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Friday, Feb 23 2024

Real-life Engagement Stories: Testimonials from Friendly Diamonds.

Written by Thomas Cooper

Real-life Engagement Stories: Testimonials from Friendly Diamonds.

We are here to tell you some of the most heartwarming real-life engagement stories and testimonials from Friendly Diamonds. We love all the stories that come to us, followed by constructive feedback. In this blog, you might find love confessions, proposal stories and inspiration, ring ideas, and lots of romance-oriented tales. 

Please note: We love all the real-life engagement stories that come to us; these are just a select few.

Table of Content:

Love At First Date: Thomas & Carlie

Isn’t it great to meet someone for the first time and click instantly? Thomas already knew how special Carlie was on their first date. After only dating for a few months, he knew that she was the one and that he wanted to marry her in the future. Three years into the relationship, Carlie walked home from work and saw tons of memorabilia from every date that they had been on, and there was Thomas at the end of the walkway on one knee to pop the question. He stumbled through the words but heard the most beautiful ‘yes’ from Carlie. 

They found the engagement ring incredible, were very happy about it, and had a stress-free and enjoyable experience with Friendly Diamonds.

Thomas & Carlie

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Accidental Proposal: Jacob & Kiri

If you’re a fan of accidental proposals, this is going to be your favorite story. Jacob and Kiri took a trip to the Grand Canyon, where Jacob originally planned to propose. But as we all know, pre-planned things can take a turn at any minute. On their little trip up to the snow for the weekend, he started to panic about where to hide the ring box and how exactly he would propose. This was Jacob’s first trip to the Big Canyon, and he couldn’t decide how to go about it with his proposal, so there were some last-minute changes in his plans. They went back home.

Jacob & Kiri

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Once they got home after their day outing, Kiri went out to get some firewood, and when she got back, she saw a note that said, “Kiri Stand here.” She nonchalantly thought that Jacob was playing a prank like ‘silly string’ or something similar. But to her surprise, he propped up his phone and started recording all her reactions. Jacob then came down the stairs, got down on one knee, and asked Kiri to be his wife in their first home together. The moment turned out to be one of the favorite and most amazing ones of their lives. It was the easiest decision Kiri ever had to make. 

They loved their Friendly Diamonds ring and found that it was perfect for them.

Love was Always Around the Corner: Fulton & Caroline

Fulton and Caroline have one of those real-life engagement stories where you've known someone all your life but never hung out with them one-on-one. But when you finally do, you realize that you have found the one you’ve been waiting for all your life. The same has happened with Fulton and Caroline. Their real-life engagement story sounds straight out of a rom-com series. 

They lived in the same hometown, went to the same church, had the same group of family friends, and even went to the same college, all of this while only knowing who the other person was.

Fulton & Caroline

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After school, the two of them moved back to their hometown, and when Fulton saw Caroline there, he couldn’t help but ask her on a date. And what do you know? 10 months later, he is leading her up the stairs to their favorite rooftop bar in Fort Worth, Texas, to ask her to be his wife and spend the rest of their lives together.

Decades of Love: Carlos & Debbie

Carlos and Debbie have such a heartwarming tale; they have been together for 17 years and decided to tie the knot only recently. They had known each other for almost two decades and were waiting for the right time to have a perfect wedding day. They have 2 boys, and only last year they decided to get married. After a beautiful beach wedding with their boys, they spent months looking for their dream ring. Carlos and Debbie always had a vision for their ring and ended up having a great experience with Friendly Diamonds. 

They found our services customer-focused and had a great shopping experience.

Words from Carlos & Debbie: “They are truly customer-focused and go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your purchase!”

Carlos & Debbie

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Modern Day Romance: Vatsal & Roshni

A modern-day romance that connects you through dating apps can be fruitful and bring you so much joy. Vatsal and Roshni met through one such app, started dating, and stood the test of time and distance. Their long-distance relationship was as strong as ever, even after two years had passed. They shared common interests, but one of them was to travel together. Little did Roshni expect; she received a grand proposal on her next trip with Vatsal to Paris.

With the gorgeous Eiffel Tower as the backdrop, set against a glowing night in Paris, Roshni said “yes” to her forever. 

Vatsal’s ring choice for Roshni makes her very happy; she found the center oval shaped diamond beautifully surrounded by a halo. She loved her ring and the proposal so much that she still experiences disbelief that she is engaged.

Vatsal & Roshni

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These real-life engagement stories and testimonials from Friendly Diamonds are the inspiration and reason behind our actions. We truly believe that our customers must receive the beautiful ring of their dreams. 

We specialize in customizing, personalizing, and engraving your piece of jewelry to make it truly yours. We present diamond jewelry of the highest quality with an absolutely beautiful collection, ensuring that our customers love the ring that they choose. 

These real-life engagement stories and testimonials from Friendly Diamonds are a constant inspiration for us to showcase our dedication to crafting masterpieces that you will fall in love with as well. :)