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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Holiday Gift Ideas to Add to Your Holiday Gift List

Written by Karen Dunn

Holiday Gift Ideas to Add to Your Holiday Gift List

It's that time of  the year again; the holiday season is about to knock on your door! With numerous opportunities to make your treasured one feel special coming your way, finding the right gift can sometimes be a struggle. But don't worry; solving your problems is our responsibility. And we have something to help you surprise your loved ones with the best gift imaginable. You can't go wrong with fine jewelry as a crowd-pleasing gift. What could be more festive than gleaming Christmas jewelry gifts? Explore our recommendations for the best gifts for everyone on our list, from classic diamond pieces that will never be out of style to heartfelt gifts like individually tailored engravable jewelry.


Choosing Diamond Jewelry as a Holiday Gift

Since the dawn of time, jewelry has been one of the most distinctive Christmas presents. Women, as well as men, have always loved to adorn themselves with exquisite gemstones, and because these priceless accessories can be quite pricey, they have evolved into a method of expressing how important someone is to you. Leaving that aside, what else makes jewelry such a great gift? The notion that some Christmas gifts are more personal than others, this cannot be denied. Everyday necessities like garments, footwear, hats, and jackets make fantastic holiday gifts but they lose their sentimental essence. 

Just about anything can go into those priceless holiday presents. Yes, of course, you might add embellishments with their names or something equivalent, but jewelry has an essence of its own if considered a holiday gift idea.   Diamonds make excellent holiday presents when required, desired, and will make the recipient happy. Simply put, jewelry has an emotional touch to it. This may be as certain jewelry items celebrate life events that are significantly special to the wearer, like engagements, weddings, births, and graduations. It's also possible that jewelry requires considerable effort and time to purchase due to its higher cost. At the same time the buyer wants to make sure the receiver will be delighted with this holiday gift idea.

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Whatever the case, jewelry is a wearable object that is not only practical and attractive but also sentimental. And to help you choose the best Friendly Diamonds jewelry, we have put together the best holiday gift guide for you in this blog! The lab grown diamond accessories listed below are the best holiday gift ideas. They are certain to make your significant other, or your family members feel that sense of blissful exhilaration.

Solitaires - Your Best Bet!

Definitely, the Christmas season is full of romance and love; what can be more romantic than a holiday gift that has an underlying surprise element to it? Exquisite solitaire diamonds are one such brilliant holiday gift idea that can enhance the charm of the Christmas you share with that special someone. Therefore, when choosing a solitaire, it's critical to focus on the features as well as the quality of the stone. To find that excellent quality of solitaire for your holiday gift ideas, you can check out the Friendly Diamonds solitaire rings list below. We have carefully curated it to suit all your jewelry needs.

Caroline Three Stone Side Trillion Diamond Ring

The exquisite Caroline three-stone diamond ring is distinguished by its timeless simplicity. It features two lovely side trillion diamonds set within three prongs and a center solitaire supported by a four-prong setting.The ring has a lovely appearance thanks to the shank's gentle taper towards the trillion diamond accents on either side of the solitaire stone.

Caroline Three Stone Side Trillion Diamond Ring

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Entwined Love Halo Diamond Ring

The intertwined idea is perfectly encapsulated by the twining of diamonds that form a halo around the solitaire diamond. The ring is one of the best holiday gift ideas, as the flowing feel of the design is created by the spiral diamond accents that run halfway down each side of the shank.

Entwined Love Halo Diamond Ring

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Twisted Vine Diamond Ring

The Twisted Vine diamond ring has a solitaire diamond set in a four-prong basket with an angular V shape. A twisted band distinguishes this ring's shank. Halfway down each side of the shank, a pavé set line of diamonds turns into a simple metal band.

Twisted Vine Diamond Ring

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Tennis Bracelets - Your Trail of Sparkles

A tennis bracelet, also known as an eternity bracelet, is a circle of diamonds set closer together around the wrist. But this kind of bracelet is not just modern fashion. In reality, it has gained popularity since the early 1920s, but since then, fashion has changed. The diamond bracelets are the perfect holiday gift ideas when selected smartly from the Friendly Diamonds inventory. Check out our favorite diamond bracelets to include in your holiday gift ideas listed below.

