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Tuesday, Aug 08 2023

Trending Necklace Styles for the Fashion-Forward

Written by Shelby Montel

Trending Necklace Styles for the Fashion-Forward

Women tend to have a fondness for necklaces as they are a beautiful expression of their femininity. Considered to be valuable jewels and worn by humans for centuries now, these ornaments have a long history dating back to 4200 BCE, when they predominantly consisted of organic materials like feathers and shells.

In the 14th century, necklaces were embellished with gold and gems to signify fortune, influence, and prestige. Diamond-encrusted pendants became popular as soon as the hip-hop music emerged, and their popularity continued to grow with time. Today, there are countless necklace styles that can go with one’s all ensembles. The right style will accentuate your neckline and draw all the attention to it, bringing a sophisticated and graceful look to your attire.

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Growing Popularity of Lab Diamond Necklaces

Lab diamonds are becoming rapidly popular owing to consumers’ increased awareness about ethical violations prevalent in the diamond mining industry. Created using innovative technologies to simulate pressure and temperature conditions in which natural diamonds are formed, they possess the same physical, chemical, and visual characteristics as mined diamonds. Lab diamonds don't cause land degradation, deforestation, or other environmental impacts infamously linked with natural diamonds. Yet, they are equally as stunning and durable.

Traditional diamonds are also relatively expensive given their scarcity and arduous mining processes essential for extraction. On the other hand, lab diamonds present as a more affordable alternative that retain their gemstone qualities and look magnificent. Hence, lab diamond necklaces offer the opportunity to give a lovely, high-end gift without going over the budget.

diamond necklace


In recent years, many celebrities have embraced lab grown diamond jewelry as a more conscientious choice. They even adorned them on red carpets while adding them to their personal collections all the way. Among them are prominent personalities like Julia Roberts, Penélope Cruz, Emma Watson, Drake, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Kacey Musgraves. Due to their outstanding brilliance, cut, and sparkle, lab diamonds are precious objects that are worth treasuring for everyone.

Tips on Adorning Lab Diamond Necklaces

Often regarded as a luxurious and heartfelt jewelry item, lab diamond necklaces are classic accessories that can be donned in a variety of ways. Diamond studded necklaces can beautifully pair with strapless dresses, scoop-neck outfits, all types of gowns, and more. When worn with the appropriate attire for the right occasion, diamond necklaces can without a doubt accent a woman's personality. Different necklace styles work for different women and help them feel attractive. Appropriate necklace styles are capable of highlighting the collarbone too.

Since diamond pendants are adaptable to a wide range of styles, you can either select from a made-to-order collection, customize a premade necklace, or create one from scratch as per your liking. While selecting or creating your necklace, pre-defining your budget for the purchase can help you in making better choices. If your budget is already set, you'll be able to concentrate on the things you want to spend more money on. Depending on the desired carat, diamond shape, and metal alloy, the same necklace can have drastic cost differences.



Further while selecting your necklace, you can opt for styles such as three prongs, four prongs, five prongs, halo, or hidden accents. These settings firmly secure your diamonds in place while enhancing the allure of the neckpiece. Additionally, the cut and shape of the chosen diamonds can affect your necklace’s shine and brilliance. With regards to the diamond shape, you have ample options to consider such as princess, asscher, cushion, emerald, round, marquise, oval, pear, heart, and radiant. Lab diamond necklaces make a great choice for both gifting or personal wear. The symmetry created by these shapes can reflect, refract, and disperse light at varying degrees.

Unique Lab Diamond Necklaces For You

Purchasing your very first diamond necklace is a joyful endeavor. Lab diamond necklaces  are an essential for your jewelry collection simply because they are elegant, universal, and everlasting. They are undoubtedly the accessories worth your investment. So without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the statement necklaces offered by Friendly Diamonds!

Flaire Halo Lab Diamond Pendant

On its own, the Flaire Halo Lab Diamond Pendant is a true masterpiece. It has a dazzling diamond at the center, secured by a fixed chain and framed by a pavé of tiny diamonds - giving it its unique halo effect. Wearing this sparkling jewel will leave an impact wherever you go.

Flaire halo lab diamond pendant


Quartze Split Bail Solitaire Lab Diamond Pendant

The eye-catching solitaire diamond in this pendant is exquisitely encased in a four-prong setting, giving this piece a sleek and appealing aesthetic. The diamond is elegantly attached with a thin split bail and the pendant is appropriate for every occasion.

Quartze split bail pendant


Lucida Four Prong Lab Diamond Pendant

This Lucida Pendant is a bold statement piece that features a spectacular solitaire diamond secured by four prongs. The diamond is connected with a delicate bail that is paved with tiny scintillating diamonds. The chain slides through the bail's loop, allowing the pendant to hang wonderfully.

Lucida four prong pendant

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The above premade diamond-studded necklaces are unquestionably an ideal choice to offer as a gift or to wear on any occasion. However, as everyone has a distinct physical appearance as well as a uniquely aesthetic taste, at Friendly Diamonds we allow you to create distinct necklace styles that will fit the adorner’s true personality. To find the perfect necklace styles for gifting or personal wear, visit the Friendly Diamonds website today!