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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Jewelry Box Essentials - Different Types of Earrings

Written by Macy Taylor

Jewelry Box Essentials - Different Types of Earrings

Did you know that merely adding new earrings to your jewelry box could completely change how you look, adding more style to your attire? Think about it. You put in the effort to change your wardrobe on a daily basis. So why should you wear the same earrings daily? It’s only fair to add that shimmer to your overall look and get yourself some more pairs that define your style. But where do you start? With so many options available, finding the perfect pair can be a bit overwhelming.

So in this blog, we'll go over all the different earrings to glam up your party outfits and business attires to keep you in vogue!

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Diamond Studs

Stud earrings are one of the most popular earrings known for their versatility. They are adorable petite ornaments available in various shapes and styles. You'll find plain gold studs, diamond studs, and even colorful gemstone studs.

diamond studs

SHOP stud earrings

Studs are also an excellent choice because they stay secured to your ear without the risk of falling. They're a timeless earring style and should be a part of every woman's jewelry collection. They’re budget-friendly and come in handy for all occasions. Whether wearing a denim and tee combination, gym attire, or even a blazer, you'll surely look great when wearing your diamond studs!


A huggie earring, also known as a huggie hoop earring, is a little hoof that hangs near the ear lobe. Huggies include a hinge that allows you to open and shut them while keeping them in place. They stand out because they lack the traditional back that most earrings have.

Huggies are a great everyday comfort earring, especially if you have a lot of piercings. Huggie hoop earrings come in various designs including gold, diamonds, and gemstones. You can totally make this perfect pair your go-to accessory. Pair your huggies with crop tops, off-shoulder dresses, skirts, white blouses, and pinstripe pants for a casual yet fashionable look. You'll find them subtle but chic irrespective of how you wear them.


Dangles are beautiful and stylish earrings that dangle elegantly, hanging from the earlobes. They come in various lengths and sway back and forth or side to side. When you’re in the mood to glam up, you can accessorize with diamond studded dangles, single strand long earrings and diamond shoulder dusters.


Tatiana Dangling Solitaire Lab Diamond Earrings

Danglers are the perfect accompaniment for the evening when attending your best friend's bachelorette or cocktail party. You can also wear them when out for parties or clubbing. They'll look stunning with bodycon dresses or gowns and lacey off-shoulder dresses.


Drops are similar to dangle earrings. Like dangles, they hang from the ear lobes and come in long and short lengths. They don't swing forth and back as dangles do. Instead, they remain stationary. Drop earrings are excellent for formal occasions when you want to stand out yet not grab too much attention. These basic, lightweight designs are ideal for office gatherings, dates, or days out with your sweetheart.

drop earrings

Sasha Double Halo Lab Diamond Earrings


Thread earrings resemble a delicate "thread" passing through your ear piercing, dangling in the front and rear. You can style them to make yourself look charming and elegant for a night out or edgy and exciting when hanging out with your girl gang. Whether you choose to wear just one thread earring on one lobe or go for something more unique and exciting like two different pairs of threads, thread earrings are a stand-out that adds glitter to your outfit!


Hoops are slender spherical earrings that come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from small to large. Since they tend to have a non-traditional design, they match well with most western clothes allowing you to acquire many trending styles with your look. When selecting a pair, it is always best to pick one that is simple and elegant enough to match any outfit, casual or formal. From overalls to gowns, hoops look great with everything. They'll pair well with most of your outfits whether professional or casual. Now that we've spoken about earrings, let's talk about earring backs.

hoop earrings


Types of Earring Backs 

When you pick a pair of diamond earrings, you want to ensure that they remain on your ears. The backs keep the earrings secure, ensuring they don't fall off with your movement. However, with so many varieties available, you might wonder which ones are better and more secure? Well, each type plays a significant role but we've compiled a list of all the different earring backs to figure out how much protection you need.

Push Backs

A pushback, also known as a friction back, is the most common earring back design. This earring back glides easily onto a straight earring post and produces friction to secure your earring. Pushback posts also include a notch at the top to hold the backing in place. They are simple to put on and take off with a subtle design, great for individuals with tiny earlobes.

push back

Screw Backs

Screw backs, as the name implies, are earring backs that are screwed in place. Screw backs, which act similarly to the nut on a threaded screw or bolt, must be used with threaded posts. Similar to pushbacks, these are a less prominent and inconspicuous type of earring back. They're an excellent solution for people with small earlobes.

Screw backs have one advantage over pushbacks: they're safer. A screw back takes somewhat longer to install than a pushback since it has to be attached correctly. Many believe that this extra work is worth it for the greater security provided, especially for more significant or valuable diamond studs. To avoid stripping your earring posts, it's also important to exercise caution while putting on a screw back.

Fish Hooks

In fish hooks, the backs are curved wire hooks put into the ear piercing without the requirement of a back because they are long enough to accomplish the job independently. They are affixed to the end of relatively heavy earrings, such as teardrop-shaped earrings, as the weight of the earrings keeps them in place. Furthermore, these wires are often rather long, making them the most effective way to keep the earrings in place.

Lever Backs

Lever backs are commonly found on drop and dangling earrings. A lever locked onto a lever hinged back is used to secure the earring. These backs are incredibly safe and straightforward to put on and take off and add a touch of elegance to diamond earrings by swinging gently with the wearer's movement.

lever back

Lever backs comprise a hinged post and a metal catch that connects them. Although loop-shaped or U-shaped catches are common on latch backs and saddlebacks, lever back catches consist of a lever and a spring that clasp together to lock the earring in place. This earring back forms a loop with a little hole at the end to which the remainder of the earring is connected and attached.

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