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Wednesday, Apr 05 2023

A Guide to Princess Cut Vs. Cushion Cut

Written by Karen Dunn

A Guide to Princess Cut Vs. Cushion Cut

In a room full of jewelry fashionistas, standing out is definitely not an easy move. The more unique you are, the better! When talking about diamonds, although round diamonds remain a timeless favorite, more and more couples are now choosing non-round or fancy-shaped diamonds to give a touch of originality to their engagement ring. Popularly, the Princess cut and Cushion cut diamonds are both considered an ideal kind of fancy shape. To help you maneuver your way through these one-of-a-kind designs, we have curated a simplified guide below!


Princess Cut Vs. Cushion Cut Diamonds: How Are They Shaped?

The  Princess and Cushion cuts as mentioned above are considered to be fancy shapes because they deviate from the traditional round shape, which is the most popular shape in case of diamonds. Inherently, there are quite a few similarities between the two yet when analyzed in depth, these diamond cuts have some distinctive quality that sets them apart. The Princess cut diamonds, as widely understood, are characterized by their geometric and sharp square shape. They often showcase a sophisticated style with four sharp edges and powerful angular lines which also feature a protruding pyramid-like appearance. Israel Itzkowitz and Betazel Ambar created the Princess cut diamond in 1980. Until then, the Quadrillion and the French cut (which were two early versions of the square shaped stone) served as the precursors of Princess cut diamonds.

Having a magnificent amount of fire akin to the Round or Cushion cut diamond, the Princess cut stands as an incredibly adored diamond shape. It is also one of the most popular choices after these two cuts despite its rare geometric square cut.  Coming to the Cushion diamonds, these are easily identifiable through their distinctively squircle form. Although not in the shape we are familiar with today, the Cushion cut dates back to the 1700s. The Old Mine cut, a diamond form created by a Venetian polisher - Vincent Peruzzi, was the forerunner of the Cushion cut diamond. In order to allow the diamond to display its full brightness, Peruzzi raised the number of facets from 17 in a Round Rose cut to 33 in this one.

cushion cut


Many jewelers discovered that the Cushion cut's squircle shape was relatively simpler to master than crafting a round diamond which required incredible efforts.  The 58 facets on the modern Cushion diamonds give them their incredible brightness and fire. Therefore, the Cushion cut diamond has now become one of the most popular diamond shapes. This shape stands out because it is one of the few diamond cuts that combine geometric lines and roundness, quite similar to the radiant cut. The cushion cut engagement rings are named so as they resemble a pillow and have a soft square form. 

Princess Cut Vs. Cushion Cut: What Are Their Facet Patterns?

A diamond needs to have a specific number of facets in order to achieve the Princess cut or Cushion cut’s  renowned level of brightness. The Princess cut, with over 58 or 76 facets, is the square variant of the brilliant Round cut. To understand this a bit more technically, the pavilion and crown facets of the Princess cut diamond, when cut in different ways, help it in exuding radiance. The configuration of the pavilion's two, three, or four chevrons or the v-shaped facets affect how the light gets reflected. The Princess cut diamond has a lot of shine and looks extremely dazzling but its degree of scintillation isn't as high, making it ideal for individuals who want a subtle sparkling effect.

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At the same time, some people desire a Princess cut diamond with three chevron shaped facet arrangements which provide a good balance of brightness and dispersion by reflecting greater bursts of light. In contrast, the Cushion cut has 58 facets, each of which scatters light and gives the stone a dazzling, lively look. Classic Cushion cuts include four to eight facets in the pavilion, which together form a pattern resembling a Round cut. Modified Cushion cuts, on the other hand, are Cushion cuts with an additional row of facets. The amazing scintillation that can be achieved through these facets is referred to as the "crushed ice" look. A modified Cushion cut contains more fire even though it is regarded to have less brilliance than a Round cut.

Princess Cut Vs. Cushion Cut: Which Side Stones Suit the Best?

A Princess cut diamond has a modern, contemporary shape with very sharp side cuts, which is why these and the Baguette diamond side accents are often suggested as great side stones. Another choice is to use tapering baguettes which would provide a smaller, more delicate look to the diamond. The Princess cut's brilliant shape showcases an intricate design, similar to a Step cut trapezoid. It brings along pointed angular lines which complement the whole engagement ring. Further, there are various methods to craft an engagement ring with a Cushion cut diamond compared to the Princess cut because it is an adaptable gemstone. The best example of the same can be Megan Markle’s famous three stone engagement ring

A center Cushion diamond looks stunning with two Round brilliant side stones. At the same time, two smaller Cushion cuts or Pear shaped diamonds complement the center stone equally. However, being a personal preference of many, a halo setting is also widely popular for Cushion cut engagement rings. Here, the central stone is surrounded by smaller accent diamonds adding sparkling brilliance to its design. This setting is excellent for maximizing the diamond's look and giving you your money's worth. It draws attention to the Cushion cut diamond and makes it appear larger than its actual size. Looking for some stunning Princess cut or Cushion cut diamonds can be a tedious task. 

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