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Wednesday, Mar 20 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Thoughtful 5-Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Written by Jason Kirk

The Ultimate Guide to Thoughtful 5-Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Every day and every milestone counts when you spend your days with your loved one. Also, time flies very quickly while you’re having fun with your forever person. That is why, whenever your anniversary comes around, you are always surprised. Every couple has their own unique way of celebrating this significant milestone. 

While many couples like to lay on a beach shore in some exotic country, others like to keep it simple and have a quiet night and a candlelight dinner. Although couples of different tastes like to display their love and affection for each other in numerous ways, one thing remains constant between them, and that is the traditional wedding anniversary list of presents. How about leveling up things a bit and getting your partner their desired lab diamond anniversary ring?

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In many countries, the tradition of giving gifts to each other became a prevalent practice during the nineteenth century. To celebrate important anniversaries they were given names that would suggest traditional gifts suitable for such significant milestones, such as platinum or silver jubilees. Since wedding anniversaries are an important milestone for many couples, they give each other gifts made out of different materials. The wedding anniversary and gift ideas that we are going to discuss in this blog are for the fabulous fifth.

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Traditional Gifts

Speaking of tradition, couples were known to gift a piece of wood to their partners to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary because it was believed that the two partners had put down roots to make their relationship as strong as a tree. However, wood has always been seen as a symbol of strength that is made of plain and simple material. However, one can get creative and look at it as an opportunity to carve gifts for their partner. Therefore, if you want to have a wood-themed anniversary, these are some of the gifts that you can look into:

a. Gift a Personalized Wooden Photo Frame

What can be better than getting your partner a beautiful, personalized wooden frame? It's even better if it’s intricately carved! This is a charming gift to give your partner, as it will not only immortalize your favorite moments with each other but also add a touch of warmth to your house’s interior.

b. Gift a Wood Cufflink

You have to agree with the fact that cufflinks add a flair of sophistication to any formal outfit. If your partner is someone who frequently wears suits or shirts because of their profession or because it suits their personal style, you can look to buy a stunning wooden cufflink. You can customize it by adding precious metal chains or lab diamonds, which will further increase the sentimental value of the gift.

These are some of the traditional gifts you can give as your five-year anniversary gift. But our suggestions are still pending! If you do not want to take the traditional route, you can modernize your anniversary gifts and add your own sparkle to them.


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Modern Take on Anniversary Gifts

The times have changed, and so has the way people look at their relationships. Husbands and wives gift each other everything now! Be it something as cute and refreshing as a flower bouquet or something as dazzling and precious as diamonds, everything is appreciated these days. But obviously, everyone has a soft spot for diamonds!

Friendly Diamonds recognizes that anniversaries are an integral part of everyone’s lives. Therefore, we have a special collection of fine jewelry that can be given on special occasions, like your anniversary which is considered a significant milestone, or celebrating childbirth, or even if it’s a just because gift.

Five stone rings have emerged as the most precious and unique-looking gift for many. The gems on the rings represent the strong five years the couple has spent together, studded masterfully beside each other. Some of our best-selling five stone anniversary bands, which are perfect as a 5-year anniversary gift, are:

a. Valentina Round Lab Diamond Anniversary Band 

The Valentina Anniversary Band has premium quality round cut diamonds set in a speaking row. The gems are held together by a common trellis prong setting for security and effortless appearance.

round diamond


b. Thalia Emerald Lab Diamond Anniversary Band

This one-of-a-kind ring has five emerald cut diamonds set in a north-south direction in individual claw prong settings. The diamonds sparkle with their utmost brightness and represent the spark you two have for each other. It is definitely worthy of becoming the top 5-year wedding anniversary gift.

c. Serafina Oval Lab Diamond Anniversary Band

The Serafina Oval Lab Diamond Anniversary Band is a thing of beauty and will become a great gift for the five-year anniversary. The oval diamond is studded on a crisscross shank, where each stone is securely held by its own individual prong.

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These sparkles will add glamor, elegance, and shimmer to your already fantastical love story. If you want to take your gifting game to another level, then you can pair the five stone anniversary band with another traditional material, like a matching set of silverware or a personalized silver serving board. In today’s time, materials like stainless steel are no longer looked at as uncommon goods but rather loved by many.

After you get the best five-year anniversary gift, you can plan a romantic date night with your beloved partner. Your wedding date is the day to be cherished and also the day to look back on the adventure you have vowed to take with each other. Hence, why not make it the most memorable night of the year? Crank up the pizza oven, knead the dough, and start cooking batches of pizzas. And when the night ends, surprise them with a five stone lab diamond anniversary band, a matching silverware set, and a personalized wooden anniversary gift. 

We hope this guide has effectively helped you choose your spouse's perfect five-year anniversary gift. You can get creative and get as many presents for them as possible (you know - there is no such thing as too many gifts ever!).