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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Discover the Most Popular Engagement Rings in 2022

Written by Karen Dunn

Discover the Most Popular Engagement Rings in 2022

Cushion cut or ovals, vintage or modern, naturally grown or lab created what kind of diamond ring would you prefer?  When purchasing brilliant-cut diamond jewelry, there are numerous possibilities available, especially if you're looking for a special piece exclusively for you or for the day you say "I do." Moreover, no matter if you're in full-on shopping mode or perusing the market for something that attracts the eye, 2022's most popular engagement ring trends demand deeper consideration.  Jewelry fashion typically changes more slowly than those in your closet's, like the  stylish clothes, shoes, and purses. However, there have been some significant variations in the most popular engagement ring types this year, with hits such as elongated diamonds in all, yellow gold, and non-traditional designs remaining steady. Therefore we have curated a list of topics for you to browse from so that you can shop just the best.  


Oval Is Your Way to Go

Oval center stone rings will remain at the forefront because they have consistently been among the most popular engagement rings. Due to the way the oval lengthens and flattens practically any finger, making this stone a modern classic choice.  Due to its delicate edges, the center diamond sparkles brilliantly when accentuated by a pavé or halo setting. Oval diamond solitaire engagement rings often feature a trend that will always be in style. They have been seen on the hands of royals for centuries and are frequently worn by celebrated personalities. Below are some of the most popular engagement rings in the oval cut shape:

oval diamond ring


Elle Classic Halo Diamond

The Elle diamond ring is a traditional halo ring with a solitaire diamond held in place by prongs and surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Fine pavé set diamonds are adorned on the prongs. The ring's band also features two beautiful diamonds that are pavé-set midway through each side of the band.

Four Prong Solitaire Diamond Ring

The most traditional engagement ring design is the four prong solitaire. Four thin prongs hold the main diamond firmly in place while showcasing its complete splendor.  The ring has a sleek metal band that enables a range of matching bands to suit it.

Never Go Wrong with a Pavé Setting

The ring and the band have the recent trend of being encrusted with small diamonds. The perfect setting gives the band the appearance of a solid diamond surface. If you want to highlight the sparkle, consider pavé engagement rings. These rings can either have pavé settings on the band's whole surface or just the upper side, which can be referred to as full pavé and half pavé, respectively. The diamonds are frequently so small that they often look like a single glittering surface with a large center stone perched elegantly in the center. 

Their exceptional charm makes them the perfect choice for a bride who isn't afraid to stand out. The lavish magnificence of pavé set engagement rings is nothing less than breathtaking. We have added some of our favorite Friendly Diamond rings below to help you pick the most popular engagement rings to highlight your special day with a pavé touch.

Sandra Side Stone Diamond Ring

For people who are lively and energetic, the Sandra diamond ring is a great option. Side stones are positioned at a small angle on both sides of this glossy and gorgeous design, which has a central solitaire set in a four prong basket.  The ring's cathedral shank, which features a striking high polished pavé wall, is a lovely addition. With this alluring ring, you may boost your self-assurance and elevate your engagement ensemble.

Sandra Side Stone Diamond Ring

SHOP Sandra Side Stone Diamond Ring

Charm Of Love Eternity Diamond Ring

Another one of the most popular engagement rings is the Charm of Love diamond ring. It is simple yet elegant, with four angular prongs set low on the band holding the solitaire diamond in place. While featuring a straightforward, contemporary band that is accentuated with accent diamonds that flow on either side of the center stone in a pavé setting.

Charm Of Love Eternity Diamond Ring

Charm Of Love Eternity Diamond Ring

All Good Things Come in Three

Often when going for subtle looks with jewelry, less is more, yet sometimes more is less. Adding more than one sparkling stone on a ring is becoming part of some of the most popular engagement rings trends, no matter what style you opt to adorn. 

three stone rings

explore three stone rings

The three stone setting, sometimes also understood as the "trilogy," is a traditional form for engagement rings. The three stones settings strongly symbolize the past, present, and future in a relationship. If you can't decide between stones or want the ring to make the loudest statement, you can choose for new versions of the traditional three stone engagement ring trend. No band is ever too crowded, whether it has a classic solitaire diamond or a center stone with two diamonds on either side. Three stone side diamond rings have become more in demand due to their elegant appearance and ability to further enhance their beauty. To help you, we have selected the most popular engagement rings from our exclusive collection.

