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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Tips to Figure Out the Engagement Ring She Wants

Written by Macy Taylor

Tips to Figure Out the Engagement Ring She Wants

An engagement ring is a symbol of honor and commitment. Whether proposing to her at an intimate gathering attended by her family and friends or surprising her privately, it's essential to get the perfect engagement ring for her to avoid any sort of disappointment. When designing a diamond engagement ring for your partner, you should consider certain factors. What diamond shape would she love the most? Which ring style or setting would suit her best? And what metal color, like white, yellow or rose gold or platinum, would complement her skin? So if you're wondering how to choose the best ring for her, here is a guide to assist you in figuring out the type of engagement ring perfect for your girl.


Consider Her Sense of Style

This is your girl we're talking about. And who would know her best? You, right? You've spent quality time with her, and by now, you should have an idea of her fashion sense and style preference. What clothes does she like wearing? What accessories does she prefer? And what jewelry do you generally see her wearing? These questions based on her fashion sense and style should give you a deep understanding of the type of ring she'd love.

Her Sense of Styl

If she likes to follow trends, you might want to explore popular ring styles or choose a ring that celebrities flaunt. If she loves art of the yesteryears and is passionate about antique decorative items, then a vintage engagement ring is ideal. But if she leads an active and busy lifestyle, browsing through various engagement rings for women and picking a ring with a six or four prong setting to secure her diamond is best. If she is the type drawn to heirloom jewelry passed on to her by her parents or grandparents, then you should consider creating an engagement ring that is styled similarly to her heirloom piece. But if she prefers simplicity, then an oval engagement ring or round brilliant diamond ring might be most suitable.

Talk to Her Close Friends

Asking your partner’s close friends for their opinion is always helpful as they’d probably have an idea of the kind of engagement ring she’d want. You could even speak to her sister, mother, and cousin. But there’s a high chance you’d get the information from her BFF. Yes, girlfriends talk about these things. The BFF may give you perspective on your partner’s preference - whether she loves a three stone diamond ring or a diamond ring with side stones. If the BFF is unaware of your girl's ring style choice, you could still talk to her and request her to find out your girl's preference, as it would be easy for her to collect information without looking suspicious.

Talk to Her Close Friends

Scroll through Her Social Media Profiles

Women today tweet, share, Instagram, and pin the things they enjoy. Check out her Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks. Go through her boards on Pinterest, as you're likely to find something she loves. You may come across designs and realize that she prefers fancy diamond rings like marquise or cushion cut rings. You can also check if she has liked or commented on any of her friends' engagement ring photographs. It shall give you an idea of the proposal you should prepare for her.

Examine the Rest of Her Jewelry

You'll get a few clues by just looking at the jewelry in her jewelry box. What metal color do her rings have? Are they yellow, rose, or white gold? Take note of the diamonds and settings she has on her jewelry pieces. If most of her jewelry consists of traditional yellow gold, you might want to surprise her with a beautiful ring like the one below.

Examine the Rest of Her Jewelry

Find a Reason to Take Her to a Jewelry Website or Store

Go to a nearby mall or visit a shopping website while watching a movie together at home to get an idea of what she likes and dislikes. Scroll through a list of engagement rings for women and ask her about her ring options in a subtle way. Make a mental note of her facial expressions to ensure you make the appropriate decision.

Ask Her Directly

If you feel that presenting her with a surprise diamond engagement ring is not something you would prefer, then pose her a direct question to understand the type of ring she would want.

At Friendly Diamonds, we assist you in creating the perfect diamond ring for your partner right from scratch. You pick the lab diamond your partner fancies, a ring setting, a ring style, and a metal color to complement her skin. While the designs described above might help you narrow down your options, making a ring for your partner has its own allure. So, explore different styles and design your ring today!