her.

Describe the moment of your meeting. Talk about when you realized you were in love. Speak of when you knew he/she was the one and outline the future plans you have with them. If you have bought or are planning to buy a ring from Friendly Diamonds, we would love to know your love story. Do share it with us here!

Be Proud of Your Moment but Don’t Brag Too Much

You might be tempted to brag about your gold diamond engagement ring when posting your picture online. Don’t get us wrong, you’ve surely earned your bragging rights now that your partner has made his/her move to propose with a band you adore. But you don't want to come across as crass and boisterous by mentioning the price, value, or carats of the band. Remind yourself that the ring, however expensive it may be, is just a representation of the love you share with your fiancé and ultimately, that love is all that matters.

Try Shooting with an Exciting Background

As mentioned earlier, use the background to your advantage to shoot a one-of-a-kind engagement picture. Perhaps you’re a nature lover, so why not get a shot with mother nature in the background. Or if you love the beach, why not go for an engagement ring backdrop shot with tidal waves and setting sun.

exciting background

Shoot a Video Instead of Pictures

While pictures speak a thousand words, it is truly videos that capture every emotion. A short video of your hand dancing and twirling to ambient music or your favorite romantic song playing in the background is a great way to show off your engagement band. A video would capture all the details from every angle and give your loved ones an aesthetically pleasing view of your new band.

Use Smartphone Camera Features to Your Advantage

Smartphone cameras today come with great built-in features like that of auto exposure and focus. Use these features to your advantage by learning how to use them and utilize them when taking a snapshot of your band. However, we recommend not zooming too much into your photo as it may pixelate your click.

Tag Those That Were in the Surprise

This is if you have a surprise proposal moment with your partner. A lot of effort goes into planning the surprise and creating your special moment. For example, your fiancé may have taken your friend’s opinion on your favorite ring style and then chosen a band based on their recommendation. Be certain to tag that special friend who guided you or your fiancé for any such instance.


Also, the band may have come from a physical or online jewelry store. It’s always a good idea to tag the store as it gives the business owners great joy in seeing their customers happy with their work. It also lets you inform your friends and family of where to buy their engagement ring in case they plan on proposing. Also, don’t forget to tag your group of friends or family members who were a part of the surprise as they are the people who made the time to plan and make your day an absolutely special one!

So there you have it, your guide to clicking the perfect engagement ring picture to create a special memory and capture a moment in time that’ll live forever. Imagine how beautiful it’ll be to share the picture someday with your children and tell them a timeless story of how you said yes to your one and only and braved through it all to be together!