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Friday, Aug 25 2023

New Trend To Keep Up With: Mixed Metals Jewelry

Written by Shelby Montel

New Trend To Keep Up With: Mixed Metals Jewelry

Every once in a while, a trend takes the jewelry world by storm. This time, it’s the other way round wherein one trend is not only gaining huge popularity but dominating all the fashion enthusiasts with its style statement. It is none other than the mixed metals jewelry trend.

Besides being a current favorite among couples worldwide, mixed metals jewelry is also a staple fashion statement famous among celebrities like Dua Lipa, Lilly Singh, and Hailey Beiber. Evocative and stylish, minimalistic yet sophisticated, mixed metals jewelry is a blend of two metals or metal colors that reminisce of unique love, as, after all, love is the merging of two souls becoming one.   

In this blog, we will look at the current mixed metals jewelry trends of 2023 and how you can pair your mixed metals jewelry with your wardrobe without the risk of a fashion faux pas. We will also share some interesting mixed metals jewelry pieces perfect for you and your beau.

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What Is Mixed Metals Jewelry?

Mixed metals jewelry are jewelry pieces with two-toned metals that may be a combination of silver and gold, i.e., gold and silver jewelry. Mixed metals jewelry may also be a combination of just various gold color combinations, including yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold.

mixed metal jewelry

How to Style Mixed Metals Jewelry?

Styling mixed metals jewelry is about layering your pieces to elevate your wardrobe ensemble. It's about getting creative and mixing your jewelry to create a unique look. However, like all things aesthetic, you must only do it with balance and finesse. 

Here are a few tips for pairing mixed metals jewelry with your outfit to achieve that balanced look.

Stack Like A Pro

Mixing metals is all about stacking and layering your jewelry to perfection. Layering/ stacking is an art form that isn't hard to master. When it comes to layering, simplicity is the key.

Layer simple, minimalist, understated, subtle pieces together, and avoid bigger jewelry trinkets as they'll give you a lackadaisical, messy look. It's all about finding the perfect match. For example, It could be a three-layered necklace look, where all the necklaces have thin chains. The necklace designs may differ; one necklace could be plain, the other may have diamonds, and the third may have a charm. Feel free to experiment with length sizes but think about your top's neckline when you do.

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Also try to stick with just two gold colors, such as rose with white gold, yellow with white gold, or rose with yellow gold, as combining all three doesn't always give you the best look.

Ace It Where You Place It

When we say ace it where you place it, we simply mean that you must carefully think about where to wear your mixed metals jewelry. Jewelry is commonly worn on the fingers, neck, wrists, and ears. But when wearing mixed metals, focus only on one of the most frequently worn regions to create an intentional and balanced look.

For example, pair your outfit with a subtle necklace and understated earrings if stacking rings and willing to wear jewelry in all three regions. Stacking more than one region will only lead to a cluttered and messy look.

Directly Shop for Mixed Metals Jewelry Designs

Sometimes, you'll find pieces online that already come in mixed metal designs. These jewelry pieces solve your problem of how to style your jewelry as they are ready-made mixed metal pieces ready-to-be-worn, making the mixed jewelry trend easily accessible.

Our Bestselling Inspirations for Mixed Metals Jewelry

Here are a few mixed metal couple rings available online at Friendly Diamonds that have our customers’ hearts.

Amour Couple Rings

The Amour couple rings represent everything sacred about love. While you can choose a metal combination of your liking, we recommend a yellow and white gold combination, as both gold colors blend tradition and modernity, a symbiotic representation of a classic love story in modern times.

amour couple rings

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The man's ring has a groove dividing the two metals at its center, giving it a sleek and graceful look. The woman's ring is designed similarly but has sparkling pavé set diamonds trailing half the ring.

Passion Couple Rings

The Passion couple rings are a simple yet aesthetically pleasing set of rings. The man’s ring is seamlessly designed with three parallel metal channels while the woman’s ring has two metal channels. The rings have a modern refined look best suitable for couples who love to keep it simple yet classy.

passion couple rings

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Immortal Love Couple Rings

Inspired by the philosophy that opposites attract, the Immortal Love couple rings have a unique and out-of-this-world look. The rings have narrow bands with a dome-like abstract design when the two gold tones converge. These rings surely are ethereal, perfect for couples looking for extraordinary rings.

Unfading Love Couple Rings

The Unfading Love couple rings are, as the name suggests, a representation of love and its quality of being eternal. 

Both men's and women's rings are crafted with three separate metal rows in two tones, however the only difference is that the women's ring’s outer rows are embellished with tiny lab diamonds, giving it a scintillating sparkle.

unfading love couple rings

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These rings are quite a best seller in Friendly Diamonds' mixed metals jewelry collection. They are perfect for couples looking for ultra-fine, subtle yet eye-catchy rings.

Benefits of Shopping at Friendly Diamonds

When you shop at Friendly Diamonds, you commit to a greener planet through opting for sustainable jewelry, as lab diamonds are known to leave a smaller carbon footprint on Earth compared to mined diamonds. 

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