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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Why Are Diamonds Traditionally Used in Engagement Rings?

Written by Edmar Hendricks

Why Are Diamonds Traditionally Used in Engagement Rings?

Of all the gemstones in the world, there is probably none more iconic than the diamond. It has become the first choice when crafting traditional engagement rings, and we can be certain that it shall continue to reign at the top for years to come. While traditional diamond rings are recognized by one and all as traditional engagement rings, have you ever wondered what is the origin of this classic engagement ring? And how did the sparkling and enchanting diamond ring become the most popular option?

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To know in detail, you must first travel to where it all began. The journey of the diamonds did not begin with jewelry. Today, you shall see them on solitaire rings, exquisite radiant ring settings, on ring designs crafted with rose gold, white gold, and sometimes also embellished on bands as side stones or accents. But ages ago, when they were first found in India, diamonds were used as cutting devices and also regarded as talismans that protected people from evil. People also believed them to protect soldiers when they partook in war and for a long time, they were considered a cure for ailments and diseases. As time progressed, they became synonymous with decorative items and ornaments before becoming a part of the jewelry world. But even then, it wasn't considered a pick for engagement rings.

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The Story of the World's First Diamond Engagement Ring

The tradition of engagement rings is said to have originated in ancient Egypt. Couples looking to get married would wear reed rings signifying betrothment. And suppose you're wondering why we wear engagement and wedding rings on the ring finger; this is because ancient Egyptians believed that there was a connection between a vein of this finger and the heart, signifying endearment.

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While ancient Egyptians are said to have begun the process of wearing engagement rings back then, it is documented that the archduke of Austria, Maximilian I, proposed with the world's first diamond engagement ring. He presented it to Mary of Burgundy, asking for her hand in marriage during the 15th century. It is said that from there on, it became a fashion for diamonds to be used in engagement rings. But at that time, it was mainly popular among the members of high society.

The Rise of Diamond's Popularity

Diamonds became the most preferred gemstone for engagement rings after a world-leading diamond company partnered with an advertising agency to create a powerful campaign that would change how the world saw diamonds. Since then, diamonds have been associated with timelessness and foreverhood and equated with eternal love, becoming the ultimate symbol of an undying romance. In modern times, whether your ring features traditional engagement ring styles or just a simple band, it is almost impossible to imagine an engagement ring without a diamond.

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Diamonds make the perfect center stone and side stones. They are known for their brilliance and sparkle available in various cuts, including round, oval, cushion cuts, emerald cuts, and more. The solitaire diamond is a classic option. It is one of the most traditional diamond rings, considered traditional engagement rings featuring just a center stone diamond sparkle. Still, today it is all about picking an engagement ring that is an extension of your dearly beloved.

So when you design your diamond engagement ring, please do so by selecting an engagement ring setting and diamond based on your partner's style and preference to have her smiling and to say yes to your promise of a happy ever after!