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Wednesday, Jan 17 2024

Thinking Pavé? Here’s All You Need to Know!

Written by Jason Kirk

Thinking Pavé? Here’s All You Need to Know!

When buying jewelry, one mostly looks for a piece that is highly sparkly yet does not take away attention from the center stone. The attractive effect of this design is masterfully achieved through the beauty of the pavé setting, a beloved choice that has stood as a testament to its timeless charm.

Very popular in jewelry, and especially rings, this setting features small diamonds that are carefully studded along the shank of the ring. In English, the French word “pavé” translates to “paved”, as the technique of setting the diamonds resembles a paved or cobblestone road. Our jewelry experts absolutely love how this setting can transform an ordinary piece of jewelry into a stunning creation. Along with that, we bring to you valuable insights from our experts on what to consider before selecting your pavé-set jewelry. 

You can explore the advantages and considerations of this setting and further delve into the craftsmanship behind creating a premium-quality pavé setting. Also, we will tell you how to take essential care to ensure that your jewelry is supremely shiny and endures its brilliance.

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Before getting to the informational aspects of this dazzling journey, let’s take a stroll down the historical path of the pavé setting!

The Interesting Story of Pavé Setting

The pavé setting has been a favorite of many people for a long time. Even as much as a hundred years ago, this setting managed to charm many people’s eyes. You can find jewelry dating back to the Georgian era, where diamonds and other stones were pavé set in the designs of wedding rings, earrings, brooches, lockets, and other trinkets. 

The technique is achieved when a divot or hole is carved in the metal, and then the metal holds the diamond or gemstone. After that, a small metal tool is used to create tiny beads or prongs to secure the diamonds in place. There are various ways to achieve this technique, which results in a diamond outline or full surface covered in diamonds for the piece. 

Now that you know the history and crafting process of the pavé setting, it’s finally time to learn about the pros and cons.

Pavé Settings

What are the Pros and Cons of Pavé Setting?

One of the top advantages of the pavé setting is that it gives you more sparkle and a lot of glamor! Pavé setting is a great way to add additional dazzle to your ring or any other kind of jewelry. Since the diamonds are strategically placed to create minimal metal visibility, the focus entirely goes on the center stone. Furthermore, the pavé diamonds can also be set on a very thin band, which means that you can still expect your ring to appear delicate. 

However, the only disadvantage of the pavé setting lies in its delicacy. Although this setting is highly cherished and favored by the brides-to-be because of its ability to accentuate the diamond, it requires more maintenance compared to other styles. Our jewelry experts believe that due to the delicate nature of pavé settings, where tiny diamonds are intricately set into the design, a strong impact can potentially loosen the diamonds.

How to Choose a Captivating Pavé Ring Setting?

Though pavé settings can be incorporated in any and every kind of jewelry, they are an extremely popular setting often found in engagement ring designs. Hence, if you are someone who is looking for the ideal engagement ring that gives you unmatched glitter and quality, then we are determined to help you make a decision. 

The following set of questions and answers will take you a step closer to buying a beautiful  pavé engagement ring

  • What kind of setting will suit my pavé-set ring?

Pavé is a setting that complements any other type of setting. It especially looks charming when paired with a center stone held by prongs or a bezel. Along with that, there is a technique called micro-pavé which features even smaller diamonds. Thus, exploring these ring options will result in a ring that gives an umpteenth amount of sparkle and style.

  • Which diamond cut looks the best with my pavé engagement ring?

A diamond solitaire ring featuring a round cut center stone with diamonds set in pavé on the band is the standard for many brides-to-be. Since the pavé setting is versatile, every type of diamond cut looks wonderful in a pavé-set engagement ring.

Diamond Cuts

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  • Can I wear pavé engagement ring daily?

Yes, a pavé engagement ring can be worn daily. Though the prongs holding the diamonds are delicate, with a little bit of caution, you can flaunt this style of engagement ring for a lifetime.

These are some of the questions that frequently appear in the mind of the shopper. Hence, we hope they helped you visualize your ideal pavé-set engagement ring!

How should you take care of your pavé-set jewelry?

We now know that any type of pavé-set jewelry is slightly fragile by nature. Therefore, our jewelry experts suggest you must remove your piece of jewelry before participating in any kind of physical activity. It is common for people to lose a diamond or two from their jewelry, but thankfully, repairing them is something that can be done easily. 

When it comes to cleaning the jewelry, our jewelry experts recommend that you get your pavé-set ring or any other type of jewel steam cleaned. Moreover, they suggest you limit your use of cloth for cleaning because the fibers can snag the tiny prongs. You can also fill a bowl with warm water and a squeeze of dish soap and then soak your jewelry in it. Brush it gently with a toothbrush to remove the grime and then again soak it in warm water without soap. Pat it dry with a clean paper towel and wear it again.

How should you take care of your jewelry

Charming Collection of Pavé-Set Jewelry at Friendly Diamonds

Pavé-set jewelry is an absolute favorite of our customers here at Friendly Diamonds. Among our standout offerings are top-tier products showcasing irresistible designs complemented by high-quality pavé settings. Some of the best-selling examples are:

Ana Wedding Band

In the Ana Wedding Band, scalloped pavé diamonds are set in prongs that run around the band, forming a half-eternity band. This pavé wedding band is a delicate piece of jewelry that pairs well with every kind of engagement ring.

Ana Wedding Band

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Grace Micro Pavé Eternity Ring

In this engagement ring, we see the band encrusted with diamonds in a small micro pavé setting. The center stone of the Grace Micro Pavé Eternity Ring gets all the attention, despite the shank being surrounded by sparkly diamonds. Pairing this engagement ring with the Ana Wedding Band will uplift the entire look and feel of the ring.

Grace Micro Pavé Eternity Ring

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Luxe Lab Diamond Stud Earrings

Stud earrings, being the ultimate classic piece of jewelry, get a contemporary twist with minutely lined diamonds in our Luxe Lab Diamond Stud Earrings. The center diamond is surrounded by pavé diamonds and then twists and turns to form a graceful halo.

Luxe Lab Diamond Stud Earrings

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Lucida Four Prong Lab Pendant

Another customer-favorite product in our collection and one of the most minimalistic yet glamorous pieces of jewelry, the Lucida Four Prong Lab Pendant is a true captivator. With a solitaire diamond held by a slider bail encrusted with fine pavé set lab diamonds, this necklace is a must-have in your jewelry box.

Lucida Four Prong Lab Pendant

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If your mind has sparked some bright ideas that you want to bring to life, then we at Friendly Diamonds can help you! We specialize in creating heirloom-worthy, bespoke pieces for our customers. Since the pavé setting is such a popular style, our talented team of jewelers and craftsmen makes it effortlessly easy to create the perfect piece of pavé-set jewel for you. 

With a history seeped in romance and craftsmanship that stands the test of time, pavé-set jewelry is more than a trend; it's a sparkling legacy.