Love Woven in Nature: The Allure of Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

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Wednesday, Aug 23

Love Woven in Nature: The Allure of Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

Written by Shelby Montel

Love Woven in Nature: The Allure of Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

Nature, since ages, has been every poet's muse, every writer's inspiration, and the cove of all artists. If it wasn't for leaves twirling and rustling with the breeze, dew drops dancing on the green leaves, or vines swirling on misty oak branches; then many artistic captures including novels, poetries, movies, and, yes - the stunning jewelry designs we see today, may not have seen the light of day!

Nature has its own emotion, its own story to tell and artisans such as jewelry designers and craftsmen listen to its every word. They create jewelry so profound that it captures all hearts. One such category of jewelry is nature inspired engagement rings.

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What Are Nature Inspired Engagement Rings?

Nature inspired engagement rings are created by artisans who are influenced and inspired by their natural surroundings. These nature inspired engagement rings have motifs and designs that remind you of nature’s beauty. They are a particular favorite of women who consider themselves grounded and nature lovers.

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These eye-catching designs transport you to your favorite outdoor location, where the forest rhythmically waltzes to the sparkles of the sun and dances gently with the breeze. 

From butterflies to branches, roses to petals and thorns, or perhaps the rocky snow-clad mountains; nature inspired engagement rings encompass the grace and elegance of mother nature’s bliss. 

No wonder they’re a popular choice among a lot of brides-to-be worldwide.

Where to Find Nature Inspired Engagement Rings?

Finding a brand that offers a wide range of nature inspired engagement rings along with excellent features that include high-quality jewelry at budget-friendly deals isn’t always easy. 

At Friendly Diamonds, we have a wide array of nature inspired engagement rings influenced by the likes of mother earth. They are eco-friendly lab diamond jewelry designs that include engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, and wedding bands.

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These designs are easy on your pocket, crafted with sustainable, eco-friendly certified lab diamonds, and come with a myriad of features that include flexible financing options. You can also enjoy benefits such as creating your own jewelry, free customizations & engraving, free shipping, 30-day returns, and a lifetime warranty, to name a few.  

So when looking for nature inspired engagement rings, look no further than Friendly Diamonds. Featured below are some of the bestselling engagement ring designs available in our collection.

Larisa Side Stone Diamond Ring

Arguably the most regal of the nature inspired rings, the Larisa Side Stone ring has a modern vine-like-inspired design decorated with smaller lab diamonds that can be viewed from the sides too.

The side frontal view also exhibits a rich trail of sparkly lab diamonds just below the main stone, giving the ring a surreal touch. The central round cut lab grown diamond is clasped by a round prong, splendidly displaying the stone’s beauty.

larisa side stone diamond ring

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The ring can be bought in 14kt or 18kt white, rose, and yellow gold variants. You can also buy the ring in platinum metal and choose diamond shapes & prongs other than round.

Micaela Diamond Ring

One look at the Micaela ring will remind you of an ornament fit for a queen. Crafted with a diamond split shank design inspired by leaves that are at their greenest on a fine summer morning, this ring is for all the extraordinary women.

micaela diamond ring

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The sparkly lab diamond halo embracing the center stone adds to its regalness, making it a nature inspired engagement ring worth falling for. It comes in shades of yellow, white, and rose gold but looks most distinctive in yellow as the contrast between the yellow color and sparkly lab diamonds gives it an out-of-this-world look. The ring is also available in platinum.

Evermore Solitaire Diamond Ring

The Evermore nature inspired engagement ring has a twirling vine-inspired shank where the vines twirl with each other as they make their way to the top. At the top sits a round cut lab diamond royally secured in a claw prong setting. 

Its sheer simplicity yet royal appeal makes the Evermore ring a must-have for women who adore minimalism with a bit of bang. This ring is also available in platinum and 14kt/18kt white, rose, and yellow gold variants and comes at a budget-friendly price at Friendly Diamonds.

Letitia Side Stone Diamond Ring

The Letitia nature inspired engagement ring is inspired by two major components of mother nature; vines that intertwine and petals that bloom in perfect harmony.

letitia diamond ring

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The ring's nature inspired shank has petal designs embellished with lab diamonds on the side. The vine-inspired shank gradually intertwines to round up at the bottom to complete the ring.    

The main diamond at the crest rests secured in round shaped prongs. The ring is available in 14kt and 18kt purities and comes in all gold variants: yellow, white, and rose gold. The ring is also available in platinum, and you can choose between white or yellow prong tips.

Twisted Blossom Diamond Ring

The Twisted Blossom nature inspired engagement ring encompasses the trailing of vines that twist around each other, culminating with a diamond sparkle that blossoms at the top.  

This engagement ring's criss cross shank is crafted with an open split and has an additional four diamonds embellished on the basket. 

The twisted blossom is available in 14kt and 18kt rose, white, and yellow gold. It is also available in platinum and makes a great pairing for women who enjoy a more sophisticated look on their rings. And if not sure, you can always use the Friendly Diamonds' “Book an Appointment'' feature to consult with a lab diamond and jewelry specialist to better understand and clarify doubts when selecting your nature inspired engagement ring.

Harlow Twisted Shank Diamond Ring

The Harlow Twisted Shank Diamond Ring is a rather radiant nature inspired engagement ring that is a subtle reminder of the natural lights that sparkle on snow-clad rocky mountains on bright winter mornings. The ring, crafted with a beautiful lab diamond secured in four claw prongs, is an absolute stunner.

harlow diamond ring

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You can choose a round, princess, radiant, cushion, emerald, oval, or asscher cut as your main stone. The ring’s handcrafted vine-inspired crisscross shank accentuated with smaller sets of diamonds adds a surreal dream-like look to the ring.

If you are looking to surprise your partner, one look at this nature inspired ring design, and you’ll most certainly see her eyes gleaming with joy. The ring is available in 14kt and 18kt white, rose, and yellow gold, and comes in platinum too.

Each design mentioned above is a story weaved with perfection, inspired by nature's everlasting beauty, waiting to be worn by those who embrace the good fortune that true love brings. Visit our website for more exquisite creations and ring designs crafted to cater your true emotions.