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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Shop the Best Christmas Gifts for Wife with Friendly Diamonds

Written by Edmar Hendricks

Shop the Best Christmas Gifts for Wife with Friendly Diamonds

Christmas is a special time of the year. Yes, it is about decorating the Christmas tree, decking the hall with boughs of holly, and making a snowman if the weather permits. But Christmas is more special than all those mentioned above. It is a time to honor the spirit of togetherness and remind your wife of your love, care, and affection. Keeping this in mind, we have curated this blog as a gift guide with diamond jewelry gift ideas for your wife. And the following are not just any diamond gifts; they are eco-friendly lab diamond jewelry gifts that are budget-friendly and sustainable, making them the perfect Christmas gift idea for your wife when shopping for the holiday season.

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Why do lab diamond jewelry make the best Christmas gifts for your wife?

You're probably thinking to yourself. Why diamonds? Do they really make the best Christmas gift for your wife? The answer is yes! They do. Diamonds have been in the top three lists of best gifts for women for ages because, like women, every diamond is unique. They are uncommon goods with a hypnotizing sparkle. Since you won't find two diamonds that are ever the same, they are the perfect reminder to your wife of how special she is, making it the best Christmas gift for your wife.

And since you will be gifting her a sustainable lab diamond, you will be spending way less than a mined diamond and at the same time making a conscientious gift purchase that promotes sustainability and a greener future, making this a win-win scenario when shopping for Christmas gifts for your wife. And just so you know, a lab and mined diamond's chemical, optical and physical properties are the same. And since the diamond is created in a state-of-the-art laboratory, it will sparkle just like a mined diamond, if not better!

So here are the best diamond jewelry Christmas gifts for your wife from Friendly Diamonds.

Diamonds Rings

Women love rings. What better than a lab diamond ring twinkling on your wife's finger, adding a timeless touch to her persona? And with the art of stacking becoming a trend, she'll be happy to see another ring that'll complement her and remind her of how special she is this holiday season.

Here is a range of lab diamond rings available at Friendly Diamonds that make the best Christmas gifts for your wife.

diamond rings

Madison Three Stone Ring

The Madison ring, crafted with three gemstones, including two side baguettes and a center stone of your choosing, is quite a spectacular ring. The ring, crafted with a high polished shank, is truly a marvel and at the top of our ring choices when it comes to finding the best Christmas gifts for your wife this holiday season.

madison three stone ring

Elle Classic Halo Diamond Ring

The Elle Classic ring is nothing short of spectacular, considering its elegant yet outstanding look. It has a sparkling diamond halo placed around a four-pronged solitaire center stone. If that wasn't enough, the ring's shank has a fiery display of pave-set petite diamonds embellishing both sides of the shank halfway making it a great christmas gift for your wife.

Celeste Eternity Ring

Love, it is said, is for eternity. And showering your wife with an eternity ring is a great way to tell her that you shall always be in love with her.

The Celeste ring crafted with side oval lab diamonds placed in the north-to-south direction in shared prongs is a marvel. The ring is a celebration of the lasting bond you share with making it a special Christmas gift for your wife.

celeste eternity ring

Lyla Hidden Accents Solitaire Ring

The Lyla ring is a minimalistic piece with an outstanding feature; it has accent diamonds embellishing the prongs that hold the center diamond. It also has a collet embellished with diamonds circling the center stone from inside of the studded prongs. Will this ring be a Christmas gift for your wife that she'll appreciate? We sure think yes.

Della Pear Diamond Ring

Does your wife have a soft spot for nostalgia? Does she fancy ageless classics and all things vintage? If yes, then the Della ring is the perfect Christmas gift idea for your wife.

The Della ring, crafted with pear diamonds accompanying the center stone on its sides, is exquisitely styled with a cathedral shank. The ring is a piece of diamond heaven sure to make your wife jump with joy this Christmas.

della pear diamond ring

Create Your Own Ring

The rings mentioned above are just a curated list of a few of the rings available at Friendly Diamonds. You can see a wider range on our website, and if you are still left wanting more, you can opt to create your own ring from scratch!

Yes, you can create your ring by picking a certified lab diamond based on its shape ranging from round, princess, emerald, pear, heart, asscher, cushion, oval, radiant, and marquise cuts. You then pair your certified stone with a ring setting chosen from a wide range of designs available and then complete your ring with an engraving if desired. 'Merry Christmas 2022' or your and your wife's name are two engraving ideas that shall make your Christmas gift for your wife even more special.

lab diamonds

The metal color options available when creating your ring include the following:

- The ever-so-popular white gold.

- The classic yellow gold.

- The feminine rose gold.

- The rare and desirable platinum.

Diamond Earrings

Earrings are jewelry pieces that instantly make a woman feel good and add a bit of zazz to her outfit. They are also a blend of style and tradition and have a rather unique outcome to how your wife would look after wearing them.

You must, however, exercise caution when picking up earrings. Consider the shape of your wife's face and skin tone when shopping for earrings. If your wife has a warmer and darker skin tone, rose and yellow gold earrings will match well with her skin tone. White gold and platinum would suit her best if she has a cooler and fairer skin tone.

diamond earrings

As for the earring styles, stud earrings are a classic and versatile style that works for all face shapes. But if your wife has an overall roundish and circular-shaped face, then a stunning pair of dangling earrings shall match well with her face.

