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Wednesday, Jul 10 2024

Which is the Most Popular Diamond Cut for Jewelry?

Written by Nicole Harper

Which is the Most Popular Diamond Cut for Jewelry?

Pat your back and give yourself a cheer that you have finally come to this conclusion and decided on the fact that you are planning to buy diamond jewelry for yourself or a loved one! Well, congratulations on that! But before you end up buying a diamond, we say you can do a little “reconnaissance”! In simple words, we suggest you do thorough research. 

In all honesty, it is not surprising that you ended up clicking here to read this piece, where we will tell you the most popular diamond cut for your jewelry. Be it an engagement ring for your partner or a piece of fine jewelry for your beloved, we will tell you the best diamond shape that will help you earn some extra brownie points. 

The process of picking out the perfect diamond shape for your bespoke or custom-made jewelry is one of the most tiring yet exciting things to do. And we believe that you somewhat agree with us on this! 

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Guess the Most Popular Diamond Cuts

According to our experts at Friendly Diamonds, here is the list of the most popular diamond cuts that are always going to be in style:  

1. We are starting off strong, with the most popular and loved diamond shape! If you haven’t guessed yet, we are talking about brilliant-cut round diamonds. This diamond shape has been iconic and timeless since the 17th century.

round diamonds

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The reason why this diamond shape is so popular is because it epitomizes the elegance and beauty of diamonds. This diamond shape looks best in almost every piece of jewelry be it engagement rings, earrings, pendants, and, oh, let’s not forget, bracelets. 

2. Next, we have the distant cousin of round diamonds, captivating everyone with its stunning design. Well, let’s make it a bit interesting. Help us answer this: The diamond shape is generally square, but wait, this one has rounded corners that give it an elegant and softer feel. (Hint: it looks like a pillow.)


cushion cut diamonds

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Okay, we won’t delay the answer! We are talking about the second-most popular diamond shape, and that is cushion cut diamonds. The sparkle of this diamond shape rivals that of brilliant round cut diamonds.

3. This diamond shape is the younger brother of round cut diamonds! (Well, it’s an inside joke as to how tall the younger siblings are compared to the elder ones!) We are talking about oval cut diamonds! This diamond cut offers you the classic charm of round diamonds while giving them a modern appearance with their elongated shape. 

oval diamond ring

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4. For the most popular diamond cuts, we are still going off strong with the diamond shape that features step-cut facets with a rectangular shape. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about emerald cut diamonds.

emerald rings

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The overall appearance of this diamond shape offers a stunning silhouette when worn in any jewelry style. This diamond shape is ideal for those who are looking for a diamond shape that offers a dramatic vibe because an emerald cut diamond offers a hall-of-mirror effect that catches and reflects light for optimal beauty.

5. The next diamond shape that is on our list of most popular diamond cuts is the ones who have a special corner for geometrical shapes. We are talking about square-shaped princess cut diamonds. This diamond shape is glamorous and works best when set in engagement rings and pendants.

princess cut diamond

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With their simple and subtle beauty, they have captured the hearts of modern couples. 

6. We are closing off the list of the most popular diamond cut with the diamond shape that makes us all go ‘Aww.’ We are talking about the sweethearts of the diamond world; heart shaped diamonds. If you want your partner to feel the true essence of your love, then heart diamonds are your savior!  

heart cut diamond studs

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Characteristics of Most Popular Diamond Cuts 


Round shaped diamonds have this timeless appeal with precise 58 facets that allow the light to reflect in a way that enhances their overall beauty. This diamond shape is also popularly known for its versatility because it offers unparalleled brilliance in any type of jewelry! 

diamond pendants

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Cushion cut diamonds offer a softer and more elegant silhouette, which makes them a well-suited choice for both traditional and modern jewelry. You can see celebrities style this diamond shape for their engagement rings and necklaces. 

eternity rings

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Oval shaped diamonds are known as the trendsetting diamond shape because they blend both classic and contemporary styles. It gives a more sophisticated and balanced look when you choose to set them in studs or hoops for a look that exudes elegance! 

diamond pendants


Emerald cut diamonds have these unique step-cut facets, which makes them appealing when compared to other diamond shapes. This diamond shape offers a vintage feel yet stays modern in style. We suggest that you go for a three stone or a vintage-inspired ring if you choose this diamond cut! 


Princess cut diamonds are a popular choice because of their light dispersion, which makes them an ideal choice for any jewelry gift. Make your loved ones feel like real-life princesses and gift them a princess cut diamond stud or a pendant. 


Heart shaped diamonds are the perfect choice when you want to declare your feelings to your beloved. Gift this beauty to your sweetheart, set in an engagement ring or a pendant. We are sure this gift will act as a constant reminder of the love that you have for them! 

engagement rings

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With that, we come to the end of this article, where we helped you learn about the most popular diamond cuts that would be the perfect gift for you or your loved one! However, you can choose the diamond shape that you like the most. You can explore our expansive collection of 100,000+ loose diamonds, which includes pear shaped diamonds, Asscher cut diamonds, and radiant cut diamonds. Feel free to select the shape that you like the most!

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