Tennis bracelets

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Serene Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The unique lab diamond tennis bracelet with a row of sparkling pear diamonds is set in lovely round three-prong settings that glide sideways as it gently clasps around your wrist.

Cecily Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A row of masterfully cut diamonds set in separate four-prong settings is used to create a sparkling lab diamond tennis bracelet.  With a center set with large diamonds and smaller gems graduating to the end, the bracelet is a true statement element made to join your holiday gift ideas.

Nemy Half Bezel Round Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This sparkling lab created tennis bracelet makes up one row of brilliant diamonds in a classy half-bezel setting. This extraordinary bracelet hugs your wrist tenderly and has a flexible design.

Stud Earrings - The Perfect Flaunt-Worthy Gift

Not a single outfit is complete without the ideal pair of earrings, whether they be in the form of current earring trends or classic jewelry pieces like stud earrings.  Therefore, for your holiday gift ideas, adding diamond stud earrings is the best option because no matter what you're wearing, there are a variety of earring types to suit any style. Stud earrings are classy and fashionable and are regarded as fashion symbols. Moreover, adding various designs makes these diamond earrings even more appealing. Some of the best stud earrings present in our inventory are listed below. 

Round Diamond Stud Earrings

Round diamond stud earrings are classic styles. These lab diamonds are gorgeously placed in a four-prong setting, enhancing the simplicity of the design. They’re the best holiday gift idea that will encourage the adorner to complete their look, and glam up their look with these trending diamond stud earrings.

Round Diamond Stud Earrings

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Oval Diamond Stud Earrings

These oval diamond stud earrings are included among the trendy jewelry because they stand for eternal love. The distinctively held diamonds are held in place by four prongs, and the design’s overall look captivates us with its aesthetic appeal.

Oval Diamond Stud Earrings

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Martini Diamond Stud Earrings

The Martini diamond stud earrings are traditional and elegant in style. The three-prong setting of the earrings, along with a secure post to keep them fastened, allows the offered diamonds to shine brilliantly making them a great holiday gift idea.

Martini Diamond Stud Earrings

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Pendants - An Exquisite Range to Choose From

Since the beginning of time, jewelry has been a part of human culture. Necklaces used to be associated with higher social status and class. It also denoted protection or belonging to a different class, group, or religion. Today's women choose to wear diamond necklaces to accentuate and highlight their beauty and grace. Especially when presented by a special someone as a holiday gift, these are also worn for their sentimental value. If you want to impress your partner or convey a merry message to your lady, we have just the right holiday gift ideas that match your plans this Christmas.


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Globe Slider Lab Diamond Pendant

With the help of a bezel setting and an elegant circular basket, this design's bold, distinctive style brings out the solitaire diamond's brilliance. This diamond globe slider pendant is the ultimate fashion statement holiday gift idea for women who are ready for an adventure.

Flaire Halo Lab Diamond Pendant

This intriguing Flaire pendant features a stunning solitaire surrounded by a pavé diamond halo. The pendant is securely held in place by the fixed chain on the hook.  You’re sure to spread the aura of your confidence while radiating your sense of style and elegance with this pendant.

The four-prong set solitaire in the middle of the chic halo gives this diamond pendant its energizing style. The halo frame is covered in pavé set lab diamonds, giving the design a magnificent finish. Enjoy the beauty of this stunning pendant and elevate the relationship quotient with your partner by adding this unique pendant to your holiday gift ideas.

At Friendly Diamonds, we offer a wide selection of jewelry made with lab created diamonds. Our brand gives you the option to design your own line of diamond jewelry in addition to a selection of lustrous diamond picks. Any diamond earring, pendant, or ring of your dreams can be created and personalized to result in a unique Christmas jewelry gift, perfect for your sweetheart. We take great pride in giving you access to exceptionally beautiful certified diamonds, first-rate customer service, and free consultations with expert diamond specialists to aid you in picking the right gemstone and jewelry.