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Wednesday, May 29 2024

Hearts and Arrows Diamonds: The Perfect Choice for Timeless Jewelry

Written by Jason Kirk

Hearts and Arrows Diamonds: The Perfect Choice for Timeless Jewelry

Perfection is an ideal state. It is believed that it can only be strived for, but never achieved. Well, at Friendly Diamonds, we believe perfection can also be achieved with the right technique and craftsmanship. But there are certain markers of perfection. With diamonds, there are a few things you should look out for when making a purchase. We understand your quest for beauty and perfection which is why we have just the jewelry pieces for you. 

There are many times we come across beauty that is unparalleled. One such thing of beauty is something that is known as Hearts and Arrows diamonds. Hearts and Arrows diamonds are known for their exceptional brilliance and the immense fire they have.

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If you've come across our page for the first time, here’s something you should know about us! Our lab diamond jewelry is created ethically and sustainably. This is in alignment with our commitment to providing Earth Kind alternatives to naturally mined diamonds. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a lab diamond tennis necklace or a lab diamond engagement ring, our diamonds are a symbol of your sustainable values. With our lab diamonds, you can rest assured that the jewelry you’re getting is the best in quality and price. Read on to get to know about hearts and arrows diamonds in the next section!

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Hearts and Arrows Diamonds

Have you ever wondered what differentiates the best quality lab diamond from the rest? If words like cut, carat weight and color are what you’re thinking of, you’re on the right track. But there’s a whole another category of diamonds that are known as the most brilliant in existence. Hearts and Arrows diamonds are a result of exceptional symmetry and precise cuts in the diamond. There is a unique visual pattern that can be seen when the diamond is seen through specialized tools. There are 8 heart shaped patterns that can be seen from the pavilion view and 8 arrows that can be observed from the crown view of the diamond. 

There are many pros to buying Hearts and Arrows diamonds. These diamonds have a beautiful sparkle that jewelry connoisseurs all around the world adore. A bit higher on the budget, these round cut brilliant lab diamonds are worth every penny you will spend on them. 

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These diamonds offer you a precise ideal cut that will have a beautiful fire and brilliance. A larger appearance and a symmetry you can be confident of, that’s what a hearts and arrow diamond will give you. If you’re wondering how this was revealed, we’ll tell you the complete story. A device known as the Firescope was invented in 1986 which identified hearts in between each of the arrows on the starburst. 

There are certain prerequisites that need to be achieved in order to get a Hearts and Arrows pattern in a diamond. This level of precision can only be achieved when a diamond cutter cuts the diamond in such a way that all the facets of the diamond are aligned in three dimensions. This alignment creates a play of light that gives it the shine it is loved for. The constant reflection and refraction that occurs inside the diamond is what makes it so beautiful to the eyes. 

A Hearts and Arrow diamond has a personality that not all diamonds can boast of. If you want a diamond that not only sparkles but also has a character, go for Hearts and Arrow diamond jewelry.

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At Friendly Diamonds, we provide you with the opportunity to deck yourself up in ethical luxury. We give you the sparkle you won’t have to worry about. Your values are in safe hands with our range of lab diamond jewelry.

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