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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

Shop Irresistible Anniversary Gifts for Her

Written by Karen Dunn

Shop Irresistible Anniversary Gifts for Her

Are you looking to woo your sweetheart with an ideal anniversary gift? Perhaps diamonds are the answer to your question. Most women these days prefer to wear subtle jewelry that is suitable for almost every event, earrings and pendants with exquisite gems are, undoubtedly, the best options. Something your partner will cherish forever.  And if you are into valuable stones associated with wedding day anniversaries, you have stumbled upon the right blog for your anniversary gift ideas. The 10th anniversary gift is represented by the precious diamond stone that reflects the love and endurance of your union. If you and your spouse are planning to replace your engagement ring, then your 10th wedding anniversary is just the right time to do so. With the customized diamond jewelry as your anniversary gift, it is a smart approach to give your special day a more invaluable meaning.

Further, coming up with anniversary gift ideas is a lot simpler as you'll be shopping from the diamond jewelry line for your anniversary gifts. This is sure to add an advantage to your anniversary gift ideas.  For those who are on a tight budget, lab diamonds that are attractive and affordable for the wedding anniversary gift ideas are also present in the Friendly Diamonds collection. In addition, regardless of their taste and choice in jewelry or gifts, there is certainly a wedding anniversary gift that is appropriate for your spouse’s liking present in the inventory. A sparkling gift to add that glistening shine to your anniversary gift ideas, there are a ton of choices available at Friendly Diamonds for you to pick from. The designs in our online jewelry store range from modern fashionable jewelry to traditional gifts. Below is a list crafted to guide you through the selection process of your anniversary jewelry present shopping.


What Do Anniversary Gift Ideas Represent?

It is inevitable that every new year your marriage completes, it is a special accomplishment to be celebrated. In case you have yet to notice, certain unique gemstone themes also highlight certain years to help you choose the right anniversary gift ideas. There are some presents that are perfect to sweep her off her feet, perhaps a candle light dinner with a charming bottle of wine or those concert tickets to their favorite artist.  However, you can never go wrong with those personalized anniversary gift ideas with a hint of traditional and modern essence.

Therefore, even while the gifts you receive on your anniversary may initially be simple, they eventually become more significant and start to mean much more as you invest more in your relationship. The tradition of presenting a fixed anniversary gift depending on how long you've been married goes back to the Victorian period, despite rumors that it dates all the way back to ancient Rome. Post the first five years of your wedding, the tenth, fifteenth, twentieth, and so on, anniversaries are celebrated. Once you arrive at your 30 year mark, it moves to every 10 years like 40th, 50th, 60th anniversary, and so on.

A lot of married couples also opt to mark their first wedding anniversary as a significant occasion. Therefore, it is important that you and your spouse determine how to celebrate each anniversary by choosing the ideal present. Listed below are some stunning anniversary gift ideas from the jewelry categories that you can consider while planning for your anniversary gifts.

Why Should You Opt for Diamond Pendants?

The diamond, a symbol of perfection and endurance, survives the ages while maintaining its infinite beauty. A diamond pendant is a striking present that symbolizes constancy, loyalty, and eternity. The main idea of the diamond pendant is its elegance and subtle charm. There are uncountable reasons to buy a diamond pendant necklace. However, by adding these dainty diamond pendants, you cannot go wrong with your dearly curated list of anniversary gift ideas. Below are two of the most adored and loved diamond pendants at Friendly Diamonds that will make sure your anniversary gift ideas sparkle away on your special day. 



Globe Slider Diamond Pendant

The exquisite circular basket and bezel setting of the Globe Slider lab diamond pendant brings out the sparkle of the solitary diamond in this bold, original design. This diamond globe slider pendant is the ideal style choice for those who are up for an adventure filled with sparkles.

Allure Bezel Lab Diamond Pendant

Unquestionably beautiful, the Allure bezel pendant features a magnificent solitaire diamond set in a bezel setting with a chic basket holding the diamond in place. The dangling clasp gives this lab-grown diamond pendant a unique charm. 

How to Pair Diamond Stud Earrings with Your Anniversary Gifts?

In the popular words of Marilyn Monroe, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," and for a good cause. Every woman desires to look classy and sophisticated. The right earrings work to enhance their charm and beauty while also emboldening their fashion style.

