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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Teardrop Engagement Rings: A Unique Ring Choice

Written by Karen Dunn

Teardrop Engagement Rings: A Unique Ring Choice

Looking to add a rare and spectacular touch to a classic engagement ring? If the answer is yes, then the vintage look of the teardrop engagement ring is the way to go. Here is a straightforward explanation for why the significant resurgence of this vintage yet extraordinary teardrop diamond ring is so fervently recommended: Despite being elegant and eye-catching, these bands manage to create an aura of excellence through the teardrop diamond rings as the form gives an elongated appearance to your finger for a more feminine appearance.

Regardless of size, teardrop diamond rings always seem to glimmer a little bit more than any other diamond shape ring.


The History of Pear Shape Diamond Rings or Teardrop Diamond Rings

Despite having a fairly modern appearance, this teardrop diamond ring and shape have roots that go back to Flanders in the middle of the fifteenth century. In 1475, Lodewyk Van Bercken, a Flemish (present-day Belgium) diamond cutter created the scaif, a wheel for polishing diamonds. His innovative creation could permanently change how diamonds are cut. He blazed the path for the eventual creation of intricate diamond cuts, thanks to the invention of the polishing wheel which allowed him to set facets on a rough diamond with perfect symmetry.

Since facets are what provide gemstones with light-emitting properties, his instrument completely altered the diamond business and how people viewed gemstones. In the same year, he also produced the first pear-shaped diamond or teardrop diamond ever. Pear-cut diamonds typically have 58 facets which help them keep their bright look and an incredibly brilliant shine. Post the invention of the pear-shaped diamond which happened more than 500 years ago, cutters worked diligently to establish the optimal length-to-width ratio to maximize the sparkle factor. But the number of facets that beautify the charm of a teardrop diamond ring or teardrop engagement ring has not changed since its inception.

Pear diamond ring

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After all these years, Van Bercken's pear-shaped diamond still has the same 58 facets he set as the industry standard. Traditional round brilliant cuts include 58 facets as well, however, some inventive cutters have used their creativity to produce additional facet designs for the round brilliant. However, it seems impossible to make the teardrop diamond shape better since it already is. Furthermore, teardrop engagement rings or teardrop diamond rings have a glamorous and lengthy history; in fact, one of history's most iconic diamonds with this elusive cut stands as one of them. The 69-carat pear-shaped Taylor-Burton Diamond was bought for actress Elizabeth Taylor by her former husband, Richard Burton. This opulent diamond, which has a value of around $20 million, was worn around the neck of the well-known actor at multiple red carpet occasions!

What Are Teardrop Shape Diamonds and Pear Shape Diamonds?

To better understand the intricacies of the pear-shaped stones on the teardrop engagement rings or teardrop diamond rings, you have to know that they have an elongated tapering end on one side and a rounded curve on the other. The round brilliant cut, used on the rounded end of the pear shape, and the marquise cut, used on the tapering end of the pear shape, are combined into one brilliant modified cut for this diamond form.

teardrop ring

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Diamonds with a pear shape are also called teardrop diamonds due to their resemblance to the structure of a teardrop. Hence, the terms "pear" and "teardrop" are used to refer to the shape of this diamond, which, as mentioned before, when viewed from above, gives a similar look to that of a pear or a teardrop.

What Does the Teardrop Diamond Shape Stand For?

The classic, vintage cut of the pear-shaped diamond, when perched on a teardrop diamond ring or a teardrop engagement ring, symbolizes an emotional connection or link. It is a dazzling cut, like the round cut, and is recognized for its tremendous shine.

pear engagement rings

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These loose diamonds have a teardrop shape and combine the greatest qualities of marquise and round cuts. The pear design is more distinctive. Therefore it frequently symbolizes the wearer's strong character, sense of individuality, and unique fashion sense. These gemstones are also said to represent happy tears or bridal tears, both of which are suitable options for an engagement ring.

The Symmetry of Pear Diamonds

According to their length-to-width ratio, pear cut diamonds can either be short or long, with a ratio of 1.50 being ideal. For pear cut diamonds, more so than for other fancy shapes, symmetry and the positioning of any inclusions are particularly significant characteristics. The symmetry of a pear shaped diamond in a teardrop diamond ring or a teardrop engagement ring is crucial. Imagine a vertical line running from a pear-shaped diamond's tip through the center of its rounded end while observing it from above. The diamond should exactly mirror itself on each side of this line. Check for symmetry before you buy to guarantee you obtain a teardrop diamond ring or a teardrop engagement ring you'll adore since if there is a lack of symmetry, it will be instantly apparent, and the diamond will seem crooked or "wrong".

