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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

What Are Some of The Trending Jewelry For Women?

Written by Edmar Hendricks

What Are Some of The Trending Jewelry For Women?

Jewelry has always been an integral part of a woman's wardrobe. Once worn as a symbol of wealth and prosperity, women's jewelry is today considered a statement symbol for women worldwide. Women's jewelry accentuates a woman's beauty and reflects her personality and style. It is an extension of who she is and how she wants the world to perceive her.

There is always a women's jewelry piece that captivates a woman the moment she sees it, but of them all, the beauty and sparkles of diamond jewelry for women are the ones that truly encapsulate her. In this blog, we share trending jewelry for women and where you can get them at budget-friendly deals!


Lab Diamond Jewelry for Women

Before we get to the trending women's jewelry pieces, let's tell you why lab diamonds are the future. Natural diamonds are part of the diamond mining industry, an industry that causes soil erosion, deforestation, and destruction of major ecosystems. Natural diamonds may also be attached to human rights abuse and civil wars.

Conversely, lab-grown diamonds are sustainable, eco-friendly, and promote a greener planet. They have the same sparkle as mined diamonds and leave a smaller carbon footprint on the planet. They are also certified by renowned diamond grading institutions that grade mined diamonds. They are also cost-effective, priced almost 30-50% cheaper than natural diamonds. Hence when it comes to women's jewelry, lab diamonds are a sustainable choice that supports our planet's existence while still having you look and feel great while you wear your jewelry.

Trending Jewelry for Women

Lab Diamond Rings

No two diamonds are ever the same, and the same is with lab diamonds. Women relate to being unique, and it doesn't get more unique than a lab diamond sparkling at the top of a ring, reminding a woman of how special she truly is. It could be an engagement ring you chose with your partner presented to you as your symbol of love or just your very own piece of fashion jewelry for when you want to remind yourself of your journey so far, there is no denying that diamond rings are an important part of women’s jewelry.

Here is our selection of diamond rings from the Friendly Diamonds’ range of trending women’s jewelry.

The Janes Chevron Diamond Ring

A solitaire ring comes to mind when you think of the quintessential diamond ring, and for a good reason. It is an iconic style that brings out the sparkle of the center diamond. The Janes Chevron ring is one such ring that embraces the timelessness of the gorgeous solitaire style but with a modern twist.

The Janes Chevron Diamond Ring

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This one-of-a-kind solitaire ring has claw prongs holding the glistening diamond in the center and a classic band with a rather unique v-shaped curve lending it an artistic look. Crafted with timeless elegance and a modern twist, this ring is a popular favorite with millennial women.

The Lumina Diamond Ring

The Lumina Diamond ring crafted with a sparkling halo of radiant pavé studded diamonds makes it to our list of trending jewelry for women simply because of its chic and shimmery appeal.

The Lumina Diamond Ring

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Set in a v-shaped basket is a star-studded solitaire that seems to be rising from the ring. And if all this wasn't enough, radiant pavé studded diamonds running on each side of the band adds an even more stunning look to an already gorgeous ring!

Create Your Own Ring

The two rings mentioned above are just two of the rings available from a wide range at Friendly Diamonds. The beauty of shopping on the Friendly Diamond online jewelry store is that besides choosing a ring from their collection, you can also create your very own ring from scratch. The brand gives you the flexibility of creating your ring according to your preference and style. This means you can choose a ring setting, a lab diamond shape and then complete your ring with an engraving. Imagine how great it is to have complete control of creating your ring and having it look in a way that only represents you.

You can choose from a range of 150+ designs and over 10,000+ certified lab diamonds of various shapes and sizes to create your favorite piece of jewelry for women.

Lab Diamond Eternity Rings

Solitaire rings are a classic when it comes to women's jewelry. But if there is a contemporary-styled ring in the world of jewelry for women, then eternity rings are it!

Eternity rings are considered everlasting symbols of love and have traditionally been gifted to women to celebrate milestones like wedding anniversaries. But the modern woman is also embracing this ring as her wedding and style statement ring. The ring studded with diamond circling their entire band makes for a stunning jewelry piece for women. Here is a selection of eternity rings from the Friendly Diamonds collection available in white, yellow, rose gold, and platinum.

Grace Micro Pavé Eternity Ring

The Grace micro pavé eternity ring is a bestselling ring that displays elegance in its simplest form. It's a women's jewelry piece crafted with a center diamond held securely by four angular prongs showcasing the beauty of the stone. The ring also has micro pavé diamonds on both sides of the shank trailing halfway on each side.

