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Friday, Jan 19 2024

Choosing the Perfect Bridal Earrings: A Friendly Guide

Written by Nicole Harper

Choosing the Perfect Bridal Earrings: A Friendly Guide

Emphasis is often placed on finding the perfect dress, but every detail of your bridal look matters, from your bouquet to your bridal earrings - all the details ensure you feel and look your absolute best on the big day. Whether you choose a refined pair of hoops or a subtle pair of classic studs, putting emphasis and thought into picking the best wedding day accessories can make the entire celebration feel extra special. Together, your bridal dress and accessories will bring you immense joy as you put them on, also making for an expression of your personality and the love you share. 

Not to mention, earrings are the essential item, in addition to the veil and other fine jewelry, that will frame the bride’s face in all of those close-up photos. If you are 

wondering how to choose earrings to wear with your wedding dress, consider this as your guide to creating the perfect bridal look for your wedding.

Table of Content:

What to Consider When Choosing Earrings for a Wedding Dress

There is much to remember, from your style to your dress neckline and hairstyle. To make it less overwhelming, here is a quick breakdown and some general styling advice to help you make the best decision. 

Your Individual Style

Like anything at your wedding, the most important thing is ensuring that your accessories reflect your personal aesthetic. A maximalist approach could be perfect if you have a bold sense of style. Whereas if you love a typically sleek, minimal look, you can go with a contemporary and elegant earring style.

The Silhouette of Your Dress

The silhouette of your dress plays a big part in picking the right earrings for your big day. Firstly, decide whether you are opting for a timeless silhouette like a streamlined sheath, or an A-line ball gown, or going for something more modern, like an off-shoulder, sensual, chic, and utterly feminine dress.  If you are a bride who is opting for wedding dresses like these, you can go with these modern drop earrings.

Your Hairstyle

Deciding on the perfect hairstyle is important because it will also directly impact the kind of earrings you choose. Your choice of bridal hairstyle will mostly be influenced by the neckline and style of your wedding dress, your personal aesthetic, and what will feel the most comfortable on one of the most important days of your life. While a classic bun will have simple stud earrings shine, big voluminous waves may hide tiny jewelry, which is something to consider. On the other hand, if you’re going for a hairstyle like loose waves, you can go with classic hoops to keep the look cohesive and make your earrings the star of the show.

Choice of bridal hairstyle

Your Overall Comfort Level

This is a ‘BIG’ one. If your earrings are heavy, too tight, or just don’t feel like ‘You,’ you are sure to feel uncomfortable, which you wouldn’t want on your special day. There is definitely such a thing as uncomfortable earrings. If you choose to wear something large and heavy, you may start to feel discomfort throughout the wedding. We recommend making sure that the earrings you choose are comfortable for you. To do this, try your selected earrings beforehand to get a feel for how they’ll look on you.

Dress Necklines and Earring Styles

You want your bridal earrings to match the style of your dress and complement the cut of the neckline. The style of the dress, whether classic, contemporary, romantic, floral, or bold, will become the statement of your personality. It also gives you that ‘wow’ feeling when you put it on because it is just as it is supposed to be. 

Wedding earrings for your big day should also match the specific style of your dress. So, if you have a dress that exudes classic elegance, you can go for classic studs to complement the overall aesthetic of your dress. If you have a modern dress, pick earrings with a contemporary style, such as hoop earrings, drop earrings, or even statement dangler earrings.

Sweetheart Neckline and Pear Shaped Earrings

For a sweetheart neckline, we recommend going for a pear-shaped earring because this is the most versatile neckline to accessorize. This earring style will add the right amount of dramatic flair to your sweetheart neckline dress. It gives an old-world feel to your wedding dress and can be accentuated with an exquisite pair of earrings.

 Pear Shaped Earrings

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Asymmetrical Neckline and Dangler Earrings

If you wear a one-shoulder gown on your wedding day, keep in mind that the neckline will be the deciding factor that helps you draw attention to your earrings. Therefore, wear a vintage-inspired dangler earring to accentuate your neckline and focus on your bridal earrings.

Off-the-Shoulder and Hoop Earrings

An off-the-shoulder neckline looks sensual, stylish, and romantic. The feminine silhouette of the bodice gives you a princess-like look. So we suggest you go all out and choose a pair of hoop earrings with bright stones. The length of the earrings will help you highlight your neckline beautifully.

Sirena Round Hoop Earrings

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Boat Neck and Drop Earrings

Boat necklines create a broader bodice that directly shifts the focus on the impressive drop earrings. We are sure this suggestion will suit you if you are looking for a simple and elegant bridal ensemble.

Drop Earrings

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Smile & Sparkle with Tips from the Friendly Experts

You don’t necessarily have to opt for something trendy when it comes to choosing wedding earrings for bride, but if you want a modern and fun piece, choosing trendy pieces might work best for you. There is no right answer when it comes to choosing wedding earrings for brides because it all narrows down to your personal style and preferences. The Friendly experts suggest that if you want a more cohesive look, consider the rest of the elements of your bridal outfits to match or complement each other. 

  • We advise you to choose your bridal dress before you go jewelry shopping
  • To get a more chic and polished look, make sure you match your bridal jewelry with the gown’s embroidery.
  • Avoid mixing metals so that it perfectly complements your overall look
  • Here's a secret trick for styling bridal earrings that are too heavy to wear. Apply numbing cream to your earlobes before wearing your earrings, and you're ready to go!
  • Always remember, less is more! Don’t go overboard with your wedding jewelry.

In all, selecting the wedding earrings for bride that fits your style and feels just right to match your vibe is important. After all, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and nothing should fall short of being perfect. If you want the perfect bridal earrings for your big day, check out the fine jewelry collection at Friendly Diamonds.

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