If you are to choose the finest diamond jewelry for your anniversary gift ideas, it is sure to augment your lady's beauty no matter the occasion. Women are captivated by the natural beauty and brilliance that come with diamond stud earrings. Any style can be complemented by these studs and they look fantastic on women of all ages.  Lately, ladies have preferred diamond stud earrings the most. That's why we have listed below some of the best lab diamond stud earrings that are sure to simplify your decision. 

Heart Diamond Stud Earrings

These gorgeous diamond stud earrings, in the form of a heart, represent dedication, love, and passion.  The three-prong setting of the heart-shaped lab diamonds, supported by a sturdy hold, gives a secure and majestic image.

stud earrings

SHOP Heart Diamond Stud Earrings

Pear Diamond Stud Earrings

The very first morning dewdrop is exactly what is represented by pear-shaped diamonds. A three-prong basket secures the diamond in position, highlighting its stunning beauty from all angles in this set of stylish diamond stud earrings.  With these brilliant pairs of lab diamond stud earrings, your partner is bound to embrace brilliance on those special events. A fine choice for those looking for exceptional anniversary ideas.

Pear Diamond Stud Earrings

Pear Diamond Stud Earrings

What Do Diamond Tennis Bracelets Say about Your Union?

If you are someone looking for a sparkling and attractive anniversary gift idea that would delicately be adorned on your lady's wrist you might want to consider diamond tennis bracelets. Often the bracelet that features a round, precious diamond takes the cake. The diamonds are placed gently together on prongs, which secure them flawlessly.

Tennis Bracelets

SHOP LAB DIAMOND Tennis Bracelets

The row of diamonds placed over the bracelet creates the quintessential tennis diamond bracelet. This can eventually be added to the anniversary gift ideas you choose for your loved one. The Diamond tennis bracelets listed below are some of the expertly crafted jewelry by skilled jewelry designers for you to make the best choice.

Everlyn Diamond Tennis Bracelet

The Everlyn Diamond Tennis Bracelet features a stunning single row of beautiful oval cut diamonds perched gorgeously in a four prong setting, securely holding the priceless gemstone in place. This timeless and vintage bracelet brings out exceptional craftsmanship and is perfect for any anniversary gift ideas as well as for those special celebrations.

Nemy Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This glittering Nemy half bezel round lab diamond tennis bracelet has a single row of gorgeous diamonds set in an appealing sparkly look.  This fascinating bracelet has a flexible and versatile look to it that delicately glides along on your wrist.

How to Seal It Yet Again with a Precious Anniversary Gift for Her?

A wonderful jewelry present is without a doubt a ring. It adds immense value to a special occasion or anniversary in your marriage. The sparkling ring’s band, which is the perfect anniversary gift for her, is usually set with multiple diamonds or gemstones. Furthermore, there are many reasons to select an anniversary gift for her, which means several design options to celebrate your special day.  The fundamental significance of a ring that you plan to use as an anniversary gift for her is significantly to celebrate happiness and love with your partner.  You go through various phases in your familial life, however those special anniversary gifts for her are sure to put a smile on your partner's face no matter what phase you both are going through.

Ultimately, you can celebrate your years of togetherness and seal it by buying an anniversary gift for her. The best option you can consider is that anniversary gift for her that features a diamond shape that accommodates your love and symbolizes your dedication. It tries to bring together the ideas, feelings, and memories you've gained throughout your marriage. That's just why we have hand picked some unique and special diamond rings to go with your anniversary gift ideas.

Twisted Vine Diamond Ring

The Twisted Vine diamond band displays a single diamond that is perched on a V-shaped prong basket.  The metal band replaces a line of pave-set diamonds that runs midway down both sides of the band. Hence, making it one of the most adored anniversary gifts for her to choose.

Twisted Vine Diamond Ring

get Twisted Vine Diamond Ring for her

Celeste Side Oval Diamond Ring 

The Celeste side oval diamond ring is the best eternity anniversary band which displays an exquisite oval side stone and a central solitaire set in a four prong basket.  The diamonds are sophisticatedly perched on the prongs. This anniversary gift for her is, without a doubt, the best option for marking your lady's dream come true with a touch of passion and a promise for an eternity.

Celeste side oval diamond ring

Celeste side oval diamond ring

You can easily find more flawless diamond anniversary gifts at Friendly Diamonds, a New York based eco-friendly jewelry shop, which will make your loved ones feel valued.  This brand is perfect for all of your gifts you plan to present to your spouse or partner because it uses lab-created diamonds, which are conflict-free and less harmful to the environment than natural diamonds.