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Saturday, Oct 07 2023

Chasing Elegance: Finding the Perfect Vintage Marquise Engagement Ring

Written by Thomas Cooper

Chasing Elegance: Finding the Perfect Vintage Marquise Engagement Ring

Vintage marquise engagement rings invoke nostalgia. Known for their soft corners and pointed elongations, marquise cut diamonds on vintage engagement rings and wedding bands take us to a time when kings, queens, and old-world aristocracy were the norm.

Marquise diamond engagement rings date back to the 18th century when King Louis XV of France ordered a diamond representing his lover's lips be made. Since then, the marquise still lives on and takes us back to much more elegant and antiquated times.     

Besides being transported to the world of elegant pasts, vintage marquise engagement rings are also an advantageous buy as marquise diamond shapes appear larger, especially when compared to round brilliant cuts of similar carat weights, and also give the wearer's finger a longer and slimmer look.

King Louis XV of France

But shopping for an engagement ring can sometimes be a bit daunting, especially when looking for designs like vintage marquise engagement rings. But why worry when you have us, Friendly Diamonds, to guide you with your buy? With over 7000+ satisfied customers and an online portal of diverse engagement ring designs, we sure have what it takes to guide you with your vintage-inspired purchase.

So, what must you keep in mind when shopping for a vintage marquise engagement ring? Should you take the dimensions of your marquise cut into consideration? Is there a recommended setting for vintage marquise engagement rings? What are bow ties, and are they an essential part of vintage marquise engagement ring shopping? 

These are the questions we answer in this blog.

Table of Content:

Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Vintage Marquise Engagement Rings

Consider the Marquise's Length-to-Width Ratio

Marquise diamonds’ length-to-width ratios should be kept in mind. While shorter cuts seem less elegant, longer cuts may seem appropriate. However, longer cuts are harder to cut, and even if done right, the facet's patterns may not look very attractive. Hence, the most recommended ratio for marquise cuts is 1.85 to 2.20. Although this is a recommended ratio, you may choose one that suits you best for a rounder or narrower marquise diamond.

Marquise diamonds

Pay Heed to the Marquise's Wings

A marquise diamond has curved sides called wings. Wings that are curved with equilibrium and end with clear-cut points provide an appealing silhouette to marquise diamonds. 

You must know, however, that all marquise diamonds are cut differently. You may find a marquise with wings that may bulge or appear flat, giving the stone a pointier or rounded shape. 

Ultimately, it all comes down to preferences. You'll know which marquise is meant for you just when you look at it, as your liking is all that matters.

Keep Bowties in Mind

Marquise diamonds, when looked at from the top, might produce two grayish-like shadows known as the bow tie effect. This effect occurs past the width in the center of the diamond's table when its pavilion is cut too shallow or too deep, leading to the disproportion of light into the center of the stone.

bow tie effect

Know that most marquise cuts generally have bowtie effects to a certain degree, making it a regular occurrence. In fact, it is said that a marquise cut void of bow ties appears dull. It's just that the effect shouldn't be so prominent that it distracts one's eyes from the marquise cut's overall beauty.

Choose a Protective Ring Setting

Always pick a setting and style that protects your vintage marquise engagement ring. It is highly recommended you choose prong settings, preferably V-prongs, to protect the marquise cut's pointed and delicate ends. You may also choose a halo style for your engagement ring so that it adds sparkle and also creates another protective layer around your diamond. 

Although we have covered all the aspects related to vintage marquise engagement rings, you may still have some doubts, as such can be the case with vintage-inspired rings. But feel free to book your free appointment with our lab diamond jewelry specialist so you can get all your doubts cleared and find the perfect vintage marquise engagement ring.

Vintage Marquise Engagement Rings Available at Friendly Diamonds

The Ivory Vintage Ring

The Ivory Vintage Marquise Engagement Ring is a stunning ring crafted for those with an impeccable taste for vintage times. Crafted with a four prong setting firmly holding the center marquise diamond, the ring also has sophisticated vintage etchings carved between the ring's walls.

 Ivory Vintage Ring

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Catrina Diamond Ring

The Catrina Vintage Marquise Engagement Ring, crafted with a center marquise bedded in four prongs, is a sight to behold. Styled with a vintage-inspired cutwork shank, embellished with bezel set diamonds for added sparkle - this is a ring that will indeed have all heads turning.

Catrina Diamond Ring

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The Joy Tapering Side Stone Marquise Ring

The Joy Tapering Side Stone Vintage Marquise Engagement Ring is a stunning display of elegance crafted with a solitaire marquise secured in a four prong ring setting. This engagement ring is further accentuated with graduating vertical side stone diamonds, making it a true work of art and beauty.

Joy Marquise Ring

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The Bloom Vintage Halo Ring

The Bloom Vintage Halo Ring is a work of marvel. It is a statement engagement ring flaunting a marquise lab diamond placed in a protective bezel setting. The ring also has smaller diamonds accented on its sides, all placed in single milgrain bezel settings, giving it a flower-like blooming appearance. But the diamonds don't end there. The shank of this marvelous ring also has two diamonds on both sides, making it a piece to die for!

Vintage marquise engagement rings are a class apart. They are otherworldly designs that remind us of past fashion statements that are still relevant today. You must consider your marquise's length-to-width ratio and its wings, pay attention to its bow ties, and choose a setting that protects the diamond sitting on your vintage marquise engagement ring. When you consider all these factors, you can be confident that you own a high-value ring that puts a smile on your face and has everybody's attention!