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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Your Guide To Online Jewelry Shopping

Written by Edmar Hendricks

Your Guide To Online Jewelry Shopping

Hesitant to go online jewelry shopping? We sure understand why. You're probably concerned about not getting what you exactly want when you go online jewelry shopping. You're also probably wondering, will the metal and gemstones be authentic? Is it worth it? And will you ever find what you are looking for? The solution is always to shop from a trusted and reputed online jewelry store like Friendly Diamonds. At Friendly Diamonds, you get transparency when you go online jewelry shopping for your favorite jewelry pieces, and you can do so with your mind at peace. You could be looking for a diamond engagement ring, wedding rings, bracelets, or other fine jewelry. Ultimately, you want quality and value for your money during the entire online jewelry shopping process. So if you're looking at how to go online jewelry shopping, here is your guide to shopping for jewelry online.


Pick an Online Jeweler with a User-Friendly Website

Online jewelry shopping should be easy and simple. This means the online brand offering its services should have a fully functional website that is easy to use and understand when you go online jewelry shopping. Friendly Diamonds has a simple user interface that allows you to pick and choose exactly what you want when you go online jewelry shopping. The website has simplified tabs that include engagement, lab diamonds, and jewelry tabs to categorize the jewelry you can shop online. The entire process of finding your jewelry piece is seamless. For example, under the engagement rings tab, you shall find an option where you can shop by metal, style, or start with a lab diamond.

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Under the shop by style tab, you will find categories that include solitaires, halos, three-stones, side stones, and vintage ring styles. Under the shop by metal tab, you shall find white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold categories. Platinum is also a choice of metal you can choose. Under the 'start with a lab diamond tab,' you shall find various lab diamond shapes, including round, princess, emerald, oval, heart, asscher, cushion, marquise, pear, and radiant shapes. These categories under the main tabs allow you to find a design that suits your taste in the easiest way possible. It lets you pick and choose a design that you think is conducive to your style.

Pick a Sustainable Jewelry Brand

We encourage you to choose an eco-friendly, sustainable lab diamond jewelry brand. Doing so makes you part of a community that focuses on a sustainable future for the planet. Mined diamonds are notorious for environmental degradation and conflicts. On the other hand, lab diamonds have the same physical and chemical composition as natural diamonds, leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the planet, and are absolutely conflict-free . They have the same brilliance and shine as mined diamonds and come at a more budget-friendly price, costing almost 40 to 70% cheaper.

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Choose a Brand That Only Sells Certified Diamonds

Certified diamonds are diamonds that come with a certificate of authenticity and have a detailed report of your diamond's cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. They also detail other specific things related to your diamond so that you know you are getting the real deal with your purchase. The certificate guarantees the quality and the genuineness of your diamonds when you go online jewelry shopping.Friendly Diamonds offers only certified diamonds certified by world-recognized diamond grading institutions like GIA, and IGI, to put you at ease when you go online jewelry shopping.



Pick a Jewelry Brand Offering a Wide Range of Product Categories

When going online jewelry shopping, make certain the online jewelry store offers a diverse selection of diamond jewelry. When you shop at Friendly Diamonds, you can explore a wide range of jewelry. The product categories include lab diamond engagement rings, loose diamonds, and sustainable fine jewelry pieces that include stud earrings, tennis bracelets, and pendants. Friendly Diamond's online jewelry store gives you the opportunity to explore a range of options to find a piece that resonates with your sense of style. And if you aren't satisfied, you can create your engagement ring, earrings, and pendants by selecting a jewelry setting along with a lab diamond shape and metal color.

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Pay Attention to Product Descriptions

When you go online jewelry shopping, it is best to have a detailed understanding of the product you are shopping for before you make your decision. Product descriptions give you an overview of the jewelry design you are interested in before adding it to your cart.

Look for Added Benefits

Always look for additional perks offered by the jewelry brand when you go online jewelry shopping. For example, here are the benefits of shopping with Friendly Diamonds:

Great Offers

Friendly Diamonds offers great deals when it comes to shopping for jewelry online. For example, the brand currently offers 30% OFF* on engagement ring settings and 40% OFF* on stud earrings.

Free Online Virtual Meet

The jewelry brand also offers a free virtual meeting with their diamond and jewelry specialist, who shall readily answer all your queries and guide you with all the intricate details concerning your jewelry shopping.

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Create Your Own Jewelry

Your jewelry, especially your engagement ring, is an extension of you. While Friendly Diamonds has an extensive range of over 200+ designs to choose from, you still have the opportunity to create your ring from scratch. The brand offers a simple three-step process where you just choose a ring setting, then pick a diamond shape of your liking and a metal color before completing your ring with an engraving in case you want to do so.

Budget Friendly

Friendly Diamonds offers jewelry at competitive price points. The brand is a firm believer that budgets should not be a constraint when it comes to online jewelry shopping. Lab diamonds available at Friendly Diamonds cost much less, almost 20 to 40 percent than other competitor websites. The brand also offers a price match in case you find a similar diamond in a competitor's online jewelry store after certain conditions are met.

Free Shipping

Friendly Diamonds also offers free shipping worldwide. The brand also offers free return shipping on return orders within the US.

Lifetime Warranty

At Friendly Diamonds, you get a free lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on custom-made and made-to-order jewelry. Ultimately, when you go online jewelry shopping, it's all about finding an online jeweler who understands your requirements and offers you a range of options in the most convenient way to create or own your favorite piece of jewelry. So always choose a reputable brand that guarantees quality and authenticity when you go online jewelry shopping. A great way to know more about the online jewelry retailer is to check out their customer reviews and social media handles so that you can gauge into how they conduct business and treat their customers.

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