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Monday, Mar 18 2024

Matching Wedding Ring and Band Styles for a Perfect Set

Written by Shelby Montel

Matching Wedding Ring and Band Styles for a Perfect Set

We know that your journey to the wedding aisle begins once the engagement ring sits on your finger. Even though there will be various tasks that need to be done before you say, “I do,” which includes deciding on the venue, choosing a wedding gown, and deciding on the perfect flower arrangement. Among these, one item that should be on your priority list is finding the most beautiful set available in wedding ring styles. The choice of your wedding band style will perfectly commemorate the most beautiful chapter of your life. 

Engagement rings and wedding bands have been worn together for a really long time to express the mutual love and commitment between the couple. Rich in sentiment, symbolizing your promise to each other, your engagement ring and wedding ring style should harmonize and fit well together just like you and your partner.


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We understand the importance of this decision and are here to guide you through the whole process of selecting the ideal wedding band style for you. In this guide, we will share our expert’s advice and explore the key factors to consider when choosing the perfect wedding band style. 

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How to Choose the Right Wedding Band Styles

When searching for the perfect wedding ring styles, one must understand the importance of choosing the right wedding band styles. In this section, of our expert advice guide, we give you a step-by-step breakdown of factors one should consider before buying.

1. Craft your Budget 

Deciding on a well-defined budget is one of the most essential aspects of buying your wedding ring set. Weddings come with many expenses, and we know you aim to keep your budget under control. Setting a budget for your wedding rings is not just a financial guideline but a strategic move to ensure you avoid overspending.


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That being said, you can always save money while purchasing online. We believe it is a wiser choice in many ways. Once you have your budget set, you can streamline and focus on the materials and design you wish to have in your ring so that it reflects your style comfortably, and fits your defined budget.

2. Decide on Your Style

The next critical step in the process is choosing your wedding ring style. When deciding on the ring, make sure your wedding band styles harmonize with your daily lifestyle as well as during special occasions. Whether you are more inclined towards minimalistic modern designs or you have a special spot for bold and shiny designs; when you decide on this factor, you will have a clear focus when exploring the vast array of designs available online.

3. Choose the Metal 

Many people assume that wedding bands and engagement rings must be made of the same metal, well let us tell you that, this myth is untrue. We say, ‘Be creative!’ There are no rules when it comes to choosing a metal hue. It is ultimately all about your personal choice. There is always a variety of metals that you can choose from. Gold always offers various options; try white gold for a shiny and sleek look, or use rose gold for a warm and romantic style.  But you can always mix and match for a distinct and unique wedding ring style.


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Choosing the Right Seller

When buying a wedding ring set online, finding a trustworthy jeweler or retailer with a robust online presence is crucial. According to our experts, there are 3 key factors to be aware of when buying wedding band styles online.

1. Attentiveness

A trustworthy jeweler or retailer should be attentive to your needs and preferences. When it comes to buying wedding rings, you know it is not just a simple transaction, it is a significant and lifetime purchase. Hence, choosing a jeweler who gives you an excellent and beautiful product while offering exceptional services is essential.

2. Quality Materials

To make a truly informed decision with your purchase, you should inquire about their products' certifications. Our experts advise that you choose a seller that offers diamonds that are certified by renowned grading institutes such as IGI and GIA. Moreover, it is always a wise choice to know about the quality of your purchase because it gives you the transparency to make an informed decision.

3. Lifetime Warranty 

We advise purchasing from a jeweler or retailer with a lifetime warranty. This is an assurance that gives you peace of mind, being aware of the fact that if any issue arises with your wedding ring, your jeweler will have your back and assist you further with the issue.

Top 3 Wedding Ring Styles

We have listed our top 3 most loved wedding ring styles to help you in making the right choice when buying a matching band

You can never go wrong with our Floriane Wedding Band. Wedding band styles like these perfectly describe the unbreakable bond you share with your partner. The band’s timeless design is widely accepted and is among the most popular choices for wedding ring styles. Brides can enhance the sparkle of their engagement ring with this wedding band style.

wedding ring

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The next ring that we have on our list is the Zea Wedding Band. The design of this ring is made with precision and care, which perfectly embodies the striking balance of sophistication and simplicity.

They say, save the best for the last, so here we have our Ruth Wedding Band. This wedding band style has a lot of glitz and glamor, which comes from the sparkly studded diamonds. The sparkly marquise and round cut diamonds are placed side by side at the front of the ring. The front is then followed in a milgrain pattern, which adds to its already captivating vibe.


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As we move towards the end of our guide, we want you to know that when pairing your engagement ring with a wedding band style, there is no right or wrong choice. You and your partner are free to choose what you like. At Friendly Diamonds, we prioritize your wishes and choice for the ideal jewelry selection. 

We help you craft moments that you hold dear for a lifetime. Select your perfect wedding band style that perfectly encapsulates your love story. We are a leading retailer of fine jewelry and engagement rings based in New York and invite you to explore our collection of fine jewelry and wedding band styles.