Here is a curated list of earring styles available at Friendly Diamonds that will make great Christmas gifts for your wife.

Tatiana Dangling Diamond Earrings

There is something classic yet modern about the Tatiana earrings. Crafted with elegant sophistication, the earrings have a trail of shimmering diamonds linking the top and bottom parts of the earrings, certain to put a smile on your wife’s face.

4 Prong Stud Earrings With Round Lab Diamonds

The four prong round cuts are a bestselling pair from the Friendly Diamonds stud earrings collection. The earrings are popular with women for two reasons; they sparkle brightly as they have round cut lab diamonds, and they are the most versatile piece that your wife can wear on Christmas day and then to work after the holiday season.

4 Prong Stud Earrings With Oval Lab Diamonds

The four prong ovals are all about the trends. Crafted with trendy oval-shaped diamonds, these studs work well as a Christmas gift for your wife, especially if she loves jewelry trending this year.

Luxe Lab Diamond Stud Earrings

The Luxe earrings are an excellent display of craftsmanship, considering how the halos surrounding the center diamonds seem like they are twirling around the center stones. If your wife loves a show-stopping piece, this is her pair.

luxe lab diamond stud earrings

Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Is your wife into wrist jewelry? Well, even if she isn't, perhaps it is time you introduced her to her very first piece this Christmas. Tennis bracelets make the best christmas gifts for your wife as they are radiant sparkles that create an effect of light dancing around her wrist. The symmetrically arranged lab diamonds to create the bracelet radiate beauty and class making it a spectacular christmas gift for your wife.

diamond tennis bracelets

Here is a curated range of lab diamond tennis bracelets from Friendly Diamonds.

Nemy Half Bezel Tennis Bracelet

The Nemy bracelet, crafted with a row of brilliant round cuts in half-bezel settings, is a classic. You can’t go wrong with this Christmas gift for your wife because if she is into bracelets, she will love this piece.

Lilac Pear Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The Lilac bracelet is not just any tennis bracelet. It’s one crafted with pear lab diamonds in a slanting pattern. Unlike the regular trail of diamonds, this slanting pattern adds a unique and modern twist to the traditional tennis bracelet, making it an exquisite Christmas gift for your wife.

lilac pear tennis bracelet

Everlyn Tennis Bracelet With Oval Diamonds

The Everlyn is a stellar bracelet crafted with oval cuts positioned from north to south. The diamonds have an unmatched brilliance, lending the bracelet a classy and sophisticated feel.


Pendants are a significant jewelry piece that highlights your wife's neck. Gifting her a pendant is a beautiful way of telling her you care, thus making it to our best jewelry Christmas gifts for your wife list.


Quartz Diamond Pendant

Does your wife fancy something simple yet eye-catching? If yes, this pendant is perfect for her. The Quartze pendant is a rather sleek and elegant design that will put the spotlight on your wife's neck.

Martina Solitaire Lab Diamond Pendant

The Martina pendant is all about elegance and beauty. Crafted with a solitaire lab diamond in four prongs, you can expect it to dangle exquisitely around your wife's neck.

Flaire Halo Lab Diamond Pendant

The Flaire pendant crafted with a pave set halo is a fascinating piece with an added sparkle. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for your wife, especially if she’s the sophisticated type that loves jewelry with a radiant glow.

Couple Bands

What better way to celebrate being a couple during the Christmas season than with a pair of couple bands for you and your wife to express your partnership? Couple Bands are a true reflection of love and come as matching rings, one for you and one for your wife. They're the ideal Christmas gift idea for your wife and you and are also a cute way to display your affection.

couple bands

Here is a curated list of couple bands for you and your wife.

Unfading Love Couple Rings

The Unfading Love rings are two-toned flat bands with two metals blended on the man’s ring and diamonds running on the woman’s ring. These couple rings representing the bonds of love are quite a favorite with modern couples.

Infinite Love Couple Rings

The Infinite Love rings are two-toned rings but of abstract design. The men’s ring has two metals that overlap, while the woman’s ring has a lab diamond in a flush setting. The graceful combination of both rings makes it one of the best Christmas gifts for your wife and you.

Amour Couple Rings

Elegance takes center stage with this beautiful two-toned duo ring. A groove separates both metals on the man’s ring, while the two-tone woman’s ring has pave set diamonds trailing halfway across the ring.

Plan the Perfect Surprise with Christmas Gifts for Wife

Once you have selected a jewelry Christmas gift for your wife, you can plan a beautiful little surprise for her. A great way to do it would be by setting a nice hot bath for her on Christmas Eve and dropping a couple of fragrance-filled bath bombs inside the water.

christmas gifts

Treat it like a special Christmas date night, almost like a Valentine's day celebration where you pamper her after a long day and ask her to have a stress-free evening just before Christmas day. Please make certain you have some relaxing music playing in the background, perhaps a soothing Christmas carol that she enjoys listening to every Christmas season. If she doesn't have one, you could always play Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You." It never fails to create a romantic mood during the holiday season.

You can surprise her with her holiday gift while she is relaxing in the bath or perhaps surprise her during Christmas Eve dinner. You could, of course, take the traditional route and have a stocking stuffer with your ring placed inside a gift box with a gift card expressing your love. This is the best route to take if you're spending gift opening day with your children and other family members.