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Friday, Dec 29 2023

White Gold Stud Earrings For Teens, Twenties, Professionals & Beyond

Written by Jason Kirk

White Gold Stud Earrings For Teens, Twenties, Professionals & Beyond

With a history dating back to ancient times, stud piercing has always been in vogue. It is an artistic practice of making holes in the earlobes, helping people to adorn ornaments such as white gold stud earrings. Through the course of time, the idea of piercings has changed and evolved for the better, as they serve as a symbol of glamor even if the wearer is young.The reason for stud piercing’s popularity is that it is a comfortable piercing on the lower part of the ear. Various kinds of jewelry can be put in it but since time immemorial, one type of jewelry has been prominent with piercing—white gold stud earrings.

Among the various types of studs, diamond studs are a favorite for many. The sparkly white gold stud earrings are subtle in their radiating glamor. They are apt for grand occasions like a wedding or an anniversary party. At the same time, teens can wear them daily to school, and senior citizens can comfortably display refined luxury at club meetings. All you need to do is select the right size and shape of the diamond to suit the occasion.

Table of Content:

Studs: Perfect for All Ages and All Stages

For a Teenage Fashionista

Teenage is all about bubbling energy, oozing glamor, and showcasing fashion. White gold stud earrings best suit the needs of a teenager wanting to stay trendy owing to their versatility, ease of use, and minimalistic glam.

One of the best choices for teenagers is the timeless round diamond studs. The brilliant sparkle of the round cut diamonds is unmatchable. In white gold metal, these glittery stones enhance a teen’s beauty. For example, the Martini Stud Earrings do just that! The round cut lab diamonds in the Martini studs are set in a three pronged configuration, exhibiting a well-encircled appearance to the earring. The minimalistic design gives them a subtle and chic look. When paired with solid 14kt white gold for the metal, the Martini studs are one of the finest stud earrings that you can get.

Stud Earrings

SHOP Heart Stud Earrings

For Smart Twenties

The twenties are an age to explore and find an individual style and identity, and jewelry helps you express your personal taste in a refined manner. You can put on white gold stud earrings as daily wear or have some statement pieces for special occasions.

Take, for example, pear cut diamond studs. They are classy and glamorous options for people in their twenties. Pear shaped diamonds with their elongated shape appear larger than the same carat weight of round cut diamonds. The teardrop cut gives a classy appearance and beautifully ascents heart shaped faces. You can adorn pear stud earrings anytime and everywhere. Be it a social gathering or a workout routine, these earrings adapt to the occasion.

For those who have a romantic personality, they must look at heart shaped white gold stud earrings instead of any other shape, making them the ultimate choice that suits you best. The perfectly cut heart shaped diamond symbolizes the essence of your love for your significant other.

Stud Earring

For Working Professionals

White gold stud earrings are also an ideal ornament for working professionals in their thirties and forties. Their simplicity, elegance, and marvelous display of sophistication make them the best choice. Simple diamond studs in white gold are glittery yet very professional in appearance.

Solitaire round cut, oval cut, or princess cut diamond studs are graceful accessories for those who navigate their career landscapes at this age. If you want to make a statement with your white gold stud earrings, you can try halo diamond pieces to add that extra blingy effect.

If you have a versatile personality, then cushion cut in white gold stud earrings will suit you very well. These square shaped diamonds with rounded corners give off a radiant shine with a starry effect. Their brilliant sparkle is due to the diamonds’ 58 facets, which disperse light in various directions. These pairs can make you the spotlight of any meetings, gatherings, or events.


For The Seniors

People in their fifties and beyond need not worry about outgrowing style. They can very well enjoy ongoing trends and make fashion statements with white gold stud earrings too. With the right choice of studs, seniors get to exude their wisdom and charm. 

Diamond studs with a solitaire stone of any shape can suit people of this age. When it comes to the setting, you can opt for a prong, a halo, or a bezel one to amp up your appearance. You can also mix and match these studs with different outfits, depending on the occasion.

Try Custom Earrings!

At Friendly Diamonds, we facilitate choosing your own style of earrings, but as mentioned above, white gold stud earrings always steal the show for many. The customization process is simple - Choose the setting, the diamond shape, and the back type of the earring that you love the most. We offer these customizations because we feel that one should express their style the way they want to and not adhere to strict rules. Your design inspiration can be created with the help of our expert craftsmen. We will ensure that the exact design of your choice is delivered. 

White gold stud earrings also make amazing presents, and this blog can serve as a guide for gifts for all ages, serving as a timeless object that can be given across-generations.

If you are considering getting your ears pierced, then Friendly Diamonds enthusiastically says, “A Big Yes”.