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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Prong Settings Vs. Bezel Settings - Which Option is Better?

Written by Karen Dunn

Prong Settings Vs. Bezel Settings - Which Option is Better?

Diamond jewelry is known for its sparkling appearance. One look at the ornament, and you shall see a trail of sparkling gems unfold. The charm and outer appeal of diamond jewelry have such significance that it becomes imperative to focus on the diamond's setting and what they mean to the person wearing it. Therefore, understanding the anatomy of diamond jewelry makes all the difference, especially the jewelry's setting, which holds the cut diamond securely. The best examples are bezel and prong settings, which are the most preferred options when making the ideal choice for your fine jewelry. But before we get to the specifics of both, let's look at exactly what a diamond setting is.


What Are Diamond Settings?

Diamond jewelry settings, also known as jewelry mountings, hold the gemstones in place. To better understand this, assume you have a solitaire diamond bezel set engagement ring. The setting that holds your center diamond on the shank is called a setting. As already mentioned, the prong and bezel settings are two of the most common settings for larger diamonds. However, the list of diamond settings does not end here; there are also styles like the channel setting, pave setting and halo ring design.

Diamond Settings

What Are Prong Settings?

Mainly, a prong setting accommodates gemstones that cling to the diamond. The often featured style of prongs are round, oval, rectangle, claw, or split claw prongs. Similarly, V-shaped prongs are also used on some sharp corners and exquisite gemstone shapes like pear, heart, and marquise cut gemstones. 'Tab' prongs are another elegant prong setting style less popular than round or claw settings known for giving the center stone set on the engagement ring a unique look. The Tiffany setting is a benchmark setting for diamond engagement rings. It is celebrated for its iconic design that showcases a round brilliant cut diamond set in a setting made of six prongs. This particular setting elevates the diamond above the ring's shank and exposes it to light, adding high quality and maximizing the stone's radiance. Standard prong settings often portray four prongs; however, six-prong settings are also common. The most popular prong style is the double prong, which includes pairs of prongs instead of single prongs.

Prong Settings

What Are Bezel Settings?

Unlike a prong setting which holds gemstones in place with a strip of metal, a bezel setting has a metal rim that encloses the girdle of the diamond. Interestingly, this setting features flexibility wherein if a gemstone is round, the bezel setting will be in a circular metal. While if the diamond cut is in a fancy shape like oval, asscher, or marquise cut, the setting shall trace a similar shape. Furthermore, this setting has multiple variations, such as full bezel settings and half bezel settings. Half-bezel settings partially enclose either side of the gemstone; the entire gem is not held by a metal covering.

Bezel Settings

Benefits and Drawbacks of Prong and Bezel Settings

Pros of Prong Settings

Prong settings have an advantage as they cover a very small part of a gemstone, permitting a lot of light to flow through it. This aspect of reflection is extremely pertinent as the charm of a diamond rests in its sparkle. Unlike the bezel setting, the prong setting has less metal weight, making it a more comfortable pick of the two. You can choose from countless prong set earrings, necklaces, bracelets, fashion rings, and engagement ring styles.

Cons of Prong Settings

Alternatively, the significant disadvantage of prong settings is the minimal durability and protection compared to bezel settings. Prong settings don't offer as much protection as bezel settings do. At the same time, they can be displaced; hence if such a thing occurs, you may need to get your jewelry checked by an expert. One can observe this issue less in earrings and necklaces than in rings and bracelets.

Pros of Bezel Settings

The advantage of owning bezel set jewelry is the ample protection provided by the metal surrounding the stone to enhance its durability. Bezel settings cover the edges of the diamond, guarding it against chipping and other types of damage. Hence, bezel set diamonds are a great option for those who lead a busy and active lifestyle. In addition to being protective and durable, bezel set jewelry is easy to maintain with less risk of the diamond loosening.

Cons of Bezel Settings

One of the significant disadvantages of bezel settings is that they do not permit enough light to enter the stone. If less light enters a diamond, only so much can exit, making the same diamond look less glistening in a bezel setting than in a prong setting. Moreover, the bezel setting protectively holds the center stone completely with metal causing a rise in the weight of the ring. Further, one can find very few design selections in a bezel setting compared to prong settings. Due to the lack of popularity among the bezel designs, there are more prong set jewelry designs to choose from than bezel set designs.

Prong Vs. Bezel: Which Option Is Preferred?

If you want a thorough sparkle and multiple style options, prong set rings, earrings, and pendants should be your go-to. A bezel set jewelry may be ideal if you want a lustrous, sensible, and durable jewel option with added protection. Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that you may favor the prong setting for certain jewelry styles while you may pick bezel settings for others. If you are still curious or uncertain about which setting style is right for you, then here is a look at some of the distinguished diamond jewelry pieces available at a US-based eco-friendly online jewelry store, Friendly Diamonds.

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