Bethany Diamond Ring

You may flaunt your allure with the enticing Bethany diamond ring, which features two magnificent oval cut diamonds set along both ends of its three stone solitaire ring design. The delicately separated shank of this exquisite diamond engagement ring permits a gorgeous addition of a custom band.

Intricacy Diamond Ring

The Intricacy Diamond ring is a perfect example of a three stone ring. Four prongs firmly hold the jewels. On either side of the main diamond are smaller diamonds. The ring has a stylish, trendy metal band that allows for a variety of complementary bands to fit it.

Think about Adding a Different Metal Hue

One of the most popular engagement ring styles right now for those looking for an attractive yet stunning band made of white gold.  White gold, which has a color that matches with that of a diamond, is made by alloying yellow gold and silver. The main advantage of the white gold band is that it is extremely versatile. Any gemstone's color will be enhanced by white gold, making it appear even more brilliant. White gold is a classic pick if you want a durable and exceptional ring at an affordable price than platinum or other rare metals. Moreover, yellow gold is conventionally the most valuable metal. It is one of the popular engagement ring band options because it appeals to people who want its rich elegance and durability.

engagement rings

create your own engagement ring

Usually, yellow gold is created by combining pure gold with another white metal (or metals) to craft jewelry that is more resilient and has the desired color tone. The most recent urban legacies are the showy yellow gold jewelry of the 1970s disco period and the 1980s rap music. The original style of yellow gold persists and evokes images of tradition and majesty. The metal suffered a downturn in the 1990s as more individuals switched to white, cool metals. However, much like other trends, yellow gold is returning in a big way for those popular engagement rings and wedding bands. Similarly, rose gold is an alloy made of yellow gold, copper, and silver. The delicate combination of red and pink perfectly captures the tenderness and has a serene, beautiful quality. This explains why fashion jewelry's most popular gold setting is rose gold. Due to its historical charm and romantic meaning, rose gold is the metal of preference among brides.

Spice It Up with a Customized Ring

Personalized, limited-edition with the tag of most popular engagement rings that blend creativity and fashion with the past and present have grown in recent years. Lately, most popular engagement rings are completely personalized, and designers promote this unorthodox and quirky growth of engagement rings. So instead of waiting for someone else to bring up your once-in-a-lifetime love, why not do it yourself? Combine pieces from many styles that you like to make a ring that is uniquely yours and your partner's. Create a DIY wedding ring!

customized ring

customize your own ring

Pick an Ethical Engagement Ring 

It is extremely pertinent to know that the valuable stones of the future are lab created diamonds. Lab created diamonds were popular before 2022, but in recent years the demand and craze for these eco-friendly diamonds has become an even more appealing alternative for ring purchasers. Due to their alluring cost and superior quality, lab grown diamonds are the top item on the wish lists of diamond fans, especially those on a limited budget. This passion for diamonds doesn't seem to be waning; in fact, sales of lab created diamonds have been gradually increasing over the past few years.

Natural and lab grown diamonds are 100% chemically and physically similar, despite their varied places of origin. The price difference results from the fact that it is far simpler and faster to create a diamond in a lab than it is to find and extract one from the earth's core. Regardless of how they are made, their quality, toughness, and brilliance are all the same once they are delivered to your door. Because of this, we believe that lab created diamonds are the ultimate life-saving jewels.

If you want all of your engagement ring fantasies to come true, choosing Friendly diamonds may be the best course of action. This US-based, environmentally-conscious online jewelry company has a knack for diamonds. With the help of our knowledgeable gemologist and special lab diamonds, you can quickly locate engagement rings that are sure to dazzle you. Select eco-friendly lab grown diamond jewelry for your special day with that special someone.