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Wednesday, Sep 20 2023

Pavé Engagement Rings on a Budget

Written by Thomas Cooper

Pavé Engagement Rings on a Budget

An engagement ring is one of the most cherished possessions for any couple, a precious symbol of their eternal companionship. Such a distinguished jewel, in all honesty, deserves to have that extra sparkle that makes it stand out from ordinary jewelry. But do you really have to break the bank to capture that brilliance? The answer is no.

Enter lab diamond pavé engagement rings from Friendly Diamonds - your budget-savvy dream come true saviors. Our pavé engagement rings not only glisten with elegance, but also come at an affordable price point, making them the ideal choice for your big day.

Extremely popular and versatile, with a great propensity to dazzle and radiate luxury in the true sense, these engagement rings are worth all the hype. While the talk of several diamonds on their shanks and the artisanship of setting those skillfully might seem pricey, we have the right options to let you maximize the dazzle without emptying your wallet. Before we explore our budget-friendly options, let’s know all about the pavé setting, its various designs, and the pros and cons in today’s blog.

Table of Content:

The Pavé Setting

The appeal of an engagement ring covered entirely in diamonds is unmatched. French for pavement, pavé setting is a precision craft. Numerous tiny diamonds pave the metal shank to deliver a glittery spectacle.

Pavé Setting

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Popular in engagement rings, the pavé setting gives extra shine and brilliance. The carefully placed pave diamonds on the shank elevate the size of the center stone, making it appear larger. And the light reflected from these stones will enhance the center stone’s beauty and shine. Adding to the brilliance of a pavé engagement ring is its versatility. Pavé settings are available in numerous designs.

Types of Pavé Setting

There are different types of pavé settings based on the arrangement of diamonds, the choice of prongs, and groove shapes. Whether you want an extra sparkle on your engagement ring or want it to appear grand, these various pavé designs will help you choose one.

U-cut Pavé

The U-cut pavé is a modern design and a popular type of pavé setting. In this, the tiny diamonds are arranged in a series of grooves on the shank that appear U-shaped when viewed from the side. A U-cut pavé engagement ring has a balanced visibility ratio of the stones and the metal, keeping the band’s sheen intact.

Micro Pavé

In another popular setting, micro pavé, tiny diamonds, usually less than 0.01 carats, are arranged along the width of the band. They are placed in multiple rows, generally covering half the length of the shank. A micro pavé engagement ring has an irresistible sparkle due to the many tiny diamonds and is also an expensive pavé ring.

Micro Pavé

French Pavé

Like the U-cut pavé, the French pavé setting has diamonds in V-shaped grooves cut into the ring band. The distinct fishtail appearance from the side gave this setting its other name, the “fishtail pavé.” In this setting, the shimmer of the accent diamonds is visible as more light is allowed into the gems.

French Pavé

Bright-cut Pavé

Another beautiful setting, the “channel set pavé,” features tiny round diamonds in the middle of two metal walls. The raised metal channel protects the diamonds from abrasion and holds them firmly to the band. It is also the most durable pavé ring.

Bright-cut Pavé

Petite Pavé

The petite pavé is a traditional pavé setting where tiny prongs firmly hold the micro pavé diamonds to the shank. These prongs make a big difference in making the stones appear prominent on the ring and providing ample glitter.

Scalloped Pavé

In the scalloped pavé setting, the tiny diamonds are fitted into U-shaped cutouts on the metal band. The cutouts make a semicircle on the sides, giving the ring an exquisite look.

Pros and Cons

Pavé setting rings make the finest engagement rings, but they have their fair share of pros and cons. Knowing them is important for making an informed decision when choosing your ring. 

The major pros of a pavé ring are that they accentuate the beauty of the centerstone, give off maximum radiance in the ring, and have very versatile design alternatives to elevate all your looks. 

One of the cons of owning a pavé ring is the risk of gemstones falling out of the shank if not set properly. Another one is that since the diamonds are set very closely on the shank, cleaning them becomes a tricky task, requiring more care and attention to maintain their sparkle.

To avoid the risks mentioned above, we recommend shopping for your pavé set rings only from trusted jewelers who offer excellent craftsmanship and premium quality materials for your ornament.

Luxury on a Budget!

Pavé engagement rings are some of the most expensive jewels due to the presence of numerous diamonds. However, Friendly Diamonds' primary goal is to ensure our customers can embrace timeless, top-tier jewelry without breaking the bank. We believe in delivering pieces that are not only exquisite and enduring in quality, but also come with a reasonable price tag that won't strain your budget. 

You can browse through our website and choose from an assortment of designs crafted meticulously by our skilled jewel experts. Some of our bestselling engagement rings with pavé settings are also shared below.

Our exquisite Venetia half eternity pavé engagement ring, available in variations of gold and platinum, features a classic pavé setting. The brilliant solitaire diamond, complemented by accent diamonds on the top of the shank, is simple yet spectacular and comes at a pocket-friendly price tag.

Venetia Half Eternity Diamond Ring

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If you want a more sparkly option that does not pinch your pocket, our Grace micro pavé engagement ring can be your best choice. The stupendous V-basket for the centerstone with micro pavé diamonds across the shank is opulent. This ring is the best example of luxury on a budget.

Grace Micro Pavé

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We intend to spoil you with choices, so here’s the last but not the least recommendation out of our spectacular collection: Charm of Love eternity pavé engagement ring. This elegant yet simple ring highlights the solitaire stone and draws immaculate attention to its sleek pavé setting. The ring accentuates the graceful shape of the wearer’s finger and dazzles maximally.

Charm Of Love

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We hope you learned that pavé engagement rings are undeniably breathtaking. Despite their inherent luxury, at Friendly Diamonds, we've made them accessible to all budgets. To explore more of our creations, visit our website today, where we bring you an affordable rendition of elegance, ensuring you can enjoy the charm of diamond engagement rings without spending a fortune.