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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Lab Diamond Ethical Jewelry for an Eco-Friendly Future

Written by Karen Dunn

Lab Diamond Ethical Jewelry for an Eco-Friendly Future

As one of the world's most desirable precious stones, diamonds have a well-deserved, rich legacy.  However, these precious diamonds have negatively impacted the environment due to their dubious mining practices as they leave a harmful effect on not only the environment but also on the laborers.  Considering these serious concerns, the diamond industry has proficiently managed to discover ethical and sustainable ways to obtain, produce, and distribute diamonds free of conflict or unfavorable environmental effects. That’s where lab diamonds come into picture! Here is an article to walk you through the process and help you understand how these firms and organizations have managed to produce ethical jewelry with lab diamonds.


What is Ethical Jewelry?

Ethical jewelry is manufactured within a conflict free environment in a sustainable manner. Using lab grown diamonds is one of the most essential methods if you plan to craft that ideal ethical jewelry! Lab grown diamonds, commonly referred to as conflict free diamonds, are produced in the laboratory using cutting edge technology that resembles the formation of natural diamonds. They are manufactured in a controlled setting without the negative environmental and social impacts that are associated with diamond mining. Regardless, they share the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as natural diamonds.

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The extraction of natural diamonds requires a lot of energy and water since it entails digging deep into the earth and moving a lot of soil and rock. In comparison, lab grown diamonds use less water and energy and produce less waste and carbon emissions.

How are these Lab Diamonds Made for Ethical Jewelry?

Human rights, environmental sustainability, and ethical sourcing are prioritized throughout the production of lab diamonds for ethical jewelry. For instance, ethical diamonds are mined utilizing practices that put a high priority on worker welfare, limit environmental harm, and lessen adverse effects on nearby communities. This might entail employing more environmentally friendly mining techniques, such as small scale mining, eco-friendly technologies, and fair labor practices.  Moreover, the responsibly sourced conflict free diamonds zones are where ethical diamonds are obtained safely, guaranteeing that they are not connected to any violations of human rights like child labor or forced labor. About ethical jewelry, creators and producers employ reusable and environmentally beneficial elements, including recycled metals, fair trade gold, and ethically mined gemstones. 

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They also place a high priority on fair labor standards, making sure that employees are paid properly and have a safe workplace. The overall objective of ethical jewelry is to create a transparent and sustainable supply chain that helps both the environment and the workers involved in the manufacturing phase. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) are two processes used in a diamond lab to manufacture lab grown diamonds.

Chemical Vapor Deposition

During the CVD process, a small diamond seed is exposed to carbon gases at low pressures while being imprisoned in a high temperature chamber. Plasma is formed around the diamond seed by high temperatures, carbon dioxide, and low pressures. Following the breakdown of the gas particles, the carbon atoms adhere to the seeds and create several layers. This procedure continues until a diamond is entirely produced!

High Pressure High Temperature

During High Pressure High Temperature, low inclusion diamond seeds are compressed tightly into spheres. This technique's main goal is to mimic the process of natural diamonds grown environmentally as closely as possible. High pressure and high temperature are applied to the diamond seeds until they fracture and break down into smaller fragments. Finally, the fragments cool down and turn into pure carbon diamonds, which are further shaped in the desired cut. 

What are the Advantages of Lab Diamond Ethical Jewelry? 

Ethical sourcing: Diamond mining is frequently linked to unethical working conditions and human rights violations. By selecting lab grown diamonds, you can be confident that your jewelry is free from exploitation and conflict.

Cost-effective: Lab grown diamonds are a good choice for individuals who desire a high quality diamond without paying a higher price because they are more affordable than natural diamonds.

Quality control: Although lab grown diamonds are created in a controlled setting, their uniformity and quality can be closely inspected to guarantee a high-quality and reliable product.

Variety: The ability to generate lab grown diamonds in various colors, sizes, and shapes gives buyers greater flexibility and alternatives when selecting ethical jewelry.

Diamonds produced in laboratories or artificially are widely considered sustainable and a growingly popular alternative. These stones are regarded as sustainable because they are not mined. We have chosen a few pieces from our curated collection of lab diamond jewelry that are sure to enhance the attractiveness of all your looks and feature the brilliance of lab diamonds and precious metals!

Tatiana Dangling Solitaire Lab Diamond Earrings

The Tatiana Diamond Earrings are a stunning pair of earrings. A trail of cascading, sparkling diamonds runs down the top of the earring design, connecting it to the lower end with a small diamond, giving an aura of delicacy to the piece.

Tatiana Dangling Solitaire Lab Diamond Earrings

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Flaire Halo Lab Diamond Pendant

The stunning solitaire in this fascinating Flaire pendant is surrounded by a pavé diamond halo.The fixed chain on the hook securely holds the pendant in place. With this glittering beauty, exude your sense of style, elegance, and the aroma of your personality.

Flaire Halo Lab Diamond Pendant

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Indigo Vintage Diamond Ring

The Indigo diamond ring is a classic and regal style, with a solitaire diamond securely held in place by four claw prongs. With a flowery design below it that is adorned with stars, the look of the ring is completed by the split shank with accented diamonds.

Indigo Vintage Diamond Ring

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Round Diamond Eternity Band

The epitome of a traditional eternity ring, it represents the promise of a lifetime commitment and eternal love. With this beautiful lab diamond eternity ring, round diamonds are embedded in shared prong settings that are similar to the band as a whole.

Round Diamond Eternity Band

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The diamonds, which create a gallery, are slightly elevated and have an exceptional side profile. This complete eternity ring is the ideal present for an event that represents the significant milestones in your relationship.

Lilac Pear Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A chic pear shaped gem trail placed beautifully in three prong settings is woven into the design of this tennis bracelet made of lab created diamonds. That's why if you are looking for a place to go for all your lab diamond requirements, the best place is the eco-friendly and fair trade jewelry brand Friendly Diamonds. Friendly Diamonds, located in New York, is proud of its gorgeous jewelry designs and eco-friendly lab diamonds. If you're looking for the right place to fulfill all of your diamond fantasies, check out our website right away!

Lilac Pear Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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