Symmetry of Pear Diamonds

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Pros and Cons of Pear Shape Diamonds

A positive point of the pear-cut or teardrop diamonds is that they are bigger than certain other diamond shapes, such as the conventional round brilliant, because of their longer form. Therefore, they have more surface area and can be of better value compared to the other diamond shapes.

Even though they seem larger per carat than other rings with diamonds, the stunning teardrop form might also make them more fragile. The teardrop engagement ring's relatively tiny, sharp tip makes it prone to damage. It is necessary to place a prong at the pointed edge of the pear-shaped diamond to guard its sharp tip from damage. The point of the stone can be protected from shattering or chipping when worn by using a prong, v-prong, or using a bezel setting around the entire stone.

Moreover, a teardrop diamond ring might include a pear-shaped center stone which may occasionally appear unbalanced and weighty on one side because the pear-shaped diamonds' symmetry is not evenly spaced compared to the pointed side and the rounded side." As the diamond may be worn horizontally (east-west), up or down (north-south), or slightly off-center, a pear shape might seem simply adaptable.

A Guide to Buying Your Perfect Pear Shape or Teardrop Diamond

There is no one right method to wear a pear-shaped diamond, although this is a frequently asked query. When you wear a teardrop engagement ring, you can decide which way to point the diamond because it only "points" in one direction. Most individuals opt to set their diamond in a ring with the point facing the fingertips. However, there is no one "correct" way to wear a pear.

Because of the way pear-shaped diamonds are cut, there will always be a dark region surrounding the core of the diamond that resembles a bow tie. This phenomenon is known as the "bow-tie effect," and it should be taken into consideration when you look for pear-shaped engagement rings.

All pear-shaped diamonds have a bow tie, a shadow that falls in the center of the diamond shaped like a bow tie. However, some stones have stronger bow ties than others. Some pear-shaped diamonds have noticeable bow ties, while others have nearly unnoticeable ones. Be aware of the bow-tie effect when you seek a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring so that you may choose one with a modest to negligible bow tie.

Guide to Buying Pear Shape or Teardrop Diamond

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You'll notice that some pear-shaped diamonds are more long and thin while others are wider when you browse for them. This is due to each diamond's length-to-width ratio. A traditional pear-shaped diamond's length-to-breadth ratio will be between 1.50 and 1.75. Nevertheless, one cannot narrow down the ring to produce the "best" length-to-width ratio for a pear-shaped diamond; the ideal way to obtain the perfect diamond shape is by customizing the diamond that's best suited for you.

Further, if you are looking for sustainable lab diamonds to cater to your teardrop engagement ring or teardrop diamond ring needs, then with Friendly Diamonds, you can make your dream ring come true! Friendly Diamonds is an eco-friendly online brand based in the United States with a wide range of lab-grown diamond rings and other fine jewelry.

If you wish to look more into some of the popular choices of teardrop diamond ring or teardrop engagement ring that is loved and adored by many, below is a list of some beautiful rings with teardrop-shaped diamonds as their center stone.

Anastasia Halo Diamond Ring

The Anastasia diamond ring has a unique pear-cut center diamond placed within a halo of diamonds. This teardrop diamond ring adds an exquisite touch to your outfit when adorned with yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold metal settings.

Anastasia Halo Diamond Ring

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Jannel Tapering Solitaire Ring

This teardrop engagement ring, the Jannel diamond ring, is a magnificent work of art that displays a four-prong basket that perfectly frames the well-cut diamond solitaire while providing total security. The ring's modest yet elegant tapering precious metal band has a subtle domed look that adds to its seductive charm.

Jannel Tapering Solitaire Ring

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Emery Three Stone Side Cushion Diamond Ring

A breathtaking pear-shaped solitaire is expertly carved into the exquisite Emery diamond ring's center, where it rests elegantly. The four-prong-basket teardrop engagement ring has successfully included the center solitaire. This teardrop diamond ring has a lovely appearance thanks to the finely tapered shank and side stone cushions.

Emery Three Stone Side Cushion Diamond Ring

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Venetia Half Eternity Diamond Ring

The Venetia diamond ring stands as a classic as this teardrop engagement ring design features a pear-cut diamond solitaire perched within four prongs, bringing out the center stone's brilliance. With a classic eternity band of pave set diamonds flowing across both sides of the ring, this teardrop diamond ring is ideal for soon-to-be brides of all ages.

Venetia Half Eternity Diamond Ring

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Janes Chevron Diamond Ring

Lastly, this teardrop engagement ring, the Janes Chevron diamond ring, is a gorgeous solitaire ring that gives a traditional band a contemporary twist. The central diamond is artfully held in place beneath the ring by claw prongs. One of the most well-liked options among millennials is this teardrop diamond ring because of its rare form.

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