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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Huggie and Hoop earrings: What's the difference?

Written by Karen Dunn

Huggie and Hoop earrings: What's the difference?

There are multiple ways to sport a pair of diamond earrings, be it stud earrings or dangles. While stud earrings have proven to be a classic and versatile option, there is no doubt many women love wearing diamond huggie and hoop earrings. Akin to the simplicity and elegance of the diamond studs, huggie and hoop earrings have a subtle yet classy charm. So if you want to know more about these earring types, this blog is the right stop!


What are Hoop Earrings?

Hoops are one of the most graceful ear jewelry styles. Ideally, when looking at hoops, one can tell they resemble huggie earrings, except the only difference is that they are much larger around the ear. Hoops have the essence of world heritage and are one of the most ancient accessories known to humankind. Hence, hoops have deep relevance within several cultures.

Royals wore white, yellow, and rose gold hoops to display royal status in society. Today, hoops are seen as a symbol of strength and unity, just like the women who sport them. The first hoop earrings were created in present day Sudan, formerly known as Nubia around 2500 B.C.E. when both Egyptian women and men wore hoops. They considered the earrings to enhance a person's appearance, while the royalties wore thick and heavy gold hoops to emphasize their riches and dominion. From all appearances, a hoop is in the form of a circle, and with the circular look of the hoop earring, one can associate it with the idea of an infinite circle, like time.

Hoop Earrings


This makes hoops extremely symbolic; besides, they have existed for as long as jewelry itself. One can date its existence as far back as the Bronze Age. Additionally, they have not only made a space for themselves in ancient history but also managed to fit into pop and street culture. Therefore, it is safe to say that Hoop earrings, in comparison to any other style of jewelry, will always remain timeless. These earrings stretch across cultures and ages, making them likely to continue as a "fashion statement" for years to come.

What are Huggie Earrings?

On the other hand, huggie earrings are a style of hoops that are tinier in size and cling onto the ear; this means that the earring settles perfectly on the earlobe. Usually, the standard pair of huggie earrings are less chunkier than the hoop earrings, which allows you to pick a diamond earring look that enhances their style instead of stealing the focus from the outfit.

Huggie Earrings


Further, the huggie earrings have become much more loved by those who like trendy yet minimal daily wear jewelry. Therefore, it is important to understand what huggie earrings are and how they differ from normal diamond hoop earrings. Evidently, huggie earrings take their name from their appearance as they cling to the earlobe perfectly. These earrings often consist of small, metal hoops, giving them the name huggie hoop earrings

Huggie and Hoop Earrings: What is the Difference?

A question often asked when it comes to huggie and hoop earrings is, "What is the difference between these huggie and hoop earrings?" The answer to this question is fairly simple; hoop earrings are larger earring types that dangle while they circle the ear lobe and huggie earrings are smaller earring types that clasp onto the earlobe.

The most evident difference between the huggie and hoop earrings is that all huggies are hoops, but not all hoops are huggies. Further, if you are looking for which earring style is better, it narrows down to your personal preference. Another major distinction between the huggie and hoop earring is that the huggie earring tends to be thicker and more comfortable than the standard hoop earring. These huggie earrings can also be called hinged hoops or huggers. They are designed for ease and convenience so one can easily sleep while wearing them.

How to Style a Huggie and Hoop Earring?

The great thing about diamond huggie and hoop earrings is their versatility. They have a sparkle that molds in well with any and every outfit of your choice, be it the elegant traditional look or your comfy casual jeans.

The huggie earrings, as they have a small diameter, tend to be fitted for lobe piercings. At the same time, it can also be used for other piercings like the cartilage at the top of the ear or the helix region, which is on the top-front of the ear, and the tragus, which is placed in the front of the ear canal. The style in which you want to adorn your huggie earrings is truly endless.

The perk of having the gorgeous diamond huggie earring is that you can wear them as a set or just on one ear, or mix it up and wear two different earrings on either ear. Moreover, the huggie earrings can also enhance chunky pieces of jewelry and layered necklaces as they are not overpowering pieces of jewelry owing to their small size. Therefore, huggie earrings are the perfect choice as they add a pop to your outfit without giving a heavy or flashy look. Similarly, if you choose to make the hoops your statement piece, it will certainly bring an amount of attitude and attention to your look. You can easily style this hoop earring look with your more casual outfits. Both ways, these hoop rings will look fabulous yet very elegant for all occasions.

Huggie and Hoop Earrings

Style your own earrings

The rise of these two subtle yet elegant jewelry designs has taken the fashion industry by storm; hence, if you prefer more low-key and ready-to-wear versatile jewelry pieces, you can go for huggie and hoop earrings; both can add a modern and classy vibe to your outfit.

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Lyra Halo Lab Diamond Earrings

Similarly, the next design from the huggie and hoop earring list is the Lyra Diamond Earrings, a stunning pair of solitaire diamond halo earrings. The captivating hoop studded with beautiful diamonds has a reliable lock attached to the halo of smaller diamonds.

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Freyde Double Halo Lab Diamond Earrings

Lastly, another ideal set of huggie and hoop earrings is the Freyde Diamond Earrings which showcase the double halos design on the dangling solitaire diamond. The clasp, which rests on the top of the striking sterling silver hoop earring, is adorned with the sparkle of the trail of diamonds which makes sure to enhance the beauty of any appearance or look you choose to embrace.

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