Grace Micro Pavé Eternity Ring

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Round Diamond Eternity Band

The Round diamond eternity ring is an ultimate classic crafted with round lab diamonds covering the entire ring. The ring has a gallery created to elevate the diamonds and give the ring a stunning view from the sides. The lab diamonds, set in common shared prongs, are a sight to behold and sure to captivate all who see them while you wear them on your finger.

Round Diamond Eternity Band

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Lab Diamond Stud Earrings

Stud earrings make it to our list of trending jewelry for women because of their versatility. As a woman, you should always have at least one pair of diamond studs in your jewelry box because you can literally wear them wherever and whenever without giving it a second thought.

Date night with the boyfriend or husband at a new fine dining restaurant? Or partying with your girlfriends? Or just wearing your business formals when heading to your next meeting, you’ll soon find that diamond studs match well with every occasion and attire. No wonder they are a women’s jewelry staple and favorite.

Here is a selection of stud earrings available with Friendly Diamonds:

Four Prong Round Lab Diamond Stud Earrings

The brilliant round cut is the most liked diamond shape perfect for a classic earring style like that of studs. Crafted with a sturdy post and pushback, the earrings have radiant lab diamonds set in four prongs to add just the right amount of sparkle to your wardrobe.

4 Prong Oval Lab Diamond Stud Earrings

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Four Prong Oval Lab Diamond Stud Earrings

The four prong stud earrings crafted with the trending diamond shape of 2022 are a distinct pair that adds a hint of glamor to your outfit. They’re a beautiful women’s jewelry piece that is certain to highlight your beauty subtly when out with friends or at the office. The earrings are crafted with four prongs securely holding the lab diamonds and also have a sturdy post and pushback.

4 Prong Oval Lab Diamond Stud Earrings

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Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets make it to this list of trending jewelry for women because they're probably the most stylish and practical women's jewelry pieces ever. They're lightweight, have a great sparkle, and make the perfect wrist jewelry for women.

Here is a selection of Tennis Bracelets from the Friendly Diamonds collection:

Darcy Round Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The Darcy round tennis bracelet is a radiant bracelet with one row of brilliant round cut lab diamonds and a sturdy lock. Set in a shared four prong setting, the lab diamonds on this bracelet add the perfect sparkle to your wrist.

Darcy Round Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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Lilac Pear Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The Lilac pear lab diamond tennis bracelet is a glimmering stylish bracelet. The bracelet has a scintillating trail of pear-cut diamonds set in a slanting pattern in three-prong settings. The slanting design gives the bracelet a unique look making it a one-of-a-kind trending piece of jewelry for women.

Lilac Pear Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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Everlyn Oval Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The Everlyn oval lab diamond tennis bracelet has a brilliant row of gorgeous oval-shaped diamonds positioned from north to south in four claw prong settings, gently cradling each diamond. Crafted exceptionally, this bracelet is a women's jewelry piece that is rather striking and perfect when attending a special occasion.

Everlyn Oval Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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Lab Diamond Pendants

The last trending women's jewelry piece on this list is the dainty and beautiful diamond pendant. Diamond pendants are a great piece of jewelry for women that adds a small but striking element to a necklace. They compliment your beauty and are an expression of your style that also accentuates your beauty.

Here are a selection of pendants from Friendly Diamonds:

Lucida Four Prong Lab Diamond Pendant

The Lucida four prong lab diamond pendant has a beautiful solitaire diamond placed in a four prong pendant setting. This women’s jewelry piece has a mesmerizing bail crafted with dainty pavé set diamonds. Wearing this pendant is sure to add the right balance to your style quotient.

The Lucida Four Prong Lab Diamond Pendant

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Martina Solitaire Lab Diamond Pendant

The Martina solitaire lab diamond pendant is a dazzling beauty crafted with a solitaire diamond set in a four prong setting. You can truly see the radiance of this jewelry piece for women while it dangles beautifully on the chain of the necklace. Make it your own or gift it to your BFF with perfect hand written gift cards on their special day.

Martina Solitaire Lab Diamond Pendant

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So there you have it, our list of trending jewelry for women, from rings to earrings, bracelets, and pendants. Just know that although it's great to style according to modern trends, the jewelry you wear ultimately represents you.

So feel free to style jewelry as you wish; it could be the perfect ring stack or the right jewelry combinations to match your earrings with your bracelet or your pendant with your necklace.

Always make your jewelry an extension of you and create and choose designs that showcase your personality when shopping for jewelry for women! And when in doubt, visit Friendly diamonds, your eco-friendly online jewelry brand dedicated to offering you the best sustainable lab diamond jewelry perfect for you and all your lovely moments!