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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Classic to Modern Prong Settings for Your Diamond Jewelry

Written by Macy Taylor

Classic to Modern Prong Settings for Your Diamond Jewelry

Are you looking to add some sparkle to your jewelry collection? The design of your diamond jewelry, be it a ring, earring, or necklace, will play a crucial role in making it stand out and capture attention. While finding a timeless and elegant diamond that suits your jewelry is essential, choosing the right prong setting is as important as selecting the perfect stone. The prong setting continues to keep the diamond safe and plays a huge part in its entire look. With several prong styles available, knowing which one to pick can be mind-boggling.  Get ready to discover the ideal type of prong setting for your diamond jewelry as we aid you in making an informed choice through this blog.


Understanding Prong Settings

A prong setting is a preferred option for diamond jewelry because it allows an immense amount of light to pass through the diamond, augmenting its radiance and sparkle. In this setting, a few little metal structures (the prongs) hold the diamond protectively in place while permitting most of the diamond to appear. The prong setting can be used for diamond jewelry consisting of engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. However, the number of prongs set in a jewelry piece differs, usually four or six prongs include a round diamond in place. 

Prongs Settings

The number of prongs may differ for other diamond shapes such as the princess, emerald, or pear cuts, and the choice of prong setting will depend on the size & shape of the diamond and the overall ring design. One of the benefits of prong settings is that they allow a lot of light to enter the diamond which maximizes the stone's brilliance and fire. However, prong settings may not be the ideal option for anyone who has an active lifestyle or works with their hands often, as the prongs can attach itself to clothing or other things and cause the diamond to become loose or fall out.

The Different Types of Prongs Settings 

Several types of prongs are used in diamond jewelry pieces, each with unique perks and characteristics. Some of the most popular prongs used in diamond jewelry are:

V-shaped Prongs Style

These prongs have a V-shaped notch at the top, clasping the diamond in place. They are well-known for princess-cut diamonds and other square or rectangular-shaped gems. 

Della Diamond Engagement Ring

Timeless and enchanting, this ring is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship. It features not one but two pear-shaped side diamonds that are expertly set in a three prong setting that ensures sparkle from every angle. The centerpiece of this magnificent ring is a stunning pear cut diamond, elegantly resting on four prongs with a V-shaped prong at its tip. The cathedral style shank adds an extra touch of sophistication to the design, tapering slightly towards the top and accentuating the ring's glamorous allure.

Della Diamond Engagement Ring

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Round Prongs

Round prongs are the most common type of prongs used in diamond rings. They are a good choice for round diamonds and other shapes as they help protect the diamond's corners and prevent it from chipping or breaking.

Quinn Diamond Ring

This gorgeous jewelry artistry takes  pride in its four delicate round prongs that safely embrace the gorgeous center stone, giving it an aura of ethereal charm. The collet of this ring, where the solitaire is situated, is a remarkable aspect that lends an additional layer of security to the gemstone’s pavilion and base. Additionally, it lends a refined and sophisticated touch to the ring's overall design.

Quinn Diamond Ring

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Claw Prongs

Claw prongs are quite identical to V-shaped prongs but have a many pointed tip that provides them a more aggressive appearance. They are a common option for solitaire diamond rings and other minimalist styles. 

Tiara Diamond Engagement Ring 

The center stone of this splendid ring is a gorgeous diamond that emanates an aura of sophistication and beauty like no other. Flanked by two smaller diamonds accentuating its majestic beauty, the center diamond is expertly set in a claw setting. This ring's band boasts a striking collection of pavé set diamonds that adorn each side, extending halfway and imparting a dazzling and glamorous touch to its design. Its grand beauty exudes from every position, making it an extraordinary jewelry.

Tiara Diamond Engagement Ring

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Double Prong Setting

Double prongs are a kind of prong setting where two prongs include the diamond in a particular place. This type of setting offers additional steadiness and protection for the diamond, making it an ideal choice for bigger stones. 

Stella Solitaire Engagement Ring

This ring is a real statement to the charm and splendor that can be gained successfully through fine craftsmanship and care to the intricacies.  The centerpiece of this magnificent ring is a stunning solitaire diamond, expertly mounted in a four double prong style that ensures its protection while also allowing the radiance to shine through. This ring's handcrafted contemporary criss-cross shank is a true work of art. It includes an additional twist to the entire design and makes sure that it emits an essence of modern charm like no other. 

Stella Solitaire Engagement Ring

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Shared Prongs Style

In a shared prong style, a singular set of prongs grabs onto two or many gemstones in place. This kind of setting makes for a seamless appearance and is frequently utilized for eternity rings and other looks where multiple gemstones are used. 

Lilian Diamond Engagement Ring

This breathtaking piece of jewelry is a true gem of design and artistry, releasing a sense of sophistication and nuance that is truly unrivaled. At the heart of this magnificent ring lies a center stone that has been precisely set in a four prong basket, ensuring that it sparkles with radiance and brilliance. The delicate side oval diamonds of the ring are placed in a shared prong setting, flowing gracefully more than halfway through each side of the ring and adding an extra touch of elegance and charm to the design. From every angle, this ring exudes an aura of sophistication and glamor that is simply mesmerizing.

Lilian Diamond Engagement Ring

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These are just a few different types of prongs used in diamond rings. With proper care and maintenance, prong-set jewelry can last for years, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking timeless beauty and elegance in their accessories. Discover exquisite diamond jewelry with various prong settings at Friendly Diamonds and elevate the beauty of your precious adornments.