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Choose A Setting

When buying your dream ring, it is important to consider the type of engagement ring setting and ring style that looks best with your chosen center diamond. Be it a solitaire ring style or a ring setting with a diamond studded halo; the choice of ring setting and ring style will play a significant role in determining your diamond engagement ring's overall aesthetic appeal.

Ring settings and ring styles refer to the way the diamond engagement rings are styled. It also refers to its aesthetic appeal.
At Friendly Diamonds, we offer a wide range of engagement ring settings and ring styles that one can choose from, and if you still do not find a type of engagement ring setting suitable for you, then you have the option to customize your own diamond engagement ring.

choose types of ring settings

There are different types of ring settings that increase the radiance and brilliance of the center solitaire. The type of ring setting you choose shall define your engagement ring's visual aesthetics and style. 

Popular types of ring settings include the prong setting, channel setting, bezel setting, pave setting, and cluster setting. These settings are further accentuated with ring styles such as the solitaire, halo, side stone, and three stone settings.

Type of Engagement Ring Styles

Discover your favorite type of engagement ring setting and choose from a range of ring styles to create the perfect diamond ring of your dreams.

Solitaire Rings

One of the most beautiful and classic styles of all time, the solitaire ring is a type of engagement ring style that features a single brilliant diamond at the center of the band. This type of engagement ring style is typically accompanied by a prong setting where a number of prongs hold the stone at the center while it gleams from all sides. The timelessness and simplicity of this setting lend a charming appeal, bringing out the radiance and brilliance of the center solitaire. To add more glamor to your ring, you can choose from several fancy shaped diamonds and pair it with a diamond studded matching band.

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Halo Rings

When it comes to ring styles, the halo style has become popular in modern times. Embrace maximum sparkle with this type of engagement ring style that features a stunning center stone surrounded by a sparkling halo of small diamonds. The Halo is also a type of engagement ring style that adds extra sparkle to any engagement ring and comes in all shapes and sizes. The smaller stones encircling the stone make the center diamond larger when adorned. Pear cut and oval cut diamonds are the most popular stones used in halo ring styles.

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Three Stone Rings

Popularly known as the trilogy rings, the three stone engagement ring style is the perfect choice for commemorating your special moments and milestones in life. These trilogy stone ring styles are often known to depict a couple's past, present & future. A three stone setting features a center diamond accompanied by two diamonds at the side, as the name suggests. The side diamonds are usually smaller in size than the center stone, adding appeal to the ring's overall design. Princess and oval cut diamonds are the common fancy diamonds paired with this type of engagement ring setting.

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Side Stone Rings

When browsing through ring styles and looking for the perfect combination of style and charm, pick a side stone ring style that features smaller diamonds placed elegantly on both sides of the center diamond. The brilliant round cut and pear cut diamonds are the best center diamond shapes to go with this type of engagement ring style. They make your ordinary ring more valuable and radiant. Smaller stones are arranged in various ways on either side of the center stone in this type of engagement ring setting to form a full eternity ring or half eternity ring. These side stones can be set in a channel, micro pave, or shared prong settings. A few ring designs also have bands with diamond embellishments that twist and turn or form double bands. Some side stone rings also feature fancy-shaped diamonds, such as oval or cushion-cut diamonds.

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Vintage Rings

Vintage engagement ring styles that showcase the beauty of the classic era. This type of engagement ring style features vintage-inspired ring designs with a modern appeal. These types of engagement rings are heirlooms in the making that can be passed down generations to come. You can pick a cathedral ring setting to hold the diamond in place giving the design a dreamy appeal or have elaborate carvings on the shank, or add a milgrain effect to the design to give it an antique vintage vibe.

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Ring Styles Based on Your Personality

Buying an engagement ring can be a very tiring and tricky process. And we'll tell you exactly why.

Diamond rings are beautiful symbols of your love and remain with you forever.
And since they will stay with you until the end, you must invest a lot of time while buying one, for the ring will talk about your personality and showcase your style. As different personalities have different traits, we have curated a few personality types to help you find the ring of your dreams.

Bold & Outgoing

Is your girl the bold and outgoing type? A halo setting can be the best pick if you want an engagement ring with more glitter to match her persona. A halo of diamonds creates an eye-catching design that makes your center stone appear larger than it is, making it one of the boldest ring styles ever.

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Sophisticated & Worldly

A vintage-inspired ring is ideal for a partner with a contemporary personality and sophisticated taste. These rings are crafted with engagement ring settings inspired by Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Deco eras. Milgrain and filigree are two exquisite details in vintage settings that give a ring a sophisticated look.

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Adventurous & Outdoorsy

A solitaire engagement ring is perfect for your partner if she loves the outdoors and enjoys adventure. The simple and sturdy design allows one to be adventurous while still wearing the ring. And to add an extra sparkle to her overall personality, your partner can pair the solitaire ring with a variety of diamond eternity wedding band ring styles featuring smaller diamonds.

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Classic & Traditional

Side stone engagement rings are perfect if your partner loves a little sparkle but also desires a classic look. This engagement ring setting gives a glamorous appeal to traditional ring styles, whether a set with a few side stones or a full eternity setting.

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Pick The Metal Of Your Choice

14K Gold

14KT gold is the perfect combination of durability and purity, consisting of 58% gold. This unique characteristic, in turn, lends a classic and rich appearance that most buyers prefer. It is one of the most commonly used metals for engagement rings as they are durable and also have high purity making it the ideal choice.

18K Gold

18KT gold is one of the purest gold used to craft diamond jewelry, comprising of 75% gold. If we talk about its affordability, it is more expensive than other gold variants as it has a higher gold purity. 18KT gold is most commonly used in making exquisite diamond engagement rings that consist of large diamonds and ones that have more intricate detailing.


Platinum is one of the most long-lasting metals because it offers a higher range of density. It is 30 times rarer than gold, making it the ideal pick for engagement rings and wedding bands. Platinum is naturally white, and there are fewer chances of fading or a change in color over time. Apart from that, it also offers better protection for your diamond or any other precious stone.

Pick The Metal Color Of Your Choice

White Gold

Since the last decade, the demand for white gold engagement rings and wedding bands has exploded. It has become the most popular choice, overtaking yellow gold! This glistening metal is a popular option that is perfect for any of our ring designs and is recognized for its elegance. A fashionable choice, white gold engagement rings have a lustrous tint that goes great with cool skin tones.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a natural color that will never go out of style. For people with warm skin tones, in particular, the rich, vibrant yellow color of the metal is ideal since it enhances the complexion. A beautiful yellow gold background enhances the beauty of white diamonds. If you want a classic, traditional ring, choose yellow gold as your metal.

Rose Gold

Silver, copper, and gold combine to form rose gold. The blush pink hue of rose gold lends a dreamy, romantic touch to your engagement ring. If you have an olive or pink undertone, rose gold engagement rings are a superb blend of elegance and match well with warm and cold complexions. If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry, choose rose gold.

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