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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Get to Know Diamond Fluorescence: Are Diamonds with Fluorescence Good?

Written by Karen Dunn

Get to Know Diamond Fluorescence: Are Diamonds with Fluorescence Good?

If you're thinking about buying lab-created jewelry or loose diamonds for your ornaments, you probably have some queries you'd like to clarify. Diamond fluorescence is a distinctive feature that will pique your interest in the various characteristics of diamonds. Diamond fluorescence has an extraordinary amount of a colorful glow (typically blue). This is noticeable when a diamond is present to Ultraviolet light. However, in most circumstances, the appearance of a diamond with strong fluorescence is rarely modified. In other cases, the diamond’s glow, with intense fluorescence, may appear hazy and have an unlively look in daylight. More uncommon than diamonds with a strong or extremely strong fluorescence are those with little or very little fluorescence.

Fluorescence does not impair the natural look of the diamond. Nevertheless, a high diamond fluorescence can also glow in the natural sunshine. This might be seen as being undesired in a white diamond. The degree of fluorescence varies, with approximately one-third of all diamonds exhibiting some fluorescence. With 95% emitting a blue hue, green and yellow fluorescence diamonds may also be identified. Besides, they are far rarer than those radiating a blue hue. Fluorescence is one indication or grading factor for a diamond; however, its presence does not always alter how a diamond appears.


What is the Color Grade of a Diamond Fluorescence?

In illumination conditions with enough UV wavelengths, medium to strong blue fluorescence often tries to conceal yellow body color. This further leads the diamonds in the lower color range to look a little bit whiter. It is "theoretically" good in these situations. Recent research, however, has shown that as the space between the light sources increases, the fluorescence impact rapidly decreases. The gape from the light source is too deep in almost all typical indoor viewing situations to stimulate the fluorescence impact. 

The notion that fluorescence enhances the look of diamonds with lesser hues is thus entirely erroneous. As a result, it is often not so good or bad in terms of aesthetic quality. Especially when worn with one of those numerous diamond engagement rings. For a value shopper, especially one who enjoys the fluorescence phenomena, fluorescence can be seen as a good thing. Frequently it manages to lower the price of a diamond. However, resale value and liquidity can frequently suffer much more. Thus a long-term viewpoint should be considered before purchasing a diamond with substantial fluorescence. 

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The risk of laboratories overgrading the color of diamonds with this attribute has been a subject of significant controversy. In the industry in recent years, this worry has had an influence on the value of fluorescent diamonds. Even though laboratory color grading is undertaken in bright spaces that do contain UV, the grading takes place with the diamond in very close vicinity of the UV source. Moreover, there is concern that the diamond fluorescence effect can mask the true body color. This results in higher color grades for these stones. Independent surveys have revealed severe issues with the color grading precision of luminous diamonds.

Is Diamond Fluorescence Present in Every Diamond?

Fluorescence is not a grading element in the same way that the GIA 4 C’s (color, clarity, cut, and carat weight) are. However, it is a distinguishing feature. The fluorescence of a diamond is described in GIA Diamond Grading Reports and Diamond Dossiers by its intensity. Furthermore, it was also described under long-wave ultraviolet light, including None, Faint, Medium, Strong, and Very Strong.

Do Diamonds with Fluorescence Have a Hazy Appearance?

Fluorescence does not induce haziness in diamonds, according to GIA studies. Fluorescence can worsen a diamond's pre-existing haziness. Yet, when produced by light-scattering flaws, lowering contrast in the face-up pattern, it does not create haziness in and of itself.

Since light-scattering faults are extremely rare, most buyers do not need to be concerned about fluorescence affecting the look of a diamond. Even though, in normal lighting circumstances, the diamond possesses strong to very strong fluorescence. However, this does not exclude purchasers from inspecting a diamond in person. If fluorescence is present, any haziness will be seen under daylight-equivalent illumination.

Fluorescence Vs. Non-Fluorescence - Can You Spot the Difference?

GIA experts collected sets of E, G, I, and K color-grade diamonds to evaluate the influence of blue fluorescence on diamond appearance. Except for the level of their blue fluorescence, the diamonds in each pair were as similar as possible. Diamond graders, qualified experts, and laypeople evaluated the diamonds under controlled conditions to assess their appearance. It appears that no systematic fluorescence effects were identified for the typical observer. Moreover, they are supposed to indicate the jewelry-buying population. When seen table-up, viewers considered intensely blue fluorescent diamonds to have a superior color look. The majority of observers perceived no correlation between fluorescence and transparency.


Is Having Diamond Fluorescence Beneficial?

The presence of fluorescence can be fascinating and elating for certain individuals, while others may not find it as appealing. We value and appreciate all viewpoints on this matter. If you are considering the purchase of a diamond with bluish fluorescence, we encourage you to carry out a comprehensive similarity with other diamonds of the similar color grade. Moreover, it is necessary to study the diamond under diverse lighting conditions, as well as natural daylight. This extensive evaluation will assist you in deciding whether you value the diamond's look and whether you notice any obvious distinctions.

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