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Monday, Feb 26 2024

How to Choose Bridal Earrings for Your Wedding

Written by Jason Kirk

How to Choose Bridal Earrings for Your Wedding

Your proposal took place and it could not have gone any better! It was a joyous affair with happy tears, preceded by a ring that sparkled in your eyes. Now that you have said “yes” to a lifetime's worth of happiness, you will surely shift your focus to setting a date for your wedding and then start the hunt for the perfect dress and jewelry.

Even though your wedding dress will be the focal point of your ensemble, it is not the only part of your outfit that will matter. That is because, apart from the white dress, the right kind of jewelry and accessories can enhance the entire look, thus, making you appear more coordinated. The right kind of jewelry like a necklace or a gorgeous pair of bridal earrings, also helps in showcasing your real personality. 

Therefore, it becomes crucial for all brides to put special effort and thought into curating their bridal jewelry. The jewelry brides pay their most attention to is their earrings, which are also in focus along with their faces. Many a time, we see that brides, in the effort of trying to put together their special day wedding as perfectly as possible, purchase last-minute fashion jewelry in a rush. 

However, it is crucial to invest the same amount of time in finding wedding earrings for the bride because they will last for the longest time. Bridal earrings have the potential to become treasured heirlooms.

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Every bride visualizes her wedding day as full of glitz and glamor. The wedding reception and rituals add dreaminess to her big day, but apart from that, it’s her outfit and jewelry that will make her shine the brightest! Brides-to-be usually start by hunting for their wedding dresses and then selecting what kind of jewelry to pair them with. Almost every bride’s go-to piece of jewelry is made out of dazzling diamonds.

Dazzling Diamonds.

The diamond jewelry, be it the bridal earrings, necklace, or rings, should be in harmony with the wedding dress without looking too bold or overpowering. Additionally, the ideal bridal earrings and other diamond jewelry should be comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day for several hours. 

When it comes to buying diamond jewelry, we understand that customers have several sets of questions in their minds, with the price being the first one. To this end, we say that investing in lab diamond jewels is the right step because it not only allows you to own the brilliance of a diamond but the price does not leave a dent in your wallet.

Our jewelry experts have put together a fun guide on different and charming types of earrings that every bride should consider for their special day. From daring drop earrings to adorable diamond studs, you can find numerous styles in our style guide. We also have some mini styling tips ready for you to select the ideal bauble for your wedding day.

What Are the Most Popular Types of Bridal Earrings?

There are various styles of bridal earrings that you can choose from, but some are more befitting for weddings than for other occasions.

The Classic Stud Earrings

As we all know, the studs have reigned supreme when it comes to the diamond jewelry game. These trinkets feature a gemstone in the middle and fit the earlobe snuggly without any dangling. Since they do not hang down, many people find them highly comfortable to wear, even during weddings. If you are someone who has planned a wedding with the minimalist trend in mind, then diamond stud earrings will bring out the elegance and simplicity of your gown.

Stud Earrings

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Dynamic Drop Earring

Drop earrings are another type of bridal jewelry that most women reach out for. They hang past the earlobe but stay stationary when worn. Diamond drop earrings are set in unique and interesting designs that showcase the beauty of the gemstone. This type of bridal jewelry has an elegant look to it and can be customized in any way the bride wants.

 Create Your Own Earring

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Swaying Dangle Earrings

While dangle earrings also hang down past the earlobe, they are usually longer than drop earrings. The extra oomph comes from their feature of being more flashy yet slender and sleek, with swaying movement.

Circular Serenity of Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are looked at as another classic and traditional earpiece that many brides-to-be prefer to add to their bridal jewelry arsenal. Their infinite loop shape comes in a wide variety of sizes and designs. With the radiance of diamonds, hoop earrings shine the brightest and make you stand out as you are supposed to on your wedding day.

Hoop Earrings

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Snug Huggie Earrings

Huggies are the mini version of hoop earrings that hug your earlobes snuggly. With these earrings, you get the look of the hoops with the wearability of studs. Diamond huggie earrings are now highly popular among those brides who want the comfort of stud earrings but also the glamor of hoops.

Our jewel experts say that these earrings make a lasting impact on the overall look of the bride. Their simplicity and sparkle do not take away from the inner beauty of the bride. 

Now that we know the different types of earrings that are fit for a bride, let’s get to the styling tips that we promised you earlier.

Juicy Tips for Selecting the Best Wedding Earrings

Our jewelry experts believe that there are no rules to selecting pieces for your wedding, as it all boils down to your personal preference, style, and choice. And if you want to look cohesive and coordinated, it will be crucial to plan the other elements of your outfit smartly.

Tip #1

The other important part of your wedding day outfit will be your hairstyle. Planning out and considering how you will be styling your hair with the veil will be the stepping stone. If you are planning to go for classic updo styles like a sleek top bun, chignon, or even ponytail, this will allow you to wear larger earrings like dangles or drops. Larger earrings are the best if you want to fill the space that gets created by styling your hair in an updo. But if you decide to let your tresses loose, statement studs, huggies, a small pair of hoops, or drop earrings would do best.

Tip #2

If one of the pieces in your special day’s collection is more of a statement piece, then make it the center of attention by adding a simple bridal earring. But if you choose to skip the necklace or wear a simple one, then you can lean into bold styles like larger hoops or higher-carat diamond studs.

Wedding Earrings

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Tip #3

If you have decided on a dress already, then you might get to analyze the neckline properly. Trying on different types of earrings to examine how they will lay on your ear will be the best way to align your earrings with the neckline of your dress. For gowns with higher necklines, opt for simple diamond earrings like studs or huggies. And if your special dress has a V-neck or is strapless, then drop earrings should be your go-to.

These are our tips for whipping up a look that is dreamy and dazzling at the same time. 

At Friendly Diamonds, we understand how important it is to look and feel the best on your big day. Being a leading retailer in lab diamond jewelry, we specialize in crafting bridal day jewelry. From lustrous tennis necklaces, tennis bracelets, and earrings to glamorous yet timeless engagement rings, we fulfill all your diamond and jewelry needs as per your desire. 

If you feel inspired or want to customize bridal earrings or other pieces for your unique wedding, then we encourage you to get in touch with our team, who are charged with creativity when it comes to bringing our customers' visions to life.