Why are Lab-Grown Diamonds Better?

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Why are Lab-Grown Diamonds Better?

Nash Collins

Nash Collins - 25 May, 2022

If you’re out there looking to buy a diamond or maybe an engagement ring for your loved one, you’ve probably heard of lab diamonds. These precious stones have the same composition as natural stones and are also certified gems with the essential 4C’s, cut, color, clarity, and carat weight checked. They are created in state-of-the-art labs and have an absolute shine, just like mined stones.

You can pick a lab created diamonds with a color grade the same as that of a natural one as it undergoes the same process as that of a mined stone from start to end. In contrast to mined stones, they are eco-friendly gemstones that do not contribute to environmental damage.

Sparklingly precious while being eco-friendly

Conventional mining methods have had a rather adverse impact on nature. The traditional mining industry has harnessed practices that include mining of bloodstones, human rights abuse, and of course, environmental degradation, all in the name of luxury.

Lab grown diamonds play a vital role in creating a sustainable environment, leaving a morally cleaner and ethical footprint. They’re also identical to natural stones so much so that even an expert gemologist wouldn’t be able to distinguish between the two. And in many ways, curated lab grown diamonds can sometimes be of better quality and purity when compared to mined stones.

But one thing that truly makes them stand out is that they are naturally eco-friendly. Years of mining have caused a detrimental impact on the planet, including soil erosion, deforestation, and destruction of the ecosystem. Choosing a lab-made diamond ensures that you play a small yet significant role in conserving and leaving a positive impact on planet earth.

Easy on your budget

Compared to natural mined diamonds, Lab created diamonds are 30% to 40% less costly. Its affordability makes it perfect for anyone looking for a diamond without burning through your savings. Its affordability makes lab-grown diamonds an ideal choice for first-time buyers.

As a second, third, fourth, or multiple-time buyer, here is an opportunity for you to make an environmentally conscious buy, again, at a much more affordable price.

A better and cleaner alternative

Lab stones do not impact the environment negatively. They are indeed a better, cleaner, and eco-friendly alternative to mined stones and encourage and promote sustainability. You can celebrate your special landmark moments while being eco-friendly and planet conscious.

Another major benefit of getting a lab-grown diamond is knowing the exact source and origin of your gemstone.

Free from illicit or unfair practices

Eco-friendly gems are free of illicit mining methods which involve unfair wages, poor or inhumane working conditions, child labor, and human rights violation. The lab diamond industry does not involve itself in such malpractices. Instead, you get a jewel from a cleaner source with no negative impact resulting in natural habitats.

Also, issues like mining blood diamonds to fund wars and rebels in Africa do not exist in the lab-grown diamond industry as all precious stones crafted in laboratories are naturally conflict-free. Knowing the fact that they are ethically grown gives a sense of satisfaction when buying your desired diamond product.

Why would a lab-grown diamond be a perfect choice for you?

These beautiful gemstones come with affordability, are of better quality, and are environmentally friendly, which you can’t attain with mined diamonds. It brings a sense of satisfaction after knowing that the end product is free from illicit or unfair practices.

You can buy diamonds online with convenience and with much ease. With strict quality and control checks, lab-grown diamonds result in variants of only the highest quality and purity. In case of any problems while buying online, there’s always customer support available to help.

All in all, lab diamonds are eco-friendly, sustainable, budget-friendly, and perfect for celebrating all life’s special landmark moments, making them a better choice for you!

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