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Friday, Nov 10 2023

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring: Black Friday Jewelry Sales Edition

Written by Thomas Cooper

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring: Black Friday Jewelry Sales Edition

To be fair, we all know that shopping for engagement rings means splurging one’s salary on a premium diamond. A lot of preparation, research, and thought go into choosing the ring that best suits the personality of your partner and also fits into your budget. 

However, as we all know, the holiday season is upon us, and some of you will revel in the joy of celebrating the holidays with your loved ones. Others might also prepare to propose to the love of their lives and add even more joy to this celebration.

If you are already looking for the right kind of diamond and your partner's favorite setting to “wow” them, however, the high prices are holding you back from buying your dream engagement ring, nothing like the Black Friday sale to shop for them!

Table of Content:

Your Black Friday Treasure: Lab Diamond Engagement Rings

Black Friday marks the best day to buy everything, from home appliances to even luxe items such as lab diamond jewelry. Concurrently, if you are looking for a diamond engagement ring, we have some very interesting and happy news. 

This Black Friday engagement ring sale, we are offering you the opportunity to take advantage of our unbelievable prices. Not only will the prices of engagement rings be enticing and irresistible, but several designs of the rings and premium quality lab diamonds in various shapes and sizes will do a commendable job of attracting you to them.

Create Your Own Ring


Unlocking the secret to your partner's dream engagement ring during this short period is as simple as a charming discovery. All you have to do is simply discover your partner’s preferred setting and diamond shape, and know their desires in a way that will not raise eyebrows.

This Black Friday engagement ring sale, as you gear up to profess your love, you can picture enticing discounts on all engagement ring settings, creating the perfect opportunity to pop the question in style. Here's the catch though – stay alert! 

We are rolling out special discounts exclusively for those savvy subscribers who tune in to our newsletters. You can also keep an eye on our website for the sale to begin and prepare for a love-filled Black Friday with us, where discovering the perfect ring is as delightful as the proposal itself!

Friendly Diamonds’ Pristine Collection of Engagement Rings

Now, let’s move on to reading about some of our best-selling and customer-favorite settings to buy as a part of the Black Friday engagement ring deals:

A Classic & Timeless Solitaire

Although there are various engagement ring styles, settings, and designs, many women love the simplicity and timelessness of a solitaire ring. A solitaire ring boasts a single diamond and is most commonly held by prong settings. In a setting that exemplifies grace and beauty, any and every shape of a diamond looks stunning.

The most preferred diamond shape for a solitaire ring is a round brilliant diamond. However, nowadays, young couples are making a transition into choosing fancy cuts like oval, emerald, pear, heart, etc. Lab diamonds of fancy shapes bring a contemporary touch to the classic setting of a solitaire ring.

Solitaire Rings

shop Solitaire Rings

The Beautiful Bezel

The bezel setting is a unique and versatile design, and in this Black Friday engagement ring sale, one should definitely consider it if your partner loves this setting.

A fascinating fact about the bezel setting is that it dates back to ancient times and has been used for centuries. Another one is that despite being a setting that has been around for a long time, it is still associated with giving a clean, contemporary look with a sleek, modern appearance. Owing to the high popularity of these among those who appreciate minimalist designs, we are sure that on this Black Friday engagement sale, many of you will reach out for this elegant setting.

Bezel Ring Setting

shop Calliope Bezel Ring

Heavenly Sparkle of Halo

The halo rings have been captivating many people, and the reason for their perpetual allure is the ability of the halo setting to make the centerstone appear more prominent than it already is. The center diamond in the halo setting is encircled by tiny diamonds, which enhance the beauty and sparkle of the overall ring.

If your partner’s personality is bold and outgoing, then the halo setting will suit them more, adding glam & glitter to their persona. For this Black Friday engagement ring sale, we highly suggest you take a look at these magnificent yet subtle beauties.

Stunning Style of Three Stone Rings

Just like solitaire rings, the three stone ring settings have been a popular style for many decades. These rings are not just stylish, but also hold a special significance. Famously known as trilogy rings, they represent the past, present, and future of the couple’s journey. 

This style, a perfect mix of tradition & modernity, is fit for those who love a little more sparkle but also desire the loveliness of a classic solitaire.

Three Stone Rings

SHOP Three Stone Rings

 Bring Home Happiness, Seal Your Love!

At Friendly Diamonds, we offer style, sophistication, elegance, and affordability all in one place. While you may have many questions when buying the best diamond engagement ring for your life partner, we can assure you that with Friendly Diamonds, your worries will be taken care of. 

Book a free virtual appointment from the comfort of your home or just directly get in touch with our Customer Service team, and let the experts guide you all the way through your shopping experience. We hope our Black Friday magic works wonders for you, and you find the ideal engagement for your loved one at the best prices as soon as the Friendly Diamonds Black Friday sale begins.

So, are you all set?