Which Finger Does An Engagement Ring for Women go on?

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Which Finger Does An Engagement Ring for Women go on?

Macy Taylor

Macy Taylor - 30 March, 2022

Your engagement is a milestone unlike any other. The joy of spending your life with the person you love is simply inexplicable. And the first step, before you tie the knot of marriage, is to get engaged. It has been a long-lasting tradition to exchange rings during the engagement ceremony, as they are considered symbols of commitment, love, and trust.

But which finger does a woman wear her diamond engagement ring on? And what is the story behind it?

In this blog, we shall learn why a diamond engagement ring for women is worn on the fourth finger, the significance of the finger, and whether there are any rules to be followed when wearing it.

But before we talk about it, let us have a look at why rings and not other jewelry are used when getting engaged.

Why rings and not other jewelry when getting engaged?

The symbolism of a ring is such that its round shape acts as a circle indicating completeness in a relationship. It is the perfect representation of love and hence a staple jewelry piece at engagement ceremonies.

What does the ring finger symbolize?

Historically, wearing an engagement ring on the 4th finger of the left hand has been a tradition in many countries since ancient Roman times. This is because the Romans believed that the left finger contained a vein, the vein amoris, that led directly to the heart.

This is why the fourth finger on the left hand was considered the most suitable finger for the band.

But you would be surprised to know that the vein in the fourth finger has absolutely no connection with the heart!

Regardless, the word spread and the custom survived, still followed by millions of people around the world today.

Many countries around the world have their traditions and popular beliefs when it comes to wearing them.

For example, it is deemed unlucky to wear an engagement band on the left finger in countries like Sweden and Russia.

In some countries, people belonging to the same religion may have a different way of wearing them depending on the set of traditions they follow.

As exemplified in China, men will often wear the circular band on the right hand, while the women will wear it on the left to signify different responsibilities shared between both partners.

In fact, according to the Chinese, each finger represents a part of life.
The index finger represents the bond shared by brothers and sisters.
The middle finger represents the self. The thumb and the fourth finger represent one's, life partner. Hence, according to Chinese tradition, the sparkler should be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand.

In Chile, engagement rings are worn on the right hand until they are exchanged with wedding bands and moved on to the left hand. While different countries follow different customs and traditions, there is no hard and fast rule that you should follow when it comes to wearing your engagement band. There also isn't any rule about which metal or type you should choose when customizing your dream sparkler.

You can opt for a simple band, a diamond sparkler or a band made using colored stones of elaborate design. We only recommend you size it according to your finger so that you get the perfect fit.

What are the new ring trends?

Nowadays, engagement rings have witnessed a new trend with people wearing them on the thumb, middle or little fingers. It is simply a matter of personal preference.

However, wearing an engagement band on your little finger has an entirely different meaning. Wearing the sparkler on your little finger is a symbol of self-love. If a woman wishes to stay happily single her entire life, she enters into a commitment with herself by wearing it on her little finger.

Should men wear engagement band on their right or left fingers?

There is no such rule as to which finger a man should wear a band on. Ideally, men wear it on the same ring finger as women. However, the traditions followed by various cultures and religions are different. Also, if men feel a little weird about wearing them on the fourth finger, then the little or middle finger seems to be the best option.

Styling Your Wedding Band With Your Engagement Ring

Styling your engagement band with your engagement ring can be done exactly as you wish.

It is popular, in western culture, for these solitaires to be styled and worn along with wedding bands that are exchanged on the wedding day; the wedding band goes on the left and the engagement sparkler goes on the right. After the ceremony, some couples love stacking both the rings together, one on top of the other.

It’s all about personal preference and taste. Regardless of how you choose to wear it, ensure that your ring fits well and you’re comfortable wearing the band and happy with the style and design.

Summing up

It doesn't matter whether you wear an engagement band on your left, little, middle, or index finger. There is no such rule that needs to be followed when wearing your band. You can even wear it on your thumb if you like. Just remember that your sparkler is more than just a beautiful jewelry piece and truly represents your love and commitment towards your partner. It all depends on an individual’s culture, religious traditions, and personal preference, or just the mix of all the three.

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