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Monday, Sep 18 2023

Marquise Diamond Wedding Bands: The Beauty of Modern Trends & Vintage Charm

Written by Nicole Harper

Marquise Diamond Wedding Bands: The Beauty of Modern Trends & Vintage Charm

The Marquise cut diamonds are diamonds of the ages. This cut was created at the behest of King Louis XV when he asked an 18th century jeweler to craft him a uniquely shaped custom diamond that he could compare to his mistress's lips.  

Known for its magnificent design and elegant look, the marquise diamond, also popular as the "Navette" cut stone, translates to "little Ship" in French. While we have far moved on from the era of the royals, the marquise diamond cut has still maintained its timelessness among diamond enthusiasts. 

The marquise cut diamonds’ elliptical shape crafted with pointed ends is a sight to behold, especially when set on engagement rings and marquise diamond wedding bands.

Given the timelessness and popularity of marquise cut diamonds, it is safe to say that they never went out of style. Instead, they have become more popular as many diamond lovers seek the glamor of the royal era. Additionally, wearers are now moving towards wearing marquise cut diamonds in the form of wedding bands. Hence, let’s understand what causes the vogue for marquise diamonds to remain constant.

Also, we’ll look into some of the best and most elegant vintage-inspired marquise diamond wedding bands that have become a part of this modern trend.

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Why Are Marquise Diamond Wedding Bands Trending?

There always comes a time when vintage eras dictate modern trends. Such is the current trend with diamond wedding bands, and for good reason.

The marquise cut is not just any cut. It is historic and regal and gives marquise wedding bands an out-of-this-world look, especially when embellished with various designs. The stones in the marquise diamond wedding bands have a unique shape and look considerably larger than most other cuts when viewed from the top. So even when you choose lesser carats for your marquise cut diamonds, they still don't look too small, thanks to their elongations and pointed ends.

 Marquise Diamond


At the top of all, trending vintage-inspired marquise diamond wedding bands are jewelry pieces that remind you of the Victorian era. Since they have a regal look, they are usually considered the perfect cut to pass down as an heirloom from generation to generation. Thus, marquise diamond wedding bands are nothing short of glamor and are a true ode to timelessness.

Another reason why marquise diamond wedding bands became trendy is because they are priced better than most wedding bands of other cuts, especially round cut wedding bands. Unlike round cut wedding bands, marquise diamond wedding bands use more of the diamond's rough stone, giving gemstone cutters larger and more significant cuts of the same rough stone. Marquise diamond wedding bands are undoubtedly an excellent option for couples looking for a classic band on a limited budget.

Your Inspiration for Unique Marquise Diamond Wedding Bands

Marquise diamond wedding bands are timeless pieces that have been around for a long time thanks to their vintage designs combined with modern jewelry, which creates a union of time's past and present. Also, considering they're priced better than most wedding bands and have an aesthetically appealing vintage look, we don't see this trend going downhill anytime soon.  

While you plan to purchase your own marquise diamond wedding band, here’s a standout inspiration from our very own collection:

May Wedding Band

The May Marquise Wedding Band is an amalgamation of marquise and round shaped diamonds coming together to create a surreal and captivating-looking band. Every lab diamond on this ring is carefully placed in individual prongs, providing the lab diamonds with added security without compromising brilliance and shine. The lab diamonds traverse the shank halfway, allowing the band to give off an exquisite, radiant sparkle that can be seen from all angles. And if that isn’t enough, the band's curvy design is crafted to perfection and will seamlessly match your engagement ring.

May Wedding Band

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We hope you’re ready to take over this style and make it your own! If willing to create similar styles while adding your own unique touch to the design, visit our bespoke customized jewelry